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Ok, first off I am going to explain how I play Sion and why I play him this way.

Most people play Sion like a tank, in my xp Sion can be a viable tank but his potential as a heavy hitter is one of the best in-game. 
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Starting Items

You can go one of two ways:

(1A) Regrowth Pendent---The Hp regen is vital to the way I play him
(1B)Dorans Defender(I think thats what its called)-This gives some much appreciated hp, armor, and hp regen.

(2) Save up for B.F. Sword or Pick Axe (In preperation for Infiity Edge)
(3) Get B.F Sword or Pick Axe depending on which one you got previously
(4)Agility cloak and Infity Edge recipe

(5)boots then upgrade to movement speed 3 boots

(6)Depending on what the other team has next I go Phage-->Frost Hammer or Bloodthirster (Either of these are nice, the Frost Hammer gives some needed hp and slowing effect on attack)

(7) Starks Fervor----With this item you get some needed attack speed and you get some more lifesteal. Also you get the auras for team members (Atk Speed and Lifesteal).

(8) Depending on what you went for step (6) go to the other item.

At this point you are a beast and you will be criting for 1100 plus dmg and youll have 69% crit chance I believe or pretty damn close to that.

Skill Set

(1) Enrage
(2)Stun {Q skill}
(11)Ultimate-----Im pretty sure you get Ulti rank 2 at 11
(12)Shield--- With my build shield is pretty useless, but sometimes it will save your ass
(16) Ulti rank 3

Playing Sion from Early to Late game

At level 1 you have enrage, this should always be active cause its quite a nice dmg boost at lower lvls. Also with enrage you gain hp when you kill something, with that said last hitting is the key to play Sion effectively. Depending on who I'm laned with I will either be very agrressive or I will just stand back a bit and run in for last hits. Follow this pattern till you get your ulti then the game changes a bit.

At level 6 you have ulti and you can farm very effectively with it. I generally don't leave my lane until I have either been ganked by their whole team or I am forced to back. If you use your ulti effectively you will never have to back, the hard thing is keeping your mana at atleast 100 or pretty close. When your ulti is up and your at half hp or lower I use it to fill back up to full and to push my lane in a bit. 

If you have enough for infity Edge go buy it. At this point you hit pretty damn hard and you can go around and help out your team members if needed. If everyone is ok I go back to farming for my movement speed 3 boots. I try to stay in my lane and keep xping and last hitting till I have enough to get my boots and to either (A) Build my phage or (B) Start building my Blood Thirster. I always get the item that adds dmg first If I can (For bloodthirster).

Ill briefly explain the pros and cons for going for the Frost Hammer or Bloodthirster. 
Pros Cons
Frost Hammer-- More Hp and Movement slowing | Your not gonna hit as hard

Blood Thirster--Adds up to 100 dmg and Lifesteal | It will be harder to keep someone in melee

Late game as Sion you are an allstar in team fights and a beast in 1on1 scenarios. If you built the Bloodthirster youll be critting for about 1100+ dmg, which is generally 1/2 to 1/3 of most heroes hp at endgame. In team fights youll have to play it smart and let your tank or someone with more hp/armor than you go in first. The other team will see that you hit really hard and generally focus you first cause if they don't they die...end of story. At endgame you can push towers and inhibitors by yourself in a matter of seconds. 

Summer Spells

There are a few combos that work very well together, depending on which way you are building your heroe. In every build you want to have Flash cause its pretty much the best spell for a melee champion that needs to be able to catch people or get out of a ganking situation.

Heal+Flash-- This is a good combo for those sticky situations you may find yourself in. The combinded wih your ultimate makes you a fairly beastly heroe in a 1on1 fight. This combo is also good if you are wanting to farm nuetrals at somepoint in the game. I will reccomend that you don't try and nuetral from the start of the game because its almost impossible to kill the Golem and Dragon mobs till you get your ulti.

Ghost Walk+Flash-- With this combo you can catch most of any heroe combined with your stun. If the person can't get away from you, you will wreck them unless if its a really beefed up Evelyn. This is also a good antiganking build.

Spell Block+Flash-- This combo is nice if the other team has some decent amount of nukers.

Rally+ Flash-- I don't use this combo often but I have expeirmented with it and at endgame +30% dmg is insane. You will be critting for upwards of 1400-1500 dmg. This also increases your team members dmg as well if they are near you, if this is talented it increases ability power as well.

A few tips

Your Ultimate is is amazing for saving a team member that is close to death. For example, say you have a Yi on your team that is laned with you. The other guys get Yi low and are wailing on him, you pop your ulti and attack the lower hp'ed target, stun the champion that is doing the most dmg as well. With one champion stunned and the other about to be taken down because of your teamwork you will more than likely healed Yi to full or pretty close. You both then switch to the next champion after the first one dies. If you got mana for stun the 2nd heroe will die depending on if his summoners skills are up and which ones he has.

Tip number 2, you need to try and last hit as much as possible. The reason for this other than the xp and money is that you gain more health every kill. I generally have 3-4k hp by lvl 18.

Tip number 3, your stun does alot of dmg and it also can save an allie or totally stop a quick getaway of an enemy champion.


Thanks for reading my guide and If followed correctly you will be a beast and people will fear your presence. I see that Sion is one of the most underplayed heroes due to his lack a heroe killing power. With my build I totally erase this stereotype of Sion and make him a force to be reckoned with. 

Enjoy everyone and please give me some feedback on your xp with my build. Thanks

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