Annie - Technical Pyromaniac

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Annie - The Technical Pyromaniac

Disclaimer: I am ZGiSH from Leaguecraft so I'm pretty much just copy + pasting the direct text here. Here is the link to the original page.

Bear with me, This guide is currently a WIP. I will continue to add small details to make the guide more readable on the forums. If you want a more presentable version, go to the leaguecraft link.

Annie, The Dark Child

In the time shortly before the League, there were those within the sinister city-state of Noxus that did not agree with the evils perpetrated by the Noxian High Command. These outcasts sought to leave their neighbors in peace as they pursued dark arcane knowledge. The leaders of this outcast society were a married couple, a grey witch and a cabal warlock. Together they resettled their followers beyond the Great Barrier to the northern reaches of the unforgiving Voodoo Lands. This couple's child, Annie, now comes to the Institute of War to pursue her calling. The combination of Annie's lineage and the dark magic of her birthplace have given this little girl tremendous arcane power. At the age of two she miraculously ensorcelled a shadow bear � a ferocious denizen of the petrified forests outside the colony � turning it into her pet. To this day she keeps her bear, Tibbers, by her side, often keeping him spellbound as a stuffed doll to be carried like a child's toy.

In the courtyards that dot the landscape inside the Institute of War, Annie is all sweetness and light, living the carefree life of an imaginative, playful child. Champions who have met her in battle, however, will tell you that a different Annie comes out to play when she is inside the arenas. Annie has the power of destruction by fire at her fingertips, bringing fireballs to bear against her foes which fuel her magic reserves should they strike their targets down. Occasionally her spells will even stun an unsuspecting opponent. She can scorch multiple enemies by unleashing a cone of torrid flame in front of her. Annie can encase herself in a sphere of fire, boosting her protection while harming those who would dare strike her. Finally, Annie can unleash Tibbers, releasing him from his doll-prison to wreak havoc on her enemies.

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  • 1. Abilities [ALB]
  • 2. Introduction [ITO]
  • 3. Pros / Cons [POC]
  • 4. Summoner Abilities [SUA]
  • 5. Mastery [MSY]
  • 6. Runes [RNS]
  • 7. Skilling Order [SKO]
  • 8. Set-Up & Laning [SUL]
  • 9. First Blood [FSB]
  • 10. Twin-Stun Trick [TST]
  • 11. Core [COE]


1. Abilities [ALB]

Name: Pyromania.gif Views: 2069 Size: 3.6 KB

Every 5 spell casts, Annie's next spell will stun the target for 1.75 seconds.

This passive is simply one of the best abilities in the game. It will be the reason you get first blood and it will be the reason you are feared during late-game. Overall, it's just pure amazing. It also fuels your godly twin-stun combo that separates the newbies from the veterans.

Name: Disintegrate.gif Views: 2063 Size: 3.8 KB

Annie hurls a mana infused fireball, dealing damage and refunding the mana cost if it destroys the target.

This is the fuel to your battery ( Pyromania ). Use this constantly to last-hit since you won't waste any mana if you properly use it. If the unit looks like it's under 1/4 hp, just bust this out for a painless last hit and one more charge to your passive.

Name: Incinerate.gif Views: 2064 Size: 4.8 KB

Annie casts a blazing cone of fire, dealing damage to all targets in the area.

Your team presence relies mostly on this and your ultimate. The ability to cast this on nothing will make it useful for charging up your pyromania whenever nothing is around. Deals good damage too, always prioritize disintegrate over this during team fights though.

Name: Molten Shield.gif Views: 2063 Size: 4.8 KB
Molten Shield

Shields Annie from harm, reducing damage she takes and returning damage to melee attackers.

At first glance, It's a useless spell for annie. You DON'T want to attract fire from your enemies. However, this spell is ESSENTIAL for the twin-stun combo which I will explain later on.

Name: Summon Tibbers.gif Views: 2062 Size: 4.7 KB
Summon: Tibbers

Annie wills her bear Tibbers to life, dealing damage to units in the area. Tibbers can attack and also burns enemies that stand near him.

Annie's SIGNATURE move. Once you're level 6 or higher, you can insta-kill almost anyone until late-mid-game. ALWAYS start off your ganking attempts with this move. It deals the highest damage out of any of your spells and can make your pyromania stun in a very easy to place AoE stun which is incredibly important.

Note: Control Tibbers by holding Alt and clicking where you want him to move.

2. Introduction [ITO]

Why Annie?

Annie has always been a favorite of mine ever since beta. She is the epitome of a technical champion. One would think that since she has 3 ( which will become 4/5 later on ) nukes, that Annie is a really easy champion to use. And they are correct, Annie is a great champion to start off with because of just how easy she really is. However, there are underlying effects and small details to each of her spells that makes her one of the ultimate champions to master. A classic champion with some signature flare.

What does she bring to the team?

The reason Annie is so competitive is because she essentially has two extra spells. A single target stun and an AoE stun. League of Legends' current meta-game revolves around the use of Crowd Control. Since Annie has the best of both worlds and can stun WHILE dealing immense amounts of damage, Her presence on your team will create havoc for the other team during team fights.


3. Pros / Cons [POC]


+ Great Damage
+ Easy to Use
+ Ranged Champion
+ Amazing Utility Passive
+ Can combo spells to practically Insta-Kill


- Squishy, Low Health
- Loses offensive potential over time
- Often mistaken to be a 'Noob' Champion


4. Summoner Abilities [SUA]

Summoner Abilities are highly changeable. You should always look at your allied champions and think about what the TEAM needs. For most scenarios, the following works fine for an aggressive type of play:

Name: exhaust.jpg Views: 2025 Size: 8.1 KBName: ignite.jpg Views: 2023 Size: 4.8 KB

1) Exhaust
2) Ignite

With Improved Exhaust, You can get some extra penetration as well as denying the opponent an escape. Ignite is a nice small Nuke and DoT that you should always use somewhere near the start of the battle. Since the base damage is so low, the enemy will be mislead to face you even though the DoT part is what is truly dangerous.

You can take teleport for mobility if you have a strong ganking team or clairvoyance if you feel that you need to babysit your team. Like I said, It depends on your teammates.


5. Mastery [MSY]

For Annie, You will want to have a hybrid build of both offensive and utility. The reason you don't go all the way with offensive is because half of the higher tier talents are tailored to physical dps and you don't want to waste talent points there.

The build I currently use is;

Offensive Tree:

Tier 1: [1] Cripple, [3] Archmage's Savvy
Tier 2: [4] Sorcery
Tier 3: [1] Archaic Knowledge

Utility Tree

Tier 1: [3] Perseverance, [1] Spatial Accuracy / [1] Good Hands
Tier 2: [4] Awareness, [1] Expanded Mind / [4] Expanded Mind, [1] Awareness
Tier 3: [3] Meditation, [2] Utility Mastery
Tier 4: [3] Quickness
Tier 5: [3] Intelligence
Tier 6: [1] Presence of the Master


1) In the Tier 1 Utility Tree, get Spatial Accuracy if you decide to get teleport, otherwise just pick up Good Hands since you need 1 extra point to get into Tier 2.

2) In the Tier 2 Utility Tree, Get the first option if you feel that you are last hitting well with disintegrate and can manage your mana well. It will allow you to get to your ganking phase a bit faster. Otherwise, just go for the latter.


*Under Review*
6. Runes [RNS]

Since we have plenty of items to keep up our Magic Penetration, we will mostly focus on cooldown reduction. AP is horrible on Annie while her survival potential is directly affected by just how offensive you can be. It may add up to more then the max cooldown limit but you'll want that early aggressiveness. You can always switch out for health or dodge though.

Until you reach level 20, I suggest you make a full page of Tier 1 runes. They are MUCH cheaper then Tier 2 runes and aren't too bad.

Red: Mark of Insight
Yellow: Seal of ______
Blue: Glyph of Focus
Quintessence: Quintessence of Focus

At level 30 w/ Tier 1:

Magic Penetration: -.-.-
Cooldown Reduction: -.-.-

At level 30 w/ Tier 3:

Magic Penetration: -.-.-
Cooldown Reduction: -.-.-


7. Skilling Order [SKO]

Skill Build:

1) Incinerate
2) Disintegrate
3) Disintegrate
4) Incinerate
5) Molten Shield
6) Summon: Tibbers
7) Disintegrate / Incinerate
8) Disintegrate / Incinerate
9) Disintegrate / Incinerate
10) Disintegrate / Incinerate
11) Summon: Tibbers
12) Disintegrate / Incinerate
13) Disintegrate / Incinerate
14) Molten Shield
15) Molten Shield
16) Summon: Tibbers
17) Molten Shield
18) Molten Shield

*Look at First Blood section
**Look at Twin-Stun section

The constant Disintegrate / Incinerate is because it's pretty much personal preference. If you get into a lot of team battles, Get Incinerate. If you do a lot of small ganks, Get Disintegrate.


8. Set-Up & Laning [SUL]

Set-Up Build:

1) Faerie Charm
2) Rejuvenation Bead
3) Healing Potion

This set-up should last you until level 6 where you should start to go back, get your items and start ganking with tibbers. The Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation Bead will later build into Haunting Guise and will provide great general regeneration to counter harassment and missed disintegrations. The healing potion is a great luxury to have just in case the opposing laners try to gank you.

Remember, you are an aggressive caster throughout the whole game. As you start out, You should attempt a first blood with your partner. Having a partner that can also stun will ensure a successful gank. After that just keep last hitting with disintegrate. Your basic attack also has incredible range, remember to utilize that whenever the enemies get a bit too close for comfort. Just remember that they are more afraid of you then you should be of them.


9. First Blood [FSB]

The Process

Annie is a great champion to get first blood with, mostly because of her passive. Get a partner that can stun. Personally I like another aggressive caster to make the other laner's laning phase hell.

First, cast Incinerate at your fountain 5x times to build up your stun. Second, go to your lane, I recommend that it's either top or bottom simply because people like to wander near the bushes. Lastly, when an enemy or enemies walk by, keep them stunned for the longest possible time by chaining your stuns after the other one ends and use Exhaust to slow them down. This is almost a sure-fire way to get First Blood and is the reason I choose Incinerate first.


10. Twin-Stun Trick [TST]

The notorious Twin-Stun Trick. Mostly kept as an inner thing among the top competitive annie players, It can cause quite the panic during team fights.

Just do the following:

1) Cast Incinerate 5x at Fountain
2) Cast Molten Shield 1x at Fountain [ Hidden Counter: 1 ]
3) Over time, Cast Molten Shield 2x times again wherever you may be [ Hidden Counter: 3 ]
4) Initiate, Summon Tibbers [ Hidden Counter: 4 ]
5) Cast Disintegrate [ Energized! ]
6) Chain stun with Incinerate for a SECOND AoE Stun
7) Finish off any survivors with another Disintegrate

*4.5) Use Deathfire Grasp on Tank

This alone makes Annie one of the greatest champions in the game.


11. Core [COE]

Annie is a glass cannon and should be played like one. Sure surviving team battles would be nice but in the end if you dealt enough damage so that you could rack in some kills and get your team to win the overall team fight, You did your job. So survival should only be an EARLY-GAME concern. You can get Rod of Ages if you want but I don't like dealing less damage in exchange for living with all my spells on cooldown.

Flames-A-Blazin Core Build:

1) Haunting Guise
2) Sorcerer's Shoes
3) Deathfire Grasp
4) Rylai's Scepter / Void Staff

You may notice that this build isn't outrageously expensive like many other builds. This is because it is a CORE build. You will want this build in almost all games ( except for a select few ). If you haven't learned by now, League of Legends is a game of adaption and later on or in between items, You will have to adjust your item build according to the enemy line-up.

Let's look at the items quickly;

Haunting Guise

Haunting Guise, This provides great early-mid game utility. You want the HP regen, You want the MP regen, You want the M Pen, You want the CD reduction. It's overall just a really good item.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Sorcerer's Shoes, Mobility and more Magic Penetration. Increases your ability to gank by a good amount and is essential to get to where you want to be. Especially if you don't choose teleport.

Deathfire Grasp

Deathfire Grasp, Ah... your FOURTH nuke. This is such an amazing item and MAKES your build. Always use this on the tank right after you drop your tibbers. The use itself is great enough to be an item, the stats are just nice to have. Attention: USE IT. I have been in many games where other casters get this item but NEVER use it. It's a common mistake.

Rylai's Scepter

With extra HP, surviving near late-game should be a breeze when you can slow in between your stuns. With all the utility this item brings, not only will your team thank you but your squishy health bar will too.

Void Staff

Void Staff, MORE Magic Penetration. Good AP, Mana, and just nice to have once your opponenets start stacking Magic Resistance to counter you ( Haha, what a joke ).

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