Vet Mundo Jungle Guide - by TeeNaku

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This guide will teach you how to jungle with doctor mundo

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Basic Stats
Health 468 (+92 / per level) 
Mana 0 (+0 / per level)
Move Speed 320
Armor 17(+4 / per level) 
Spell Block 30 (+0.5 / per level)
Critical Strike 2.55 (+0.45 / per level) 
Health Regen 1.30 (+0.15 / per level) 
Mana Regen 0 (+0.0 / per level) 
Range 125


(Passive) Adrenaline Rush - Dr Mundo regenerates 0.3% of his Max Health each second

(Q)Infected Cleaver - Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver, dealing damage equal to a portion of his target's maximum health and slowing them for a short time.

(W)Burning Agony - Dr. Mundo drains his health to reduce the duration of stuns and slows and deal continual damage to nearby enemies.

(E)Masochism - Masochism increases Dr. Mundo's physical damage by a flat amount for 5 second. In addition, Dr. Mundo also gains an additional amount of damage for each percentage of health he is missing.

(R)Sadism - Dr. Mundo sacrifices a portion of his health for increased movement speed and drasticly increased health regeneration.

Masteries 9/21/0

Hardiness: 3
Resistance: 3
Evasion: 4
Defensive Mastery: 2
Nimbleness: 1
Harden skin: 3
Veteran's Scars: 4
Tenacity: 1

Deadliness: 3
Plentiful Bounty: 1
Alacrity: 4
Sunder: 1

Red: Armor penetration
Blue: Anything you want (i prefer cooldown)
Yellow: Armor per level
Quintesence: Flat Hp runes

Summoner Spells:
You can have your choice of any summoner spell you like, you do not need smite or rally if you have all of the runes and masteries, but it does help speed up your early game also it is nice to have heal to stay in the jungle longer (i recommend smite and heal).

1) Q
2) E
3) E
4) Q
5) E
6) R
7) E
8) Q
9) E
10) Q
11) R
12) Q
13) W
14) W
15) W
16) R
17) W
18) W

 (heavy jungling build)
Dorans Shield + potion (starting item)
Cloth armor
Madreds Razors (with cloth armor)
Bezerker Grieves
Madreds Bloodrazer(with madreds razors)
Stark's Fervor
Guardian Angel

Items: (heavy ganking build)
Dorans Sheild + health potion
Potion of fortitude (almost always keep this on early game)
Boots of mobility
attack speed item of choice (malady or phantom dancers work best)
Last Whisper
Infinities edge

Early Game
The early game of all jungeling characters is the most important part.
start by upgrading your cleavers and heading down towards lizard. now it is important that you stand in a place where you can hit the lizard with your cleavers without hitting the little ones instead. start fighting him by throwing your cleavers and when he is about 2/5ths hp use your smite (if you brought it) to finish him off (the reason you throw cleavers first is because of the percent damage). after finishing him off use your potion and head over to the golems/wolfs and begin your jungling adventures. after clearing everything but ancient golem blue pill and grab your cloth armor and head down to ancient golem. continue jungling until level 6. once you hit level 6 everything gets easier now you have your ult and you can stay forever. Blue pill again and get some razors take on dragon and continue ganking and jungling as opportunities allows and then blue pill again to when you have the money for your bezerker greives.

Early Game Ganking
For early game ganking wait in a bush in range where you can hit the enemy with a cleaver. wait for a good opportunity and take the shot, if you hit rush out use your masochism and finish him off. then kindly return to your jungle and continue jungleing.

Fighting Other Junglers
fighting other junglers as mundo is actually quite easy here are some quick tips for fighting the other junglers.

Master yi: if this is before level 6 if your over half health you can 1v1 him without any problems just throw a cleaver pop masochism and beat on him. if this is after level 6 try to kite him a bit and land a couple cleavers before engaging.

Warwick: much like master yi warwick really doesnt have anything on you your cleaver does more than his lifesteal your meele's to more then his even after level 6 you should be able to just engage him and easily defeat him if you are near the same health.

Fiddlesticks: Fiddlesticks is one of the ones you need to be a bit more careful of. being feared and drained will make your job of killing him rather difficult. howver once his skills are done you can bring him too his knees in just a few hits. i recomend starting with a cleaver and then running in, the fiddles will panic knowing he cant fight you like that so he will fear you and drain you. run out of the drain when the fear ends throw another cleaver and head back in to pick up your kill.

Nunu: before level 6 like the others nunu is a joke to fight he has no powerful dammage and he wont do anything that will shock or aw you just cleaver and follow it in for the easy kill. however after level 6 things can get tricky. make sure you dont engage without enough health to survive his ultimate. a good thing to do is to just stay back and claver him, wait for him to charge you because then you know his ult is comming. pop your ult and walk towards him for when his ult is finished. if you survived with mroe then 200 health your home free to pick up your kill and continue your jungleing

Shaco: shaco is one of the more interesting people to fight in the jungle. my advice DO NOT ENGAGE FOR A KILL. you are stronger then him and you can take him out but he will just deceive away if you engage him and if you went out of your way for him you are now out of the time you just spent chasing him.

Malphite: malphite might be your toughest opponent to fight in the jungle. make suer you break his sheild with a cleaver before he makes it to you and then try to avoid getting hit with a ground slam. if you manage both of these the kill is yours for the taking.

Udyr: DO NOT ENGAGE. he is currently by far the most efficient and deadly jungler unless you can get him to make a mistake and run out of mana in phoenix form he will kill you.

Mid Game
Now that you have gotten to mid game you are a power house with masochasm and can 4-5 hit any squishy. you should have your bezerker grieves or boots of mobility by this point. so now you just wait for an opportunity to throw your cleaver, run in, hit the enemy a couple of times, ult if you need to catch up or heal. once you get the money for your bloodrazors head back and everything becomes even easier.

Mid Game Ganking
Very similar to early game ganking except now you need to be ready to pop your ult earlier to chase them down and defend yourself. also if you have burning agony (w) at this point you should turn it on so they cant slow you down for a sustained period of time.

Late Game
Now that its late game you should have one maybe two bloodthirsters and you are ready to kill just about anybody with a little help from your friends (you can also change one of them for a malady or another attack speed item or critcal strike) 

Throughout this game you should be able to quickly cut down on anybody's health slow them down and keep yourself high health along with being practically invisible and having the ability to gank anybody

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