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Teemo is a very balanced Champion. His abilities are both extremely dangerous, but easy to survive against if the opponent is smart enough. This guide will transform Teemo into a killing machine, almost not dependent on his abilities.

Teemo is not difficult to play, but he is difficult to get fed with. Teemo's abilities focus on speed, DPS and silence.

Rune Page

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I will start with my basic rune page. Although there are 3 ways to play Teemo (Survivalist, Ability Power and Damage Per Second), the strongest and most versatile is DPS.
This may sound ridiculous, but the only runes I use are Critical Chance runes. My Item build does not focus 100% on crit chance, so the bonus critical is a must. This means, Critical Chance Marks, Seals, Glyphs and Quintessences.

Mastery Build

My mastery page is:
Offense (21)
Deadliness (3)
Cripple (1)
Alacrity (4)
Sorcery (2)
Burning Embers (1)
Sunder (3)
Brute Force (3)
Lethality (3)
Havoc (1)

Utility (9)
Perseverance (3)
Good Hands (1)
Expanded Mind (4)
Greed (1)

This mastery set gives (On the Offense Side) a starting 25% critical strike chance (If you follow my rune build) as well as massive output damage with your physical attack. The utility gives bonus gold and Health/Mana Regeneration.

Summoner Spells

With Summoner Spells, I use Exhaust and Ignite. This helps Teemo be useful with Solo lanes or even 2v2 Lanes. The Ignite helps kill stragglers, but even helps start fights with people. Exhaust gives a 100% blind chance for 4 seconds which is great for solo fights or ganks with or against Teemo, and it also lowers Armor and Magic Resist by 25 with the mastery build.

Spell Order

1. Toxic Shot (Rank 1) - The level 1 DoT coupled with the massive critical chance will first blood any opponent
2. Blinding Shot (Rank 1) - Useful in solo fights or team fights for the blind
3. Move Quick (Rank 1) - Use to return to lanes or run from ganks
4. Toxic Shot (Rank 2)
5. Toxic Shot (Rank 3)
6. Noxious Trap (Rank 1)
7. Blinding Shot (Rank 2)
8. Toxic Shot (Rank 4)
9. Toxic Shot (Rank 5)
10. Blinding Shot (Rank 3)
11. Noxious Trap (Rank 2)
12. Blinding Shot (Rank 4)
13. (Blinding Shot (Rank 5)
14. Move Quick (Rank 2)
15. Move Quick (Rank 3)
16. Noxious Trap (Rank 3)
17. Move Quick (Rank 4)
18. Move Quick (Rank 5)


Start with a Dorans Blade and a Health Potion. Try to remain in the lane until you farm 920 gold for your instant Beserker Greaves.
Continue to farm your gold, until you can afford a Vampiric Scepter (450g) OR if you can survive long enough, just save up for a B.F Sword (1850g)
The goal is to finish a Bloodthirster which should be the third item in your inventory.
 Next, start farming for an Agility Cloak (880g). Buy the Pickaxe (975g) and then finally either the B.F Sword or the Infinity Edge, whichever you can afford. The infinity edge becomes your fourth item in your inventory.
Next, buy 2 Phantom Dancers over time. The double phantom dancer build will cap out your critical chance, and massively increase your attack speed and movement speed (coupled with Move Quick). These become your fifth and sixth items. If the game is still going, sell your Dorans Blade and buy a Black Cleaver.

Total Item Build:
1. Dorans Blade + Health Potion
2. Berserker Greaves
3. Bloodthirster
4. Infinity Edge
5. Phantom Dancer
6. Phantom Dancer
7. (After Selling Dorans Blade) Black Cleaver

If you're feeling special, you can change the order of the items. The only problem is, a Bloodthirster is first for the lifesteal cap and damage boost, and the Infinity Edge comes next because I'd rather take critical damage and physical damage over initial speed.


As stated, Teemo is a very balanced character, making him just as easy to feed off of as get fed. This build will hopefully prevent you from Feeding as Teemo.

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