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I would like to briefly introduce this guide created by DT777. As many may know and top players will agree; DT777 has one of the best and most respected (if not the best) Singed in the game. I would just like to thank him for writing this guide and hopefully It will benefit other players by giving further insights into playing him. Please post and questions or comments you have regarding this character and hopefully we can get more indepth on character play.

Singed guide DT777

Q Poison Trail

Your bread and butter. Your farm skill. Your main source of DPS. Your early game harasser, and a useful ability to get people to stop chasing you. Poison trail costs a whopping 13 mana per second. At all levels. Not certain on the exact AP gain, but I believe it's .3*AP. You will farm wave after wave of creeps and accidentally ks at least five kills with this.

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W Mega Adhesive

A large AoE slow. Stays in an area for five seconds slowing anything that goes through it massively. Very useful late game. Can help your team pull out of a bad fight or keep escaping enemy heroes in range.

E Toss

Your initiator. Mana cost goes up with level, but it has a 1:1 AP gain. Tosses a unit over Singe's shoulder, hopefully into your team. Takes a little getting use to, before you're able to aim the toss where you want to go, but it's a fairly simple skill.

R Insanity Potion

Insanity potion does a couple of things for you: it boosts your dps to respectable levels, gives you decent hp and mana regeneration and increases your armor to help you tank more, and gives you additional movement speed. If you use the build I do, you should be at ~520 ms with lvl 3 potion. IIRC. In any case, no one is going to be running you down and no one is going to be running away from you while this is up. Oh, and you'll have enough mana regen to just leave poison trail on. Which is nice.

Empowered Bulwark

Singe's passive, and what makes him a great mage tank. You get .3 hp for each point of mp.


Personally, I like stacking either some mana or mana regeneration + spell resist, and throwing 3 of the move speed runes in my quintessence slots. Armor and HP regeneration are nice choices too. About the only thing essential in your Rune build are the move speed runes. You need three of them. Always.


My preferred mastery build for Singe is 3/6/21. I make sure to grab the additive mana regeneration, MS, blink cd, specifically. You want the MS talent. Trust me. Then I grab the AP per level from Offensive, the spell block, 1 level of armor, and 2 levels of the HP regen increase in defensive.

But that's just me. Still, the MS is definitely essential to Singe. The flash talent is nice too, since you'll definitely want flash as one of your summoner abilities.

Summoner Abilities

Edit: I now grab Ghost and make sure to get the Ghost mastery. 40% ms for 14s is a lot better for singed than a blink. Still get cleanse, though you can swap it out for either flash or teleport.


Ability Progression
1. Poison Trail
2. Toss
3. Poison Trail
4. Mega Adhesive
5. Poison Trail
6. Insanity Potion
7. Poison Trail
8. Toss
9. Poison Trail
10. Toss
11. Insanity Potion
12. Toss
13. Toss
14. Mega Adhesive
15. Mega Adhesive
16. Insanity Potion
17. Mega Adhesive
18. Mega Adhesive

I main poison mostly because it's the only way you'll do enough DPS to be a threat. Also, because of the farm. I max Toss next because it's a great killing move and one level of Mega Adhesive is still ridiculously powerful. You can swap it around though, if you need to. I do, if I think I'll need to throw down the mega slow. (75% with that aoe and range? OP)

Starting Items
Regrowth Pendant (can't remember the name, I think this is right. 17.5 HP/5s regen)

Early Game

You'll probably want someone in the lane with you, as there are other heroes that can use the solo lane better than Singe. But Singe is perfectly capable of soloing. Drop gas on the creeps each wave, push to the enemy tower, let it kill your creeps, then gas the enemy creeps as you fall back to your next wave. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. If you get low, bait the enemy close to your tower, throw them in range, and gas for an early kill. I've done this so many times it isn't funny. Grab philo stone when you can and then save up enough for Lvl 3 boots then blue pill back and grab em. You want to be as mobile as possible, helps you initiate ganks and run from trouble. As soon as you've got that, start building a Rod of Ages. And start ganking. The poison gas does great damage early and rushing lvl 3 boots will put you MUCH quicker than anyone else. After you hit 6 or 7, start to help gank/push, while taking time to farm large waves.

Early to Mid Game

To initiate a gank or team fight, you'll want to run towards the enemy in such a way that they can't see you, though it's perfectly acceptable to just charge head on with poison trail and insanity potion. Use grass and fog so that you can put yourself in range to throw down Mega Adhesive on your target(s), then run in with insanity potion and poison trail up and toss the closest one back over to your allies. You'll want to position the Mega Adhesive so that your target is either dead in the center or in such a way that they'd have to run through the whole length of the Adhesive in order to make a retreat. If there's only one target, run back and start beat on them. If there's two, let your allies beat on the one you tossed back while you smash in the other's face. Use toss and adhesive again when they cooldown. And shut off poison if you need to conserve mana.

By the 18 minute mark, you should have a Rod of Ages. After I get that, I like to build an Archangel's Staff. The mana regeneration, the 1hp and 4mp per spell cast, and the additional AP are all a nice combination. After that, I start turning that Regrowth amulet into a Warmog's. If the enemy team has towers up, and you see an opportunity (i.e. two or more are dead and the rest are visible on the map) use your poison trail to speed up a push. Let your creeps beat on a tower while you entertain/gas the enemy creeps.

End Game
If you manage to complete the warmog's before the end of the game, you'll want to add a flame cloak and a Force of Nature to the mix. Most games won't last that long. Your job all game will be initiating with Adhesive and throwing the squishiest enemy champion you can reach back to your allies. By Late game, you can almost just leave poison trail on. And, if you kill a golem, you actually CAN leave poison trail on. You'll have a huge mana pool compared to most tanks, and still have around 3k-4k HP, so make liberal use of your abilities. Insanity potion cools down pretty quickly, so if you think you can get a kill, pop it and chase. Or if you need to run away, pop it and flee. If the enemy team is chasing you, drop adhesive in their path while leaving a trail of poison.


Well, that's all. Singed is a fairly simple hero: initiate fights with goo, toss squishy heroes back to allies, farm creep waves with poison. But that's what makes him fun in my opinion. Gassing your opponents, tossing them helplessly to die, running 8x faster than anyone else.

Item Build
1. Regrowth Pendant -> Philosopher's Stone
2. Boots of Swiftness
3. Rod of Ages
4. Archangel Staff
5. Force of Nature
6. Flame Cloak (optional, but suggested.)
7. Warmogs (optional, but suggested.)

If you want, you can replace one of the last two with an Atma's, though personally I don't like building Singe for melee dps.

What kind of stat would you want to have available outside of yellow runes that would make you inclined to choose a more utility/offensive stat.

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