Nasus - The Curator of Sands

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The enigmatic creature known as Nasus came to the League from a faraway world, and served as part of a vast and learned desert empire.
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There he was a respected and enlightened individual, having been made the Keeper of the Great Library. However, he was also part of a race of animalistic creatures that served as the rulers and protectors of the people. War was never more than a breath away, as others of his kind craved to enslave the people and claim totalitarian sovereignty. In the midst of a heated battle, just as Nasus was about to slay his treacherous brother Renekhton, he was summoned to Runeterra. It didn't take much to convince him that Champions were needed to fight against the injustice here and he took up a place in the League of Legends. These days, he is the Keeper of the Sands, feeling most at home in the crumbling ruins of the Shurima Desert.

''The Keeper of the Sands, though contemplative, is not to be trifled with.''


X Health 410 (+90 / per level)
X Mana 200 (+45 / per level)
X Move Speed 320
X Armor 15 (+3.5 / per level)
X Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
X Critical Strike 1.6 (+0.4 / per level)
X Health Regen 1.5 (+0.18 / per level)
X Mana Regen 0.82 (+0.06 / per level)


Icon Ability Description
File:Nasus_Siphoning Strike.jpg Siphoning Strike(Active) Nasus strikes his foe, dealing damage and increasing the power of his future Siphoning Strikes if he slays his target. Nasus's next attack will deal an additional damage. Siphoning Strike permanently gains damage whenever it kills an enemy. Cooldown: 0 seconds Range: 300
File:Nasus_Wither.jpg Wither(Active) Nasus ages his target, slowing their movement and attack speed by 32% and reducing it further by each second for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 12 seconds Cost: 100 Mana Range: 700
File:Nasus_Spirit Fire.jpg Spirit Fire(Active) Nasus unleashes a delayed spirit flame at a location, dealing damage and reducing the armor of enemies who stand on it. After a brief delay, the target area becomes desecrated. Enemies in the area have their armor reduced and are dealt magic damage(+0 per ability power) each second. Cooldown: 1 second. Range: 650
File:Nasus_Avatar of Death.jpg Fury of the Sands(Active) Nasus transforms into the Avatar of Death, gaining health and attack speed for 15 seconds. While in this form, he drains nearby enemies' health each second (300 damage max per second) and converts it into bonus attack damage. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana Cost: 150. Range: 20.
File:Nasus_Soul Eater.jpg Soul Eater(Passive) Nasus drains his foe's spiritual energy, giving him a natural 10/15/20% Lifesteal


  • He's a dog. Are there any other champions that are dogs? No! Unless you're speaking figuratively of course :).
  • He's a librarian. Do you know any librarians this badass? IS YOUR LIBRARIAN A DOG? (As a matter of fact, yes! Figuratively of course!)


Playing As:

*Paying attention to last hitting with Siphoning Strike will have a large impact at the end of a game.
*Spirit Fire is a good way to keep your enemies away from farming.

Playing Against:

*Coming Soon

Recommended Items

Rejuvenation Bead
Berserker's Greaves
Spirit Visage
Stark's Fervor
Infinity Edge

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