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Hope you'll like that, it's mostly for newbies, since I'm definitely no pro myself.

Kayle is a champion that I don't see many people pick, and I would venture as to say that this is because... she hardly pwns, pvp-wise. I have a strategy with her that is by no means great, but that has worked in many games, so I thought I'd give it a go.


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DEFENSE. Focus first on blocking magical and physical damages, then get everything you can in there.

Summoner Spells

Rally (or Heal, depending on preference)

Item Build:

Meki Pendant into Philosopher Stone

Boots of Berserker 

If opposing team is mostly AP based (which is likely) - go Spirit visage

If not (it sometimes happens) - Step by Warden's Mail, then go to Spirit Visage

And then Force of Nature

Banshees Veil

Anything more is welcome but unlikely.

Skill Build:

First 6 levels:







After that, priority goes, in order of importance:

Righteous Fury - the ulti. So important for the strategy. 

Intervention - gives lane survivability and is a great buff if you have a lane mate.

Reckoning to harrass. You've got mana regen, so use it!


Early game

You've got mana (use it, go Reckoning!) and life regen (intervention) so stay in the lane. You move slightly faster, so you should harass the other team, defend near towers, get xp and kills.

Alternate lane with jungle when possible, and don't be afraid to punish a low life laner with a combo Reckoning + Ult + bubble under your tower

Depending on how your team is doing, you're going to want to destroy every neutral on the map to make gold. Just travel, be an explorer, tour the world, get an occasional kill, and keep on farming.

Level 6:

People start fighting to kill each other. And that is where everything differs. Play really cautiously and DEFEND you lane. You should be able to hold two guys, almost regardless of what champ they play. Use your Rally spell. Make sure you stay alive and ok in life. Then one of three things will happen:


A - You're one v one: great. No one is passing through you. 
B - You're one v two: tough. Tell your mates to push 2v1 on a lane too so they scare them off.
C- You're one v none because the big boys are fighting each other. 

If A or C happen... Soon, the opposing dude will be back to base. Drop Rally. Your creeps will be healed. Take down the big ones only, and gain tempo until another wave comes in. Then kill the rest and move to the tower at level 7-8 with as many creeps as possible. Then use your ulti and watch the tower crumble. Yes, an ulti just to push your lane, not in combat. But let's face it, you are no Ryze or Yi. Boosting your dps in combat is unlikely to get anyone killed. However, Kayle pretty much OWNS the pve environment. Get defenses, don't die, hold your lane against many, and take down towers with the ulti, that is what I do with her, in a nutshell.

Late Game

You have a lot of hp, armor, MR. Towers do nothing to you, so don't forget to grab aggro when there is a team push. Buff your mates with intervention (2 at a time - 1 and yourself when defending). Don't forget that Reckoning stuns and does massive damage to someone who just killed one of your mates. Use boost to survive, bubble to survive, etc.


You will be low on kills, hopefully very low on deaths, but it doesn't mean you're useless. I have destoyed a lane + inhibitor on my own countless times, because the opposing team "wanted frags" and got tired of me. And I'm sure we agree that right now that inhibitor dead pretty much = gg.

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