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Katarina , The Sinister blade
Many of the noble daughters of Noxus are content to live their decadent lives of privilege. Not so with Katarina. Daughter of the feared Noxian General Du Couteau, the girl was always more interested in her father's blades than in the dresses her sisters spent so much time fussing over. Her father, ever the opportunist, happily fostered her bloodlust. Katarina was trained by the finest warriors under her father's command and, once she bested them, by Noxus's most lethal assassins. The ruthless woman first cut her teeth performing covert missions in the Ionian War, but the challenge of such engagements was simply not enough to sate her ambitions. Katarina wanted not only to be deadly, she wanted to be feared and adored. The League of Legends called and Katarina eagerly answered.

''The blade-mistress of Noxus is like a black widow - beautiful, but deadly.''



395 (+83 / per level)



0 (+0 / per level)


Move Speed




14.75 (+4 / per level)


Magic Resist

30 (+1.25 / per level)


Critical Chance

3.45 (+0.55 / per level)


Health Regen

1.39 (+0.11 / per level)


Mana Regen

0 (+0 / per level)

  Hello everyone!
Today i`m going to write a guide of how to play if "katarina - the sinister blade"
A lot of peoples say to play tank because she is weak , or play ap to maximaze
her ultimate spell. but  ITS NOT REAL!
If you play her:
Katarina tank : you can suirvive more time, but you are not going to kill , and if
you dont kill, you dont get easy money/feed , if you don't get feed , you can't
buy good itens, no good itens = lose game and bad stats if a lot of deads.
Katarina AP : ability power to katarina only up the shumpo and if up the dmg of
the ultimate only 20 % of your ap!= it sucks and you dont get 
a lot of kills.
My way to play katarina ? Katarina DPS / DMG

  : 13/16/1
Ofensive :
3/3 deadliness // 2/3 archmage savyy's ( or improved exhaust)// 4/4 sorcery // 3/3 sunder // 1/1 archaic knowledge
Defensive : 

3/3 resistence // 3/3 hardness // 4/4 evasion // 1/1 nimbeless// 1/3 harden skin // 4/4 veteran's scars
Utility(optional) :
1/1 haste
PS: i put those 16 points on defensive masteries so you will survive in early game.

                                         Summoner Spells :

I realy love the combination : Ignite and ghost (this is the one that i chose) but you can chose to :
Ignite and Exhaust / Heal and ghost / Heal and Cleanse(good for ne players if katarina).

                                               Item build :
1: regrowth pendant
2: boots of speed -> sorcerer's shoes PS: select or this one or the other one(ninja tab).   
2: boots of speed ->ninja tab(great for survival but you dont got a lot of kills)
3: B.F. Sword -> The BloodThirster
4: B.F. Sword -> The Black Cleaver
5: B.F. Sword -> Infinity edge (at this point you can sell your regrowth pendant)
6: B.F. Sword ->
Infinity edge
                                             Skill BUILD :
1: Q / 2: E / 3: W / 4: Q / 5: E/ 6: R / 7: Q / 8: Q /9: E / 10 : E / 11 : R / 12 : Q / 13 : E / 14 : W / 15 : W / 16 : R / 17 : W / 18 / W
How to play: 
Early Game (Lv 1-6) : i recomend you go mid , because you get easy lv and can fight if low life enemy( easy kill's) play care in first lv , when the enemy get closer to you , use "Q" , and go back to turret , and stay doing this , so when you get lv 3 , use this sequence : W/E/Q and go back , if this , you use shumpo on the enemy , and get the buff of take less dmg for ? sec , you trow your knife on he , so you go back to minions , and if you do this at last  3 times , you got the enemy if low life. When you get your ult , let he push , so jump , trow your knife ,ignite the enemy and use your ult (exhaust is good to make the ult hit more times). at this point you maybe got one or 2 kills.
Mid Game (Lv 7-15) : now , always that you make your oponent stay if low HP , he will go back to base , so , you gank or TOP or BOT , and help your teammates to push and you can take some kills to.
End Game (Lv 16-18) : take the 2 buffs ( golem buff to use more faster spells and Red buff to slow enemy) , say to your team gank all mid , so they atack and try to destoy the inibitor turret , when you destroy it , go gank bot and top and destroy all turrets and make it at the inibitor , so , at this point or the enemy surrender :D , or they push back , so regroup your team and try to get baron , when they get it , all go mid , and push to victory!!
                                                Last Update: 3/july/2010

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