Dyrus' Guide to Jax

Dyrus' Guide to Jax

This guide will cover what item builds, masteries, runes, and how summoner spells effect Jax's gameplay. The ability to use it to the max effectiveness is based on how well you can farm, or play as a player or team member. Just because you are very good at a hero DOES NOT mean you know the best items and or guide for him, just your preference on your playing ability. Please think about what you say before saying it, and trying to see outside box.

I am not superhuman or anything, I am another person like everyone else, so feel free to add me message me about things. Being constantly trash talked and bombarded with people who fail to learn from their mistakes is unacceptable. I am not trying to be an asshole, but I am trying to be straight forward.

This guide is assuming you have played Jax before and you know all of his skills/who he is. If you have no clue who Jax is then please refer to this.

Notes: I am not perfect at making guide so it will be edited depending on feedback just like how you would do a rough draft from writing a paper.

First I will be covering the 3 main types of Jax you can play.

Tank Jax
AP Jax

I will not be covering any Hybrid builds, there are to many possibilities since Jax is very flexible in how you want to play him.

Masteries: Jax should always have 9 into the defensive mastery for the dodge rate and movement speed to move quicker after being dodged. It procs for his counter hit, which is a very powerful move. Magic resistance is preferred due to the fact he can dodge, and magic is one of the few things that makes him explode.

Runes: Depending on what kind of Jax you want to play, the original type of runes you want to have is Armor Penetration/Dodge/Cooldown/Dodge. One of the exceptions is pure AP for when you want to just make people explode.


As most people know, Jax is very deadly and can basically out DPS anybody at level 6. Whether he goes tank build or not, he is very tough against physical attacks, the reason for this is, his amazingly high dodge rate, and ability to AOE stun. You usually want to solo lane or forest with either heal/smite/rally to farm up your gold to get the item's in first place.

Skill Build: W E W Q W R 

This really depends on you but empower early game even at level one, serves as a nuclear bomb.
Add skill points to your jump will give you a lower cool down and more damage.
Dodge is just as effective at level 1 as it would be 2 levels later. It depends on your play style and how smart your opponents are to attack you with a regular attack. Or stand near their own creeps that give you dodge. (Your mastery+runes should make up for the %)

Item Build
1st Item Choices: Vampiric Scepter/Long Sword/HP-ATK Elixer/Boots+3HP Pots
2nd Item: Berserkers Greaves
3rd Item Choices: Start building Starks/Frozen Mallet/Any other item involving armor penetration or damage.
Last Item: Depends on what you enemies are, you usually want a banshee's veil since magic damage/disables is Jax's greatest weakness.

You can choose what items to get from there, because it depends whether you want to go critical damage or just attack speed and damage. If you have exhaust you don't need a frozen mallet. There is no original item build but attack speed is the base of Jax's DPS because it'll proc his ult faster. Add attack speed with critical strike + damage over all, you'll be good to go but what you should never do is go for a phantom dancer first.

-Great damage, 
-Very fun to play
-Your enemies will give a big WTF when they die in 2 seconds

-Magic will make you explode
-Enemies will target you first
-Jax does NOT get his full DPS in until after 8 hits consecutive hits into a fight.

Sidenotes: Sell Shoes Buy elixers when item capped, then buy shoes again.

Tank Jax

Jax is tough, and when you add on to it, he can make a great tank. Not to mention he can forest like a tank and tower dive, although tower diving is only recommended now when you have the new patch update telling you... no Jax you can't dodge towers anymore. Having a high HP will give the opponents an impression to not target you, but that will be their downfall.

Skill Build: E W E W E R

As a tank you want as much as dodge as possible. Empower can be used for farming but if you do decide to go empower over leap, then just put 1 in leap for the ability to be pro.

Item Build
1st Item Choices: Dorans Shield+HP Pot/Longsword/Or just go straight for warmogs with a growth pendant.
2nd Item: Phage
3rd Item: Ninja Tabi
4th Item: Frozen Mallet
5th Item: Banshee's Veil/Guardian Angel/Anything having to do with HP.
Last Item: Phantom Dancer

Any person who's seen this item build on Jax will get the impression.... "Wow I hate Jax." If you go with the summoner abilities such as Revive or Teleport, you'll be back in the battle giving the opponent an impression such as... "Wow I have to kill this faggot again?" Usually in battles your job is to initiate , aoe stun, slow, or attack the lowest HP enemy. 


-Ability to tower dive. (Not with dodge anymore)
-Effective initiater
-etc.(to be added since I don't play Tank Jax that much)


-Endgame your DPS sucks but you are able to take hits, 
-Slow people
-Stun people
Survive long enough for your teamates to dominate. 
-You probably don't want to do this build purely if your team sucks.

Sidenotes: Sell Shoes Buy elixers when item capped, then buy shoes again.

AP Jax(Inspired by Mr Froho, and Big McLarge Huge. Two top tier Jax players)

Jax is well known for his ability to be tough and deal massive physical damage, but what about his so called ability power? Well his Jump is a 1:1 AP ratio that closes his distance with his enemy to combo into a counter hit which is a .8:1 AP ratio. It used to be 1:1 but .8:1 is still effective considering you can hit multiple people like a nuclear bomb.

Skill Build: Empower should be the last skill you want.

Item Build
1st Item: Choices: Boots + 3 HP Potions/Dorans Ring/Tome
2nd Item: Spell Boots
3rd Item: Mejais (The reason for this is because you want to get the most AP possible, which means you'll have to gank people or last hit people which is what makes AP Jax so hard to play)
4th Item: Abyssal Scepter (whatever that thing is)
5th Item Choices: Anything to do with AP and only purely AP.
Last Item: Zhonyas ring.

Sidenotes: Mr Froho has shown ability power Jax very deadly but he is killable. You can play Jax like a melee caster while doing massive AOE stun damage and or Leaping damage. Cooldown items/Runes is recommended. Nashors tooth is a good item due to the attack speed + ability power + cooldown put together procing for Jax's 1:1 AP ratios ult. Empower is NOT an AP ratio skill, but is still underestimated by other players.AP Jax is only recommended for advanced players only.

Sell Shoes Buy elixers when item capped, then buy shoes again.

Summoner Abilities

Exhaust: A spell good for anybody you want to stop in their tracks, and do a little extra damage to.

Ghost: Jax is a hero hard to escape from, but what if he had a speed bonus?

Heal: A spell good on almost anybody. Great for baiting enemy heroes thinking they can win the fight. Let alone people who think they can take Jax down 1v1. With the exception of Ryze.

Revive: Great to get back in the fight quicker.

Smite: Good farming ability.

Teleport: Good for farming/saving your teamates/Counter Ganks.

Cleanse: Low cooldown add this with Ghost and be able to juke out anybody like Big McLarge Huge does. This is probably one of his favorite abilities.

Fortify: Ummm sure why not?

Promote: I think they got rid of the taunt towers ability, if so... then only use this when you want to push.

Rally: Exhaust + Rally has shown very effective in ganks. (This is probably one of Dan Dinh's favorite summoner spells for foresting and ganking.) It makes you a very terrifying player in team fights.

Clairvoyance: Let support heroes get this semi useless nerfed spell.

Flash: Good for any hero, be like Earth Shaker in dota and blink to your opponent and give them a hug with counter hit.

New Summoner Spells!

Ignite: Not everybody knows it but this spell can be used on creeps, just like smite. Except using this skill on a hero near death will make you roffle as they burn into the ground.

Clarity: Let the casters/tank casters get this for your team if they want to.

Heroes you do not want to see on the other team

Morgana: A Disable and a Disable+Slow. A Spell shield that will make your slows on your lizard buff/frozen mallet/ and your counter hit will be shitted on.

Teemo: Oh noes I'M BLIND SOMEONE CALL THE FRIGGEN EYE DOCTOR GOD DAMMIT. Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom.

Kassadan: Silence + Slow + ability to do ALOT of magic damage, and take almost none. His ability to get away from practically anybody and everybody. He drains the mana out of you meaning you can't jump on his head, or knock him senseless near the end of a fight.

Amumu: Even with all the damage and armor piercing in the world, you will not get through this sad emo's bandages.

Anivia: Egg + disable + slow + aoe + massive magic damage. Teleport.

Kayle The Judicator: Her bubble will make you cry when she has 2 hp left and teleports out of there.

TrynGIRUGAMERE: He can spin away, and defy death because he's such a badass and ALSO teleport out of there.

Ryze: Unless you're a tank, you do not want to see this guy in the bushes by yourself.

Cardmaster: His broken pick a card skill will make anybody cry. But he is easily killed before he can do anything if disabled for one second.

Warwick: Probably the only hero who will show you up in a DPS lifesteal fight, not to mention his ult will disable you and give him life.

Zilean: Is OP, if used by the right players.

Soraka: Life saver FOR THEIR TEAM.

In general anybody with massive magic damage + disable you do not want to be targeted by in a 5v5 fight. This is all true but you don't want Jax chasing you down and destroying you in 2 seconds either.

Hero Combos With Jax

Alistar: This friendly healing cow will survive the fight with you and knock his enemies senseless while you are on a relentless killing spree.

Amumu: If you're his friend, he will award you with massive amounts of kills.

Ashe: Long range arrows will save anyone. (Dracius)

Blitzcrank: Pudgey pudge is pudgey.


Karthus: Oh noez there one HP, oh wait where did they go?

Kayle: Slow + Speed + Invul is your friend. You have killed Kayles friend. Kayle stuns you for 5 minutes.

Morgana: Spell shield + Jax = god.

Nunu: Two slows + speed up.

Ryze: Hello burst damage

Taric: Heal + Stun. Jax's favorite hero to partner up with.

Zilean: Revive Revive Revive Revive Revive Revive

Warwick: Double DPS + Disable and low hp locator. Team lifesteal.

Soraka: Life saver.


JUST DRINK THEM. You have no idea how valuable they are. Want to fight a stealth character? BUY ORACLES. If you kill them IT'S WORTH YOUR MONEY. Elixers kill your farmed items but give you more choices in the game. I don't know how to explain it, it can only be explained through experience and gameplay.


Type /joke on Jax then think about it. 

Overall Jax is a carry you do not want to face end game, he counters physical DPS with his high dodge rate and uber DPS. Empower is underestimated but it is a very good harassing tool. Relentless assault is probably the best ult name I've ever seen. Leap strike just shows how much of an assassin Jax is. I mean really, just read his story and you'll love it.

You can add me in game for other questions, please note I get spammed not a lot but a fair amount with invites from people I don't know that never even message me first. (seeing since zileas posted a top 10 elo rating whatever thing) If you want to be in a game with me to see how I play Jax, feel free to send messages THEN invites.

Special thanks to all of those people that took the time to look through this guide, otherwise it's just another block of text.

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