Warwick - Blood Hunter

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Warwick was once a brutal mercenary, trained as a chemical weapons engineer by Alchemists of Zaun. He escaped with his life after his unit was wiped out while defending an Ionian citadel.

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Outnumbered a hundred to one, he holed up in an abandoned mine, and set to work concocting a chemical potion that would give him the strength and power to beat the odds.

Knowing he didn’t have much time, Warwick worked night and day. And when he finally finished his elixir, he had no way to test it first. Swallowing the unguent in giant gulps, Warwick howled in pain as his body contorted. His arms grew huge and strong. His fingers sprouted claws, his head horns, and his skin became dark as coal. And inside a hunger grew, a thirst for blood that had never before existed. 

Warwick’s transformation allowed him to adapt to mercenary life very quickly and with growing reknown. He is now desired in all realms – sometimes for his mercenary services, and also for the enormous bounty on his head.

Icon Ability Description
Hungering Strike(Active) Warwick lashes at his enemy an enormous claw, dealing damage and stealing life.
Hunters Call(Active) Warwick lets out a piercing howl, signaling to his allies that now is the time to strike. His howl increases all allied Champion's physical damage for a small duration.
Blood Scent(Active) Warwick sniffs the air to detect any blood in the area around him. He gains sight of any enemy Champions in a large area, and gains movement speed for each Champion spotted.
Infinite Duress(Active) Warwick leaps onto an enemy, furiously slashing his opponent with his claws and rendering the victim completely helpless for a short duration. Warwick's furious barrage is able to cancel any channeling effect once it has begun.
Eternal Thirst(Passive) Warwick drains the life of his opponents with each consecutive strike.

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