Janna Build by Grimmis

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 I've been doing really well with Janna lately and I just thought I'd share the build I use in case anyone wants to try it out. 

For Masteries:

12 / 0 / 18 

12-Offense: Make sure to get all four Sorcery (reduced cooldowns) and Archaic Knowledge.
0-Defense: I don't see the point of defense considering she has a build in speed boost and a knockback. 
18-Utility : Make sure you get Perseverance, Awareness, Meditation, Quickness, and last points under Intelligence. 

You'll have 7% cooldown reduction, 3% movement speed, 5% increased exp gain, and added mana regeneration. 

For Runes:

2 movement Quintessences (teir 3) for added 3% movement
1 wisdom Quintessence (teir 3) for 2% added exp gain.
9 magic penetration marks
9 cooldown reduction glyphs
9 ability power seals

For Items:

x1 Healing potion ]
x1 Mana potion ] --> These are what you want to start out with. 
Sapphire Crystal ] 

Catalyst the Protector --> This next, as soon as you get enough, you should go back and get one. You'll notice the mana you get when you level up helps and it acts like a potion.

Boots of Swiftness --> After you get the catalyst, you should consider getting this. It will help you get from point a to point b as well as being able to escape a gank. 

Rod of Ages --> Your Catalyst the Protector you purchased before will be used. After 15minutes you'll gain all the added benefits of the rod.

Glacial Shroud --> After the rod, you'll want to make this. Attempt to get the Sapphire Crystal if you need the mana asap and then build this. The added cooldown makes team fights so much easier. 

I'd say stack ability power items after this point. Most matches I've played I did not get beyond this point either because we had won or they surrendered. 

Useful Tips:
-Try to stay out of reach of the enemies while still staying within reach of allies.

-Use your 'Eye of the Storm' skill (often) on tanks, melee dps, and the allies close to death, they will thank you for it and you'll be amazed at how well they do with the added damage and absorption.

-Use your 'Howling Gale' skill when pushing a lane and especially in team fights. After you use it move to another location. The enemies will be focused on you.
They don't expect it when it hits because they were paying more attention to you and your allies.

-Use your 'Zephyr' skill when you know you can escape if the fight gets out of hand.

-Use you 'Monsoon' skill if you see an ally is extremely low on health or if you need to push an enemy/enemies back.

-Try to avoid getting hit whenever possible. Janna is a very soft target for enemies.

-When your mid-game and everyone's running around, try to find a teammate who's gotten a good amount of kills and assist him. Your allies will soon follow your party and this will lead into team fights.

-The only losses I've had so far, have been when some fed really badly or we had a leaver. 

That's all I've got for now. Hope it helps. 

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