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So this is a fairly short and simple guide to Gangplank. Since the latest (1.x) patch, I have not lost a game with this build yet (non-premade). Before this patch, I have only ever played one game where I did not have a positive KDR. That said, it does take a little bit of practice to perfect.


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Completely up to you. I use offensive main / utility secondary. Defensive or utility as main is kinda worthless with this build


Runes are currently disabled but pre-patch I was using a full crit chance book (+20% total) End game he gets around 80-90% crit chace, and helps immensely throughout the game. Armor pen would also work.

Summoner skills:

Exhaust / Heal
Heal / Teleport
Exhaust / Teleport
On the new map (Twisted Treelines) teleport is NOT worth it. However, on the standard 5v5 map it can be useful. Play with both and see which you like. I use exhaust/heal 99% of the time.


Level 1: (q) Parrley
Level 2: (w) Remove Scurvey
The skill build is fairly loose. Level either parrley or scurvey based on how much healing you need vs how much killing you're doing (yes, lots of early level killing with this character - there's not a lot of characters that can match gangplank at an early level)
vs pushers or harassers (teemo, ashe, etc) I usually end up getting scurvey higher then parrley

At or before level 8 get one level of (e) but dont level it again until after parrley and scurvey are both maxed.

Level up ultimate asap


Meki Pendant
zerk boots
 (this is important - getting this as your 3rd slot item early game makes this build!)
Beyond that is somewhat optional depending on how much you're kililng/farming:
Infinity Edge, Zeal, or Phantom Dancers
I usually go zeal > inf edge > pdancers
Beyond that is optional. I have never played a game where I need more then chalice/boots/thirster/infinity/pdancers. I recommend phage/mallet if you somehow need more then those items. Possibly black cleaver instead.


This should be somewhat obvious
Early Game: Harass with parrley, dont get hit too much by mobs, chase when needed. I usually solo but you can lane with anyone with a disable or slow. Remember that Remove Scurvy will remove any slow or hold.
Mid Game: Learn when to call your ultimate. Especially WHERE. For chasing: make sure you know EXACTLY where they are going to run, cast it a few feet from where they are so they run in about a half second AFTER it has started. This takes practice. As for defense, if you get ganked or are in a team battle cast it somewhat center on where you or your teammates are. Hit people with parrley to START. Don't wait - the cooldown is very low. Don't use remove scurvy until you need to (slowed, locked, too low on hp) the cd is too long for it to be used more then once per battle, so use it wisely. Also, cast your (e) skill AS SOON AS A FIGHT STARTS. There is NO reason to wait.
Late Game: Pretty much the same to mid game, only your parrley will do a LOT more damage, and once you get Bloodthirster you need to start jungling and farming mobs a lot. Parrley is your best friend, it will make even the toughest of foes run away in fear. At high levels it does GREAT dmg, especially with crits.

The most important points of this build: (to summarize)

- Learn when and where to cast your ultimate.
- Spam parrley. A lot. More then you would think to.
- Conserve mana for Remove Scurvy
- Use your buff (e) in every battle or for tower takedowns
- Don't let yourself get killed at early levels (you need the gold and xp!)

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions etc. I have tried many other builds, but this is the best one I've found so far. This is how I play with Gangplank, and as I said in the beginning, I have not yet lost in the new patch, and only once have I ever had a negative KDR. If you can master this build you are pretty much unstoppable. This build functions as a carry, dps, pusher, and tank if needed.

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