Shen - Shen Champion Spotlight Video Guide by Phreak

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Greetings summoners,

Want to be totally ninja? Well stay tuned and look below for the Shen Champion Spotlight. This video is taken from a game played with some of our eager players, so maybe one day you’ll see yourself get owned by me in here! The build I use in this game is “Tank Shen,” relying on pure physical durability and Shadow Dash to assist my team.

My build focuses on overall powerful tank and team items like Aegis of the Legion, Spirit Visage, and Sunfire Capes. This allows me to hit hard with Ki Strike, guarantee assists in all fights with Sunfire Cape, and ensure proper durability with Spirit Visage’s synergy with Vorpal Blade.

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In this game in particular I could have utilized more magic resist items, as their team was primarily composed of casters, but I found that Sunfire Capes kept me alive just well enough.

Shadow Dash is your main skill as Tank Shen. Because of its energy cost, you have to be sure you stay around 100 energy once the cooldown nears completion. Dropping one Vorpal Blade on your main target is always useful and rather inexpensive, but Feint should be used with caution. I find it extremely useful once I level it to rank 3 or higher because the energy cost becomes much more efficient with level.

Shen has the unique utility of not having to camp with his team to be an effective tank, so more than usual, you are allowed to farm minions by yourself and then Stand United when your team gets into trouble. This is the reason that Shen can easily acquire multiple Sunfire Capes, which furthers his ability to farm minions. His power is pretty strong throughout the entire game, as Vorpal Blade will keep you very healthy while laning, and, by level 9, your maxed Shadow Dash will win fights for your team very easily.

I level up Vorpal Blade twice early because the healing amount scales very well early on. From there, I rely on spamming Shadow Dash and later, Feint.

My skill order is:

  1. Vorpal Blade
  2. Shadow Dash
  3. Vorpal Blade
  4. Shadow Dash 
  5. Shadow Dash
  6. Stand United
  7. Shadow Dash
  8. Feint
  9. Shadow Dash
  10. Feint
  11. Stand United
  12. Feint
  13. Feint
  14. Feint
  15. Vorpal Blade
  16. Stand United
  17. Vorpal Blade
  18. Vorpal Blade

My item order is:

  • Doran’s Shield + Healing Potion
  • Boots of Speed (eventually Mercury Treads or Boots of Swiftness)
  • Aegis of the Legion
  • Spirit Visage
  • Sunfire Cape
  • Sunfire Cape

Other useful items:

  • Stark’s Fervor 
  • Guardian Angel
  • Frozen Mallet

But text only explains so much. See the video in action!

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