Janna Windforce - The Wind Warrior - by Vangu

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Sorcery - 3% cooldown reduction 3/3
Archaic Knowledge - penetrates 15% of the targets magic resistance.
Intelligence - 6% cooldown reduction 3/3
Perseverence - 4% total health and mana regeneration 3/3
Expanded Mind - Increases mana by 5% of your maximum mana 4/4
Meditation - Increases mana regeneration by 1 per second. 3/3
Haste - 1/1
Blink of an eye - 1/1
Presence of the master - 1/1

Skills to increase when you can

Howling Gale
Eye of the storm

They are in order of what you should increase when it is possible. This is the order I go in but if you feel you need the shield more do that instead. I use howling gale to stop people when I gank them and the more the damage on it the better..even though it is not needed.


Chalice of harmony
Frozen Heart
Boots of Speed
Zhonya's Ring

My games have ended there every time


6% cooldown reduction
Mana per level runes

What I do

I get most of my kills/assists when I partner with someone else who has a stun. Works best with Blintzcrank though....

Other then that you need to remember you are best a support class not a nuker...the game may say you are one but you are not...

You can however have great fun toying when melee champions. I have soloed Malphite by slowing him with zephyr then putting him in the air with howling gale. This works with any melee but most (if they are smart) will either run away or have a way to stop this combo. Granted if they do try to run away they wont get far without some help.

You can also use Monsoon (ult) to get some easy champion kills. Pushing someone into or past your turret then slowing them almost always gives you a kill or two. Also remember Monsoon heals as well as pushes anyone around you a decent distance. So if you don't need to heal use it to cause chaos on the enemy team. If they are doing a five man push find a way to get in the middle of them and spread them apart. This has caused my team to win those fights even if we would have normally lost.

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