Sion - The High Speed Harvester - by Lameador

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OK here is a Sion guy aimed for mid level play. The goal is to describe an AS Sion : use your innate to get high base damage, and pump it with attack speed items. This is not an in game help so I'lltry to be as synthetic as possible and go right to the usefull points

CHAMP OVERVIEW ===============================
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Champion goal & strategy
The goal is to make a very solid, high dmg autoattacker. You have high base damage, we'll try to max atatck speed to multiply the output of DMG*attack speed. Lifestealing + Shield + Dodge + Enrage HP bonus will give you high survivability.
You'll be a weak tank with the dmg level of a carry (or above)

Champion Skills

Passive :
 Feel No Pain Sion has a 20% chance to ignore up to 30/40/50 damage each time he is attacked. This will make more resilient to strikes from minions, which is cool in the laning phase. However it won't save you from a DPS hero targeting you

Cryptic Gaze - Sion's stare terrifies a single enemy, dealing damage and stunning them for 2 seconds.
An excellent skill, but beware of the expensive mana cost. You need rank 1 asap, other ranks can wait. Trys to read a Veigar's guide if you wanna rely on nukes for dmg.

Death's Caress Sion surrounds himself with a damage absorbing shield. If the shield is not destroyed in 10 seconds then it will explode, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Cast again to manually detonate.
A shield protects you from damage, adding survivability. Hence it is good, but not your core skill

Enrage While active Sion deals extra physical damage at the cost of health. Additionally, he gains maximum health permanently whenever he kills a unit.
Toggle: Increase Sion's damage by 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65, and he gains 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 maximum health per kill.

Here is Sion's defining skill. It gives a ton of damage so you can last hit easily, hit like a truck EVEN without dmg items. Hence the choice, presented here, to use attack speed to make as much use as possible of this insane dmg. Lifesteal will gladly offset the HP cost.
End game Enrage can give you around 500/600 HP on top of this damage.

Cannibalism Sion consumes some of his enemies life force on each attack, leeching health to himself and nearby allies. The smell of flesh also renews Sion's fervor, increasing his attack speed.
Grants Sion 50 / 75 / 100% lifesteal and 50% attack speed for 20 seconds, additionally Sion's attacks heal surrounding allies for 25 / 38 / 50% of damage dealt.

Excellent for team fights : You heal team mates, overheal your self and hit even faster. this skill make you a very serious player in team fights which is where you excel. Note that it lasts for 20 long seconds.

* You are pretty fragile early game
* You suck at chasing/being chased
* You won't win if your team doesn't have at least one or two competent DPS. The guide to winning alone include is listed under the "Twitch" section
* You'll die often in team fights. Which may not be a problem if your team follows and wins the fight 3-1 or 4-2
* Your mana pool is tiny, so beware. Rune for mana if you can afford their high IP cost.

BUILD ================================

Item build
* Start with Boots and 3 HP potions : 
speed lv1
* Upgrade Boots to Berker's greaves ; 
speed lv2, 25% att speed : very cheap, so it come veery soon in game
* Buy vampiric scepter : 
12% lifesteal
* Then malady, : 
15% lifesteal, 50% att speed : THE Sion item. Insane AS
* Then Stark Fervor ; 
45% att speed, 25% lifesteal, aura for your team. A teambuff that tend to turn games
* Pantom dancer : 
+45% att speed +30% crit, +20% dodge, +12% move speed. High attack speed + dodge, which is a good tanking stat.
* Mordred's razor : 
40% att speed, 35 dmg, a ton of magic dmg. enough dmg per attack for late game.
* Last Whisper
: 40% att speed, 20dmg, 40% armor redux. An extra bit of dmg, and a very cheap item for what it does.

* Use runes. I personnally go for Armor penetration (RED), dodge (YELLOW), mana (BLUE) and AttSpeed( Quint)
* I am not level 30, otherwise I would go for a 21 combat/9 tanking talent build

Summoner skills
* TELEPORT : you need to be where it counts. Go in a lane, come back for a team fight. Telport will give you 2 mins of active playtime/game.
* HEAL : usefull early game and for team fights.
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other options might be PURGe (people like to CC you) or EXHAUST ( to have a second disable)

Skill Build
* If paired witth an agressive partner start with yout stun
* Otherwise start enrage with to ease last hits
* Enrage lvl 3, then buy shield at lvl 4, so that you get your 3 skills
* Buy your ult and enrage first
* Then ax Shield
* Max your stun last, while usefull it's not that impressive with 0 AP, so lv1 stun is enough

Here is a Leaguecraft build

============================== STRATEGY ============================

Early game

* If you go solo mid you might get ass-raped by any decent harasser.
* Lane with another partner. Is he's an agressive hero, you can help him get early kills with your stun. Otherwise, farm as safely as possible. 
* Last hit as much as possible, use you stun if a kill opportunity arises or if you or you lanemate has to flee. Stun the chaser so that your friend escapes. And activate your shield just after so that they don't turn on you.
* You farm very well, so don't feed the opponent by staying low HP. You'll regain a slight disadvantage in money/XP easily during mid/late game
* Of course don't feed, but you can still win after a very bad early game.I recently won a game with this build where I started 1/5

Mid Game
You have three possible places
* pushing an abandonned lane solo, to farm your HP and $ like crazy. Kill one or two waves then quickly back up before being sandwiched
* participate in team fights
* defend one of your towers while outnumbered
If you are not doing any of these, use teleport to revert to a usefull activity
* never roam. It's not your job, you suck at chasing and you are a free kill two gankers prey on you
* Between shield and your raw amount of HP, you are solid enough to tower dive. By level 12 you'll have more HP than a lv18 Twitch.

End Game
* You are a team fighter. Be your teams light tank, but be cautious as you don't have the survivability of a dedicated tank, but you have far more HP than other carries and an insane dmg output. Back up if focused (you should have enough survivabilty to do it) or rip opponents apart otherwise.
* Use creeps and drain life to regain HP.

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