Annie Guide - by Dcgreen

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This guide is written by Dcgreen. His guide offers a different perspective to Annie. It goes to show that even among the Pros player she is played differently.

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Summoner Spells: Ignite and Flash 

Runebook: Nothing is official, I mix and match her runes a lot still looking for something “perfect” but this is what I use for now. 

9 static red hp runes
9 static yellow hp runes
9 static blue cooldown redux runes
3 exp +2% runes 


3/3 Archmage Savvy 
1/3 Deadliness
4/4 Sorcery
1/1 Archaic Knowledge 


3/3 Perseverance
1/3 Good Hands
4/4 Awareness 
3/3 Meditation
2/2 Utility Mastery
3/3 Quickness
1/1 Blink of an Eye
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master 


-15. Molten Shield 
16. Tibbers
17.-18. Molten Shield 

Levels 1-6 

Buy Regrowth Pendant 
Call solo mid, you want to be in a lane that is most likely going to have the fewest heroes and no grass. This also maximizes the effects of your leveling runes. 
Use Disintegrate to farm as best as possible. It costs 0 mana if you get the last hit on a mob with it, a lot of people don’t know this even though its in the tooltip. 

Harass your opponent as often as possible, the more damage you do without spending mana the better. 

Every 5th spell you get a stun, use it on your opponent via disintegrate and then follow up with some autoattacks to maximize damage. Levels 1-5 you are basically buttering up your opponent to kill at lvl 6. If they are not smart and you can get a pre lvl 6 kill go for it. 

When you get 640g go back to base and finish your philosophers stone and go back to your lane. This is to maximize the 5g/10s you get from it. 
Don’t forget to use flash and incinerate. 

If Tibbers is still alive after your first gank use him to clear your side or the opponent’s golem. You will be at the 40% cooldown cap thanks to masteries and runes. Plus you have infinite mana. 

You want to continue farming your lane but also assisting the other lanes with ganks. You have crazy burst and excess levels because you are the solo. Get energized from farming in your lane and go assist top or bottom by initiating with your stun. 

Get boots as your second item, upgrading them isn’t necessary right away. 
Start building Mejai’s Soulstealer, this item is crucial to Annie and should be crafted asap. 

Depending on the composition of the team you will make your boots into either Ninja Tabai or Mercury Treads. Annie is a squishy hero and you need to up her defenses and giving up 25ap on her boots is an easy way of doing this. 
Next item to make is Rod of the Ages. This is a boring ass item but you need the extra health and mana to boost your defenses. 
Keep Ganking people. 

Levels 13-18 

Your ap should be between 150-200, your health should be 1500-2000. 
Keep snagging the golem buff everytime you can for the mana and cd redux. 
In team battles it is important you let your tank initiate, never yourself because you are squishy. 

Keep Molten shield on because you WILL get targeted. 
Try and be energized before the battle begins so you can drop a Tibbers with a stun and really fuck some ones day up. Proceed to target the main assist and hit him with Disintegrate followed by Incinerate hitting as many people as possible. 
Start itemizing for defense if you are getting heavily targeted in team battles. My favorite item for this is frozen heart. 

If you are being allowed to burn everything alive itemize for more ap via Zhonyas. The main points to remember with Annie is that you have infinite resources to farm so you should never be under geared. You do the most burst damage in the early to mid game so take advantage of your stun for initiation, flash for chasing, and aoe for multiple target ganks. You can stop whole pushes with just Incinerate. When your team is pushing a tower you don’t do a lot of damage to them so it is best to go ahead and stop the next creep wave with your spells or to ward off defending heroes. If played right they will be afraid of you. Get the Deathfire Grasp when they reimpliment it, if they have a lot of tanks.

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