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The complete Counter this champion guide - by mekmaster

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Anyway, this is an alphabetic guide (feel free to remind me if I missed some champs in it, I'm going off the website's database here, not the game) that reveals quick strategies for disabling and killing ANY hero.
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This is not a "If you have a teemo on your team you can do this and this" guide, nor is it a "If the moon is shining just right and you have blitz". Its "This will kill a hero" using the terms DPS, AP, Tank, Ranged, etc...

To keep this guide from becoming a wall of text I'm limiting the take down for each hero to be ONLY the three best/easiest ways to take down that hero. You are free to make a post listing as many hero take downs as you'd like and when I get the time to read your post I'll be sure to add it to the list if its awesome.

Example of the wrong way to submit a counter strategy: Well, I like to have Singed throw Nunu into the turret and if I have a twisted or a ryze with me we can bind them in place and with the turret we can bring down his health in no time.

Right way: Ganking Nunu early will probably require bait as well as a stun champion (if you're going to list a champion who can stun list at least three) such as Twisted, Morgana, or Ryze. Generally squishier champions make the best bait, but unless Nunu is stupid he won't fall for it.

That ^ guide wouldn't even stand a chance in getting published simply because it was ONLY early game ganks. However, it was an idea and more or less an example than anything XD.

Last note: Like I said, these strategies must be applicable by anyone and likely to happen. I don't wanna hear about the time some idiot Evelynn stunned the tank hero instead of you and you both just wailed on her.

Character's and how to counter them:

Submitted by mekmaster: Alistar is slow, painfully slow. On top of that, without the right build Alistar can't hope to rely on his mana. Make sure you are never directly in front of Alistar (or his stun will hit you), or that you are in a position that him ramming you will seperate you from your teammates/the tower you are using to hide behind. A three man face to face rush can kill Alistar as there's almost no hero that he can out run without ghosting out of combat.

Submitted by Mekmaster: Distance is key with Amumu. Keeping casters as far away from him as possible and having the high HP tank go in is best. If he grapples onto you and releases his ult anyone near him is in a world of pain. Even after the ult he can sit there and grief you while taking more hits than wolverine. The best time to kill him is directly after his ult. Trying beforehand can mean the death of your entire team.

Submitted by Mekmaster: The squishiest of squishies finds squishing accomidations in squishful squishes. If you couldn't tell by that tongue twisted Anivia though capable of some of the most ridiculous AP damage in the game is squishie as hell. Best bet against her is two tanks charging at her full speed. If you don't have two tanks a stun caster or speed demon with a tank will do just as well. A smart Anivia runs the second enemies show up, so getting to her is most of the battle. Once you're in close or you've stunned her she's done. Just always make sure you fry the egg after she goes down or she'll be back with a burning vengeance.

Submitted by LackofCertainty: Annie's power is two-fold. One, any of her spells can stun, and two, her ultimate hits for high damage and summons a flaming bear to ruin your day. In order to stun, Annie needs to cast five spells, and there is a visible effect on her when she's "charged" (a little white swirl circles her) and then the offensive spell she casts will stun. If you watch for that visual, you can see whether or not she's ready to stun, and act accordingly. Her ultimate's real power comes from the damage it does when cast. At low levels, Tibbers can be a nasty bear to deal with, but by late game he's ignorable. When the bear is out on the field, Annie is at her most vulnerable, because you know that her ultimate is on cooldown, and she can't spike you with it. Try to attack her while the bear is out, or, ideally, right after the bear dies or runs out of duration.

Submitted by mekmaster: Ashe relies on distance. Even her ultimate is completely distance based. The best counter for an Ashe is to get right in her face and stun/slow her. Any smart Ashe player after taking damage from someone in her face will turn tail and try to run while hitting them with slow arrows to make her escape. Stunning/slowing Ashe at this point and continuing to stay close to her will almost always kill her unless she Ults/has a teammate nearby to intercept.

Submitted by Krosan:If you need to know how to counter him and you're reading this list, you probably need the basics. Watch out for Rocket Grab. I'm going to repeat it again. Watch out. For. Rocket grab.
Yes, he's tanky and can do some serious damage with Power Fist, but the rocket grab is by a wide margin the scariest bit, because it makes a fight into a 5v4 with amazing speed. I believe he can snatch through forest walls, he can snatch over ledges (snatching you out of your base!), and in fact, the only thing he can't snatch through are minions. Early-game, keep a line of minions between yourself and him or you're dead meat, and lategame, keep using minions to baffle the rocket grab. There's not much you can do unless you have someone who can block the ability, but keep moving and dancing, don't let him grab you.

Submitted by Guthrik:Cho'Gath: There are three major things to watch out for with Cho'Gath. 
1. Rupture. Rupture can be easily dodged outside of huge aoe teamfights or already being slowed/stunned. Watch for the stomp, watch for the rumble, watch the ground like a hawk.
2. Feast. A good cho'gath will Always know how much life whoever he's laning with/fighting/running from has. If he's level 6 and you have 400 health, he knows that one rupture or one level 2+ scream will put you in nomming distance. Watch the ground more than ever at this point. If he has flash and you're lower, he doesn't even need them. Keep your distance. Chasing cho at low health is a recipe for huge lulz on the other team.
3. MASSIVE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF HEALTH: 5k health Cho'Gaths are in no way unusual (although a little overkill). Obviously if you have any %health attacks (cleaver, nasus ult, warwick nom, deathfire grasp) blowing these early drops his life dramatically. However, there is one better way, which is don't let him get big. organize ganks, do whatever you can to keep him from snowballing, and when he comes back he'll be 3/4 the tank he was before.



Submitted by mekmaster: Evelynn relies heavily on not being seen. Vision wards and Oracle Elixirs are your best friends when she is around. If you can see her and you're not a squishy, you can kill her. If you are a squishy and you see her, let your team mates know and run towards your nearest team mate (regardless of who it is) for a double assault. Taking on more than one hero alone is suicide for Evelynn.

Submitted by Mekmaster: Like any Champion that has an ult that lasts for a period of time a stun can be a brutal take down for Fiddlesticks. If left alone at ANY point in the game or fed at all he can become a menace even the tanks fear. Best bet is to keep snuffing him early game, and in late game fights well placed stuns while team ganks placing him as top priority will be the ONLY thing to kill him.

Submitted by Helawlsatyouson: Countering Fiddlesticks shouldn't be too hard at all, all you need to do is keep in mind his abilities. Crowstorm: This is why most people play fiddlesticks. Know how it works, Fiddlesticks spends at least two seconds charging up (there's a sound to this) to flash into a group of enemies. Fiddle can then walk around and deal huge amounts of damage to other players. This is probably Fiddlestick's main purpose, and you should be aware that he'll most likely do this when there is more than one champion (ie. large team fight). It does huge amounts of damage if you stay in it's vicinity for a long time. First to counter, stun, disable, do something to him so he'll stop channeling the spell. This effectively wastes a bunch of mana and puts his ult on cooldown. If you fail to keep a stun around just for fiddle, focus fire on him when he flashes into a group, and if you can't to that, have all your teammates scatter in opposite directions. Fiddle is slow, and since his ult only effects a circle around him, he's going to have to chase one of you if you scatter correctly. Do the same with his life drain if needed.

Submitted by Mekmaster: Gangplank's weakness is that his citrus fruit aside he doesn't have a survival skill in hell. Sure his cannon strike will slow anyone caught inside of it, but the second you flash out of it you're chasing after a creepy die hard pirate who loves oranges too much. Unless he is built with high damage even casters won't have an issue taking this hardy pirate out one on one.




Submitted by Kijik: Kassadin: Gank him early game, gank gank gank gank gank gank, and gank some more, he's a joke before 6, seriously, if you see kassadin on the loading screen, get one to two other guys with you(stuns/slows needed) to just run up on him and gank his face every time he takes two steps away from a tower, give him 3-5 deaths and he'll be useless late game. If this doesn't happen, your best hope is to lock him up if he ever shows in a fight and focus fire him, forget that ashe that's pew pewing in the back with her couple items if he shows up, Kass, when built enough, will do much more damage than ashe, in an aoe, and will annihilate your support heroes way before she'll ever consider reaching them. As a side note, if you're low in a fight and he's lurking, you're better off just hanging near the team waiting to die, and hoping that when he decides to blink in and kill you, your team can quickly turn and blast him.

Submitted by Mekmaster: Honest to God, your best defense against Karthus is High HP and magic protection. If you're a squishy and he hits level six make sure you always have at least half HP from that point onward. I've seen too many casters who ran away get ganked by his ult (a skill that hits every one of your teammates on the map for damage). Other than that, he's pretty weak HP wise. Stun ganks will bring him to the floor.



Master Yi:
Submitted by mekmaster: Master Yi deep down is a squishie. A multiple person gank with at least one stun/slow character will stop Yi dead in his tracks. Make sure a tank is his main concern though and that no one has low HP around him or his highlander will keep getting restored. Make sure you're always travelling in packs when a strong Master Yi is around or I can almost guarantee he will pick off that lone member.


Submitted by UnentScheiden: Nasus is a Carry/Tank that relies on his lifesteal Passive for survivability. He is relativly fragile (for a character in the Tank category!) if he can´t suck blood. Use Range and CC to keep him from healing himself. His signature move is Siphon strike which gets stronger the more he kills with it, playing against him it tranlates to "pain in melee". It´s nice if you can keep him from charging it but don´t count on it. He also has a slow that gets stronger over its duration. Also a AOE DoT that does deceptivly little Damage - for Champions the hurt lies in the Armor Debuff. His Ultimate is a AoE lifedrain witch charges his Attack Power and indirectly his Lifedrain. In a 1v1 situation its relativly tame but in a teambattle with a lot of Lifepoints to charge it it´s absolute murder. Either focus him down ASAP or retreat, either way be quick about it since it gets worse the more life he drains. 

Submitted by Krosan: Nunu isn't that hard to counter. He can sit in a lane pretty well with my experience (by no means high-level, but I play a lot of Nunu) thanks to Consume, and he can really harass with Ice Blast if there's a squishie in the lane, but his damage output against anything he can't Consume is pathetic until he grabs Absolute Zero. If he's got a good assassin with him, Ice Blast can ruin your day, so stay out of his reach and spank him with ranged attacks. Keep him moving so he can't save mana with Visionary; the more Nunu hits things, the less mana Nunu uses, the more survivability he has (thanks to free Consumes) and the more money he gets (thanks to the extra mana to last-hit with Ice Blast). He's too fat to gank unless you draw him into a trap, but you can keep him from doing much but levelling and darting in to grab a bite.

Submitted by mekmaster: Rammus is a tank, in fact he is the one and only tank I'm genuinely afraid of. Best bet for him in a group fight is to ignore him and kill his teammates first. Aside from a few gimmicks he won't be able to support his team too well unless he is the center of your "KILL THIS GUY". Once his friends are gone he moves slow so chase after him with what's left of your party and end it. To keep him from getting strong early game simply lure him to a tower and have two heavy hitters bring him to the ground time after time.

Submitted by Krosan: He's not THAT big of a threat, early game, unless he catches you with his snare for his lane partner to eat. His biggest threat comes later game, when his snare makes a good difference for team battles, and his ultimate, which will probably kill you if he catches you alone with it. Thus, the most dangerous time to be around a Ryze is around the time he hits level 6, especially if there's few minions around you for the thing to bounce to. Stay close to pockets of minions so they can take the damage from his ult for you and whittle him down, he's squishy as can be so you won't have trouble. If he catches you away from a pocket of minions and snares you, he's got a good chance of killing you outright, but if you keep minions close, it neuters his biggest bomb and keeps you safe. You're only in trouble if you're a melee hero without any ranged option; even something like Nunu's ice bolt will give Ryze a bad day.


Submitted by madrojian: Singed: he's a tank, but can put out surprising damage if he goes AP. Things to watch out for... 1) Poison: Don't let him kite you, and you're mostly out of the woods. He's excellent at baiting, so if you think you can catch him and kill him before the poison puts you at manageable damage levels, you're probably wrong. 2) Fling: This move will put you over his shoulder, into a cloud of poison and a world of pain. It's melee range only, so the best thing you can do is try to avoid letting him get close, or position yourself to land more safely when he hits you. Use extreme caution when approaching a Singed player by his tower. 3) Insanity Potion: Singed's ulti. He basically gets a boost in almost everything, speed, dmg, ap, the works. If he was hard to catch/escape before, don't bother trying when he pops this. Your best bet is to avoid him till it burns out, or focus him as fast as possible(if he's AP, he'll be a bit squishier and easier to focus).


Submitted by Krosan: She can unload holy hell on turrets and minions, but in a champion fight, she's not at her bests. Just stun her, slow her, and crunch her; she's pretty squishy if you corner her and focus fire. Laning early-game, get a bit close; if you're at the edge of boomerang blade's range, it'll hit you twice before you can dodge, and this will be painful. Being a bit closer gives you a bit more reaction time. If she pushes you back to the turret, stay close to it unless you're a boomerang blade away from being dead; she either turns off ricochet or she catches you with one and eats turret fire, which helps save your minions a little hurt. Late game, she has no stuns, slows, or snares, so splat her like the squishy support she is and move on to a bigger threat, or watch that bigger threat mow through your team like a berserked blender from her shout.

Submitted by Mekmaster: Seperation, seperation, seperation. Soraka's best role is to keep tanks from dying. If she is alone she is vulnerable. But watch out, she is this game's primary healer. If you're fighting her with half HP and she's at 1/5 you might want to reavaluate things. If he ult goes up suddenly you have less HP than her AND she still has another healing skill in the bag. Stuns and isolation will kill Soraka.


Submitted by mekmaster: Anyone will agree Teemo relies on his speed like a crutch. His Swift Movement Skill allows him theoretically to be able to run faster than any hero in the game. However, if he takes damage with it up he loses his speed boost. The best way to gank a lone teemo is to make sure he has no exits. If a Teemo can't run when the going gets rough, Teemo is dead. Also, he can't stun you. He can slow you, he can poison you, and he can blind you, but he can't stun you to make his escape. If you've closed in on him then you're going to be eating fried chipmunk that night.

Submitted by Bagga: Tristina: If her weapon glows blue(Rapid fire, 90% attack speed increase), CC / Stun / Blind / Exhaust her. That's where 90% of my damage comes from while playing her. Also going to need some CC or heavy nukeage to kill her because she can just rocket jump over ledges to escape easily. He ult can also be used to knock back multiple people, so don't group up.

Submitted by mekmaster (needs revision): From my understanding the best way to outdo our beloved barbarian king is to delay a fight with him as long as possible. The less blood lust he has, the less he'll be able to do against you. Fighting him head on is suicide. Elude him and draw out your fight as long as you can before making your strike. Fighting Tryn is like a virgin's first time. He's the first to go up and he can be a bit impressive, but the longer things go on, the more you're disappoint by him and you begin to realize he might just be all talk.

Submitted by JohnCataldo (I actually dug this up from another thread because it was the best word of advice I've ever heard concerning Tryn): Trynd is just plain difficult to deal with, but delaying the fight as long as possible is ideal. He depends on his Bloodlust stacks to maximize his damage. If you just avoid fighting for long enough they'll disappear and he's not nearly as scary. The other thing he doesn't like much is poison of any kind, if it's strong enough. Once his ultimate wears off he may die to the poison. (More difficult since the patch since for some reason he gets 5% health when his ultimate wears off, making him even harder to actually kill.) Movement speed helps a lot.

Twisted fate:
Submitted by mekmaster: Twisted fate moves slow and is easy to gank if he doesn't have his reveal destiny up. Even his fellow casters can solo him if they have high HP and the means to chase after him when he runs. During group fights target him first. If he is alone make sure he hasn't used his reveal in 60 seconds or he might be trying to draw your attention towards him. Moving in quick and debilitating him with silences, stuns, and slows will guarantee you he doesn't have a chance to run away.

Submitted by Echo7: Early game, attack him and have some armor/heal pots and you will be able to score some kills. Midgame, remember to strafe side to side at a moderate to far distance from him, his ultimate does not seek target, the projectiles are like skill shots, dodgeable with movement. Late game/anti back door, ward approaches to towers so he can't back door you without getting killed, ward approaches to likely team fight areas, this gives your team a teleport to point away from minions/towers and spots you twitch in transit/hiding for an ambush.

Submitted by Echo7: Do not build +Mana items, period. High mana regen instead will negate a good bit of his damage potential while allowing you to spam your abilities. If caught inside his stun ring, flash outside it or run around the edge, not just in the middle where he can easily hit you with Dark Matter, his AoE. Early and Mid game you need to harass him and keep him from last hitting as much as possible.

Submitted by Mekmaster just to spite R3y3: Zilean is no different from any other squishy. You really only need to worry about three things with him. 1: he can get away with his time manipulation, 2: he can set any one of his teammates to survive so long as they die within 15 seconds of him casting his ult, 3: His time bombs hurt like a ***** when used against squishies. If you are wary of those three things he goes down like any other squishy, stun him, close in, and kill. If he isn't dead thanks to his ult then surround his body and kill him again.

Countering champion types:





Note: I'm trying to assemble this guide so newbies don't have to feel like the guy they didn't pick is secretly a God who cannot be brought down. Hopefully people will be able to turn to this guide and say "Huh, so thats how we kill them" rather than posting 300 "THIS HERO IS OP" thoughts on the feedback section.

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