Tristana, a gunner? I think not. More like 2012 for you - by SunKyu

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Tristana, gunner? I think not. More like 2012 for you.
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Tristana is a very versatile champions. All her skills are extremely useful and you might see that you will be using every one of them in every battle. In this guide, I will teach you how to build, an effective Tristana that will crush your enemies to mere dust. And them suck up the dust in a vacuum cleaner. And proceed to crush the vacuum cleaner to dust also.
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While that Mordekaiser is busy building up his shield, you'll launch a cannonball that will munch his face to smithereens.

Note: Please give as much feedback, opinions and criticism as possible as they will benefit the guide and keep it as updated as possible. I want this guide to shine, and truly be something that new players will look at everyday. Not to mention that some of your ideas might improve my game play too. And I will be posting a Leaguecraft guide soon.

We don't need the Lore LoL gave us. We only need one sentence.
Tristana butchers you.

Skills Overview
Just for the benefit of new players, I'm writing this because it guides them to using the skills right.

Draw a Bead (Passive)
  • This is what makes Tristana a great kiter. She can just walk around occasionally shooting the person that is shooting her without worrying that the opponent might hit her. Well, Volley may hit her though, but that's when you use Rocket Jump.
  • This is also great for maintaining distances when farming so when the opponent moves to to harass you, you will know what he's up to and escape.
  • And for the above mentioned point, you may not need to move when you want to harass a enemy champion!
Rapid Fire
  • This is great when combined with a low health enemy, Rocket Jump, and every other skill you got, except for buster shot, you don't want to help him escape.
  • Just grabbing this skill at level one gives you a 30% higher DPS easily. And when maxed, you can fire two shots instead of one when chasing an enemy.
  • What can I say, this skill is a core skill for heavily increase DPS.
Rocket Jump
  • I absolutely love this skill.
  • It's range is completely unbelievable. Even when slowed, you can just hop forward and there's a high chance you can escape them. And when still being chased, a simple Buster Shot will do the trick.
  • It's a great skill when used with Buster Shot. Hop over behind your enemy and Buster Shot them towards your base. It may not deal a lot of damage, but when used correctly, makes them go into a danger zone.(Turrets, allies.)
  • It can even jump over walls!
  • But be careful when you aim over the range, Tristana does not walk to be able to jump to the commanded area, she just jumps as far as possible.
Explosive Shot
  • She is the queen of farming because of this skill. Combined with a fast attack speed, the passive can shred many minions in mere seconds, all the while gaining the gold they give!
  • Getting this skill early game is a great harass skill.
  • Although it does not seem like it deals loads of damage, pucking this on any champions gives them a disadvantage since their regeneration rate is halved, especially bad if there's a healer on their team.
  • I just need another point because this skill is just so awesome.
Buster Shot
  • Most of the time this skill is not used offensively, but as a skill that can either finish off someone, or knock them somewhere that gives your team at advantage.(A hole such as dragon/Baron)
  • The +1.5 Ability Power can be exploited and be used a offensive skill.
  • It is also great for harassing if you have the mana for it.
  • Can push back enemies behind the target.
  • In a team fight when more enemies and closing in, you can use this skill as a quick escape tool too!
Skill Order
Your skills ordering may be varied as how the game goes. If you feel that your lane partner can take care solo, attempt to jungle and gank any vulnerable enemies, that;s where Rocket Jump is useful, not only for smashing the Ghosts and Wolves into pieces, but to also slow the enemies. When your lane needs constant help, try to add more points into Explosive Shot to harass enemies and make quick work of minions to push quicker. It all varies, and frankly, it's your choice. But anyway, if you're a robot and like to see some skills right there, here we go. Explosive Shot is very good choice when starting off because the first few levels are crucial, therefore Explosive Shot helps you farm well.

Ordinary Build/ Farming Build:
1. Explosive Shot
2. Rocket Jump
3. Explosive Shot
4. Rapid Fire
5. Explosive Shot
6. Buster Shot
From then on, prioritize Buster Shot > Explosive Shot > Rocket Jump > Rapid Fire
Explosive Shot is a must when farming. Highest chance of getting that last hit on several minions, and champions who are near the minions also get affected by its explosion. Rocket Jump is quite useful when you push so much with your Explosive Shot so you jump into the Ghosts on your side. Rapid Fire is just there so when enemies draw to close you fire it up and spam your cannon at him.

Jungling/Ganking Build:
Caution! Highly unrecommended for new players!
1. Rapid Fire
2. Rocket Jump
3. Explosive Shot
4. Rocket Jump
5. Explosive Shot
6. Buster Shot
From then on, prioritize Buster Shot > Rocket Jump > Explosive Shot > Rapid Fire
Rocket Jump to just leap on the Ghosts and Wolves then proceed to kill the underlings, which with Explosive shot will damage the 'boss' of the group leading to an easy finish. this is not recommended unless your lane partner really steals all the last hits from you, or you feel that you push too much and therefore you do not kill as much as you should. Please note! You have to learn to last hit too instead of auto-attacking, and also try to hit minions that your partner isn't attacking.

Item Build
It can vary a lot, just like your skill build. Some people crave attack speed like me, but sometimes it may not work out because Rapid Fire is already there. Attack Damage is very beneficial since Rapid Fire is an instant 90% attack speed, so maybe you could try that out.

Normal Build:
Vampiric Scepter (Doran's Shield)
B.F. Sword
Berzerker's Greaves
Madred's Razors
Vampiric Scepter+B.F. Sword > Bloodthirster
Infinity Edge
Madred's Razors > Madred's Bloodrazors
Phantom Dancer

A Vampiric Scepter is always first to provide simple health regeneration for extended laning. You may try getting Doran's Shield because it gives HP and health regen which is also another key for extended laning. B.F. Sword for that extra kick in damage and easier last-hitting. And the usual Berzerker's Greaves because the movement speed, and the attack speed is very helpful. Madred's Razors you can choose not to get, and if you gank and lane extensively, you can immediately grab a Bloodrazor without getting Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster first. The next two items are a no-brainer, damage, lots of it. And lastly we have our Phantom Dancer, the critical and attack speed is too great to pass up. The last slot of empty, to fit in an Elixir, Wards, another items, whatever, it's up to you.

Critical and Attack Speed:
Vampiric Scepter
Berzerker's Greaves
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer

Well, in other people's opinions, this build sucks. I don't know though, since one of my friends said he played with major Critical and Attack Speed. Well, Malady gives attack speed and lifesteal, which is important to regain health without recalling. Last Whisper is a cost-effective way to get damage and speed at the same time. Infinity Edge for the lovely +Critical Damage, critical and plain hard attack. Phantom Dancer is perfect for the job, attack speed, critical, and with a bonus dodge and movement speed. The last slot comes down to the game. You can pick a Banshee's Veil if the casters are annoying, a Frozen Mallet to slow the **** escapees, more damage such as Infinity Edge or The Black Cleaver if you feel the extra boost is necessary.

Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells.
I'm level 16, and the runes I get are for attack speed. But that's probably going to change when I hit 20. Critical, armor penetration, attack speed mix is quite beneficial too.

And I'm level 16, so I can't confirm anything about the masteries, should be the usual 21/0/9.

For summoner skills, I love Rally and Teleport. Rally is great for the attack damage and heal while Teleport is great to quickly get into a team fight for backing up your team, or when your turret is being destroyed.


Early Game: Levels 1 - 6
Always call middle, it is crucial for your level and being ahead of everyone else. You're starting off with your valuable Vampiric Scepter for that lovely extended laning with your awesome lifesteal. With Explosive Shot, you may want to try harassing your enemies, but not too far till you can't Rocket Jump anymore. Don't harass to a point where both of you are exchanging shots and the tower is crushing you. After pushing a lot with Explosive Shot and reaching the opponent's tower, run to the Ghost Camp and Rocket Jump on them, after that shooting till they are all dead. Return to the middle and continue the process. In no time, you should be level 6 with your ultimate. If you're pretty sly, you can harass with your ultimate, but try not to most of the time, since you may need it later. Grab a lizard buff and head on to the next section.

Mid Game: Levels 7 - 12
Continue to lane, occasionally still harassing with Explosive Shot. By level 8 to 10, you should get your B.F. sword, unless you blue pill way too much to heal. After the sword, it's easy to earn money, and by levels 11 to 12, you should have your Berzerker's Greaves. By now, you should have destroyed the tower, don't worry if you didn't, just make sure yours isn't destroyed. And ganking should begin by now, constantly grab your lizard buff and head to areas where your teammates are pushing, frequently picking off enemy champions. Remember, your jump should be used for chasing only when you are sure there are no other potentially lethal interruptions waiting. This is because after Rocket Jumping you are the center of attention, and combined with your squishiness makes you a number one target. And don't die, don't miss out on XP. When going between lanes, kill some neutral minions for extra cash. If you have been a very good farmer, you may even have a Madred's Razor, or you can skip the Razor and get the Bloodthirster for now.

Late Game: 13 - 18
This phase is where all the action and climax takes place. You really have to grab your Bloodthirster as fast as possible. Madred's Razor can be delayed as long as you are a ganker, but if a inhibitor has been destroyed, you may want to protect base and harvest the gold and increase your Bloodthirster's passive. It's a general rule to appoint someone to guard base while the others push the lanes. Preferably someone who is relatively weak, so this can protect the base and boost their power. Back to Tristana, grab a lizard buff again, and begin to follow the group while they take down the towers. If you feel strong, you can solo and pick off the other lane's towers by yourself. Rapid Fire and your damage equals to tower destruction. When you're level 18, your Infinity Edge should be close to done if you have delayed your Madred's Razors, or if you took your Razors already you should have begun your Infinity Edge by now. The game must last long enough for you take take your Infinity Edge because you have to show everyone why Tristana is so awesome. If you are winning, good job! If you are losing, it is possible to turn the tables by sneaking a lane and slowly destroy the enemy's Nexus, but htat is highly unlikely, although I have seen it done before. If you have your Phantom Dancer and the game has not ended, time to drink an Elixir of Agility and begin your craze to destroy. So this should be the end of the game, and remember to add anyone who you thought was remotely good

In this section I will explain the many situations Tristana will come across during a normal match.

When laning, another enemy champion closes in: 
You should be careful when someone calls MIA. And always remember to call MIA, it is a very crucial step between life and death. If no one bothers to call MIA on your teem, keep constant eye on the minimap in case an enemy is missing, so it's a guess to be extra careful until that enemy is visible again. Back to the situation, this is extremely annoying when laning and another enemy champion closes in to get a quick kill. If your lane partner has a fairly good escape disable, such as Jax with Counterstrike(Risky), try to hit a few champions and proceed to escape, because you absolutely cannot handle being overnumbered. If you are in middle, it is a different situation. Towers are really close each other, and the high scenario is that another enemy will close in from the river, that's when you hit him a few times, low his health a bit. Then quickly jump behind him and Buster Shot him to your tower. It's an easy kill, but if you think you don't have the health, do not try this, or else you'll be screaming,'WTF IS DIS SHEtEZ!?12232!2131@#'. This should cover this bit. Anything else, use your natural instincts, like killing someone if his health is low, or escaping appropriately.

Walking towards enemy base with your team ready to push: When you meet a tower or enemy, immediately fire up your Rapid Fire and begin blasting your shots. If you're facing another enemy team, and you're pretty equal in terms of strength, launch your Rapid fire, and if a low health enemy champion is dying, Rocket Jump and rape his ass. To finish off someone with pretty low health, do a Explosive Shot+Buster Shot+normal Shot and that'll finish him off. Being chased by the enemy champion tea stronger than yours, begin my Buster Shot any lethal enemy champions closing in to save your teammates and Rocket Jump to safety.

When simply farming, all 5 enemy champions cose in from all directions to gank you: You know what. You're ****ed. Unless the enemy team has no snares of slows, or you are close to a wall, it's useless to Rocket Jump to escape.
I hope you enjoyed my guide and it helped you on your way to being a massive Tristanasaurus. Lolwut. Mega credits to landryjeanluc and RamboBatman for the tips.

Others thoughts:


Some objections and suggestions:

1)Use the jumb skill first when u are level 1.This enables your Tristana to be more aggressive or defensive according to the situation she will face too early on.

Example:You wait for a gang in the bushes early on.An enemy comes near.Your ally stuns or slows him.If you have jumb first skill you jumb on him,slow him again,even cast exhaust on him: dead or in worst case he will flee wounded or forced to cast a summoner spell or more in order not to be killed.

Example:You get ganged.Use your jumb skill to fall back and retreat.Simple and very effective.

I hope you got my point.Seems like a detail only but can be of great importance for your early game.

For the same reasons i use my first 5 levels to my second and third skills.

Rapid shot is useless early on:

1)You make too little dmg
2)You spend too much mana early on.
3)Your enemies can avoid it very easily.
4)You wont reach the enemy tower so soon if you play vs good opponents.

On the other hand:

1)With only 2 skills you spend less mana.
2)You have more dmg for early kills.Your jumb skills also does dmg,not only slow.Use it to slow your enemy and dmg him.Hit him,Exhaust him for even more slow and more hits.Cast him your third skill.In many cases he will die or be close to death.
3)Enables you to play more aggresive and be able to gang enemies in other lanes,especially at level 6.

2)If you wanna assume this guide will be great then u have to also assume that you ll play vs good enemies.Lets get real.In a game vs good enemies you wont have the opportunity to buy all these super items u suggest.My suggestion is :

dorans shield and 1 hp regen potion->boots->phage->mercury treads or berserker treads(for attack speed)->infinite edge->elixir potion->the item that gives you 15% life steal.By this point the majority of the games you ll play will have ended or be close to an end.If you can,then continue as:->zeal->phandom dancers->bloodrazor.You can also get zeal after the first BF if you want.

Let me explain further: dorans shield is the best by me.It gives 120 extra hp which are very good in the early game,some armor and good hp regen over time regardless if u are able to hit enemies/creeps or not.On the other hand,with same gold you can get 15% lifesteal which is not even close to what a dorans shield can offer so early on.Consider also the fact that if you have enemies that can spam you with dmg spells you wont have the opportunity to hit so much in order to lifesteal.

After boots you can take phage if u think that u need some more hp due to early pressure.Phage is very practical and cheap and provides you with some hp,slow chance and dmg early on.You can skip it entirelly if you think u dont need hp boost to go faster to your first big item.

You can also go for early zeal if you wanna some speed movement early on.You can go for phandom dancers early on as your first big item.
In most games i go for infinite edge as my main.

Why IE?Cause,gives you the CC and CD bonuses which do more dmg when they stuck with either you armor flat pen or CC runes.

If the enemy has many ways to reach you in the game then i prefer phandom dancer first.Less dmg but many other bonuses make it very usefull.More attack speed,more movement speed and dodge.Superb item.

3)In the late game,you should have IE or PD for sure.If you are able to obtain both then you are very deadly.If you cant afford any items then get some cheap lifesteal and the elixir potion to boost your hero even more.Always,go get the red aura when u can.This slow is very deadly with your dmg,attack speed and range.


I think taking rapid fire for your first skill is a mistake for a few reasons. First, you always want to have a level of your escape skill first, in case you're the target of an early gank. Second, Trist plays more like a caster during the early game than a carry. If you're going to kill a champion before level 6 its going to be with jump and explosive shot primarily, not with auto attacks. At level 1 her passive hasn't kicked in yet and without items her damage isn't particularly high. Also, attacking champions draws creep aggro which Trist really can't handle with her low health. Harassing with ES is much safer. Finally, rapid fire is a pretty big mana sink early game but doesn't increase your damage output significantly. Percentage based skills scale during the game, meaning they are weaker early and more powerful later. I just don't see any advantage in picking up rapid fire first, its not particularly good for level 1 teamfights, doesn't help farming more than ES, and doesn't increase your survivability like rocket jump.

Anyway, I max explosive shot first and won't put a point into rapid fire until at least level 4. Some people don't like this because ES farms so well it pushes the creep wave to their opponent's tower. This is definetely an issue so, to counteract I like to finish off their wave, then immediately walk back toward my tower, jump onto the wraith camp and finish them as my opponent's tower finishes the wave I pushed. If you get the timing right, you'll get back to the lane just as the 2 waves meet again in the middle and will come out ahead on both xp and gold. Of course, if you're dominating mid and you can see all your opponents on the mini, feel free to try and knock that tower down early and go ganking.

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