Zilean - Master of Time - by Vangu


Sorcery - 3% cooldown reduction
Archaic Knowledge - penetrates 15% of the targets magic resistance.
with the boost in melee resistance per level this is needed
Intelligence - 6% cooldown reduction
Mender's Faith - increases healing by 75 and reduces cooldown by 10 seconds
Perseverence - 4% total health and mana regeneration
Expanded Mind - Increases mana by 5% of your maximum mana
Meditation - Increases mana regeneration by 1 per second.

Those are the main things I go for when I make my mastery tree for Zilean what you pick to get to those may vary a little.

Skills to increase when you can
Time bomb
Time warp
Chrono shift

They are in order of what you should increase when it is possible. If you can not increase time bomb or recall do chrono shift. The point of this is simple the higher you have time bomb the more damage you will do and the higher recall is the more often you can use it to decrease cooldown time on all your other abilities.


Chalice of harmony
Frozen Heart
Mejai's Soulstealer
Zhonya's Ring
Abyssal Scepter

6% cooldown reduction
Mana per level runes

That is about all I go for in runes because mana regain does not mean anything later game when you can either have a total of 10mana per 5 seconds or a total of about 600+ mana at level 18...I take the total mana. And unless I am mistaken on what the mastery "expanded mind" does it helps here aswell...unless that just means your base max mana..either way I still take the max mana over regain.

Cooldown reduction

The reason you get 6% CR from runes is because the 9% you get from masteries puts you at an even 15% CR. With the cap being 40% all you need is the frozen heart item (25%) and you are at the cap with one item. This allows you end-game to be able to use timebomb and time warp with the help of recall every second or two. So that is about 500+ damage a bomb later on and with them always being under time warp it is almost like a free kill. This also lets you have chrono shift up every 30secs to a minute (if not lower then that) at level 18.

Did you know

Time warp can slow enemies as well as speed up allies.

Generally a good idea to slow an enemy as your whole team can get to them instead of only one ally going solo.

Rammus is a good person to speed up as once he starts rolling he moves at insane speeds.

If you are going against Rammus slow him down instead of speeding yourself up. This helps mainly because when you slow him he moves at a very slow speed. If you speed yourself up he will catch you..

Timebomb can be placed on allies but does not hurt them. If you see a melee team-mate going in battle put a bomb on him to help a little. It can also be places on yourself but I have not ran into a situation that would have called it for..maybe make a melee not want to get near you?

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