Kayle - The Anti-Carry Angel - by Knuckle

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Kayle the Angel of Anti-Carry

Guide to Harassment of Carries!
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PREFACE: This guide is not how to build a tank Kayle, or a support Kayle.
This guide can be used for solo or team laning, but I focus on solo mid Kayle with 
this guide, as it allows her to truly dominate the other teams carry and farm
massive amounts of xp over all other players in game. If you are not very aggressive
or are easily intimidated I wouldn't recommend this guide for your playstyle.
This is, for all intents and purposes, an AP Kayle.

Summoner Skills
Teleport - Teleport is key to minimize downtime in a carry lane. 
You will level faster and upgrade ur gear quickly without fear of losing exp or allowing 
the other teams carry to farm. This skill is a MUST. Survivability: You can solo anywhere at anytime with teleport + invuln up even if they are roaming as a pack with nashors up, simply invuln yourself and quickly teleport to a teleport or minion.

Ignite - Early game around level 6 especially, this will usually be a coup de grace against
the carries you face. It is an excellent dps tool that allows kayle to do a bit of burst in conjunction 
with his other abilities.
Flash - Good way to counter an enemy that also has flash or any defensive summoner skill, viable but I prefer ignite.
Cripple - Easy to counter, but very effective especially if you are partnered with someone, consider it useful in premades.
Don't Use:
Heal - This is Harass kayle not support kayle, you have enough tools to survive.
Ghost Run - Your movement speed is more than adequate with reckoning/divine blessing.
Cleanse - Intervention + divine blessing keeps you safe from too much crowd control.
Most of the other summoner skills will depend on the team
you are playing with, if you want to opt for them go for it.

Blue - Cooldown Reduction 
Red - Magic Penetration 
Yellow - Mana Regeneration
Quintessence - Cooldown Reduction
All of kayles abilities are short cooldown this rune build maximizes the ability to spam reckoning 
and keeping yourself healed with divine blessing very often, in conjunction with the item build I will 
list in a bit, you will be able to harass and control any lane 1v1 and often 1v2. The emphasis on cooldown
is VERY important for early game harass, which is KEY to the success of this build, if you cant keep your enemy 
carry from getting exp/gold you are failing your team with this build.

The Mastery build I use:
Utility: Pick up all the cooldown reduction, mana regeneration, and decreased teleport time and movement speed.
Offense: Pick up the AP talents, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration; do not get improved ignite.

Item Build
I am a firm believer in adaptation and improvisation, but this is a build I often use with kayle as a guideline:

Meki Pendant
+2 HP Potions to start game.

Meki Pendant -> Chalice of Harmony 
There really is no alternative to this, the mana regeneration 
on this is incredible and you will need it moreso than a larger mana pool early game as your abilties are relatively 
low cost running oom isnt as bad as not being able to quickly regen. 

Mercury Treads/Sorceror Boots
Whichever seems more worthwhile, most games I get mercury treads to allow me to chase running ashes, if you feel you have control of
your lane despite whatever disables you are facing, go for the added DPS of sorceror boots magic pen.
This is always the second item I get after Chalice of Harmony.

Deathfire Grasp/Voidd Staff
Most games I go with the deathfire, you will be getting alot of carry kills or assist kills, you really need to crank up AP on Kayle
as she is essentially a nuker with some hybrid skills for all intents and purposes.
Voidd Staff is an alternative if you see you are going to be dealing with a very defensive carry(not unheard of), that goes for magic resist heavy builds.

This is the first item you need to get to complete your mid-late game essential Kayle item build. At about this stage of the game you will be working on making righteous fury deadly.

Lichbane is amazing on kayle, one of the best item synergys youll ever see with an AP Kayle. It turns kayle from a single target harasser to a dangerous AoE threat, with significantly
more powerful tower sieging capability which could be critical if your having a bit of a stalemate late game. Take full advantage of lichbanes ability while righteous fury is up, you should be
able to get about 2-3 lichbane procs during a righteous fury with proper use of divine blessing/reckoning.
After your Lichbane is complete I recommend any of these items depending on the game your in:
Abysal Scepter
Frozen Heart
Banshees Veil
Voidd Staff(if you went deathfire)
Guardian Angel

Kayle's Skills
Reckoning: 80-300 DMG. Max this as early as possible.

Divine Blessing: Heals friendly target and temporarily increases their movement speed.
I usually max this before Righteous Fury, rank 1 righteous fury is fine till late game.

Righteous Fury: Adds splash damage to kayles attacks, makes kayles melee attacks ranged, and adds spell damage to kayles base attacks.
Excellent skill late game in conjunction with lich bane.

Intervention: Invuln for 3,4,5 seconds. Amazing skill, I can play tank/initiator even with this full AP specced build if you time this skill right.
Late game you will be nigh unstoppable 1v1 if you have dominated mid properly!

Skill Leveling Order
Reckoning (Q)
Divine Blessing (W)
Reckoning (Q)
Righteous Fury (E)
Reckoning (Q)
Divine Blessing (W)
Divine Blessing(W)
Divine Blessing(W)
Righteous Fury (E)
Divine Blessing(W)
Righteous Fury(E)
Righteous Fury(E)
Righteous Fury(E)

Early Game

Get mid by any means necessary, I have games where people absolutely **** talk me for taking mid, good, it fuels my ire to prove them wrong, 
by the end of the game I've got a few new friend invites, or they've shut up at least.
Get your meki pendant and healing pots and wait at the tower. Find out who you are fighting before leaping into creeps, once you know what your up against barrage them with reckoning and quickly retreat.
Repeat this over and over untill their low enough to kill. Use blessing sparingly early game, instead heal with pots to save mana for reckoning.
You should get some kills, if not, you should be able to effectively 'deny' their carry.
To deny, simply let the creeps kill eachother with kayle behind enemy creeps just in range of experience, this will infuriate their carry to ask for help or make a silly mistake. Only do this once you have 
assured your dominance and only do it when its safe to.

Mid Game

You will either continue to farm middle or try a few key ganks/tower pushes in alternative lanes, if their carry starts trying to solo middle again repeat early game method to a very amusing conclusion.
At this point you should have your deathfire grasp completed and start on lichbane.

Late Game

Righteous Fury is now devestating for farming creeps and tower pushing, methodically push creeps back or set up team ganks with yourself as bait. Always stay nimble to avoid ashe ultis, and be prepared to invuln yourself
as soon as you are jumped. Mastering the ultimate of kayle is what will determine how well your team does in group fights, get good at it. 
Be very aggressive and dont be afraid to go off alone pushing back creeps if you know they cant chain stun/snare you too well.

Well that's my brief and very simple guide to kayle as a solo middle anti-carry. It's rather beautiful in the simplicity of its effectiveness. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to dominate ashe/tristana and all those annoying carries you deal with middle, if you find a hero you can't handle middle post here and I'll tell you how to play better, cheers!

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