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A basic guide to summoner spells - Aregonius (outdated)

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A Basic Guide to Summoner Spells

Level 1
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Blinds the target (100% miss chance) and slows their movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

With mastery Cripple (Offense) – Also reduces target's armor and magic resistance by 25 and lengthens the duration to 3.5 seconds

Cooldown: 210 seconds. (With Presence of the Master (Utility), 178.5 seconds)

About: A useful spell for champions who don’t have their own disables or want an additional chance to hunt down an enemy. Can be used to snare an enemy for a kill or to protect a fleeing ally. Mastery makes this spell very deadly early game, but not as effective later as it does not scale with level.

Your champion ignores unit collision and moves 32% faster for 14 seconds.

With mastery Haste (Utility) – Increases movement speed by 8% to 40% faster and lengthens the duration to 15.5 seconds. 

Cooldown: 210 seconds. (With Presence, 178.5 seconds)

About: This is probably the strongest escape spell in the game. The collision reduction on top of a decent speed increase and duration make it useful even against enemy champions with disablers or running down an enemy hero behind minions. The mastery for this spell is fairly strong with a decent speed bonus and an extra 1.5 seconds of move speed which can make or break a getaway.

Restores (140 + 20 x Level, 500hp at level 18) health to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies.

With mastery Mender's Faith (Defense) – Decreases cooldown by 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 270 seconds. (With Mastery, 240 seconds) (With Presence, 229.5 seconds) (With both, 204 seconds)

About: This spell was recently nerfed with an additional heal reduction for consecutive uses, making it less useful for group healing/ally saves. Currently successive uses reduce area effect efficiency by 50% each use. (Example: at level 18, first use heals allies 250, second use heals allies 125, does not affect person heal) Can be effective for pushers healing themselves and minions as well as an oh **** button for taking damage. Not as useful for survival as some of the other escape abilities as it only heals and doesn’t help you to get away. Mastery makes this spell stronger early to mid game, but is less useful later.

Instantly revives your champion at spawning pool.

With mastery Preservation (Defense): After casting Revive spell, Your maximum hp is increased by 400 for 120 seconds. And also reduces the cooldown by 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 540 seconds. (With Mastery, 520 seconds) (With Presence, 459 seconds) (With both, 442 seconds)

About: While deaths late game can be make or break, this spell is really wasting a slot that could be better spent on one that could save you from death in the first place or allow you to get an extra kill. Recommended only for starting players that might expect to die a lot. The mastery for this spell is strong relatively, but since this spell is fairly useless there’s not much point in obtaining the mastery.

Deals (420 + 35 x level, 1050 at level 18) damage to target enemy minion or pet.

With mastery Plentiful Bounty (Offense) –Smite spell rewards 5 gold when used and reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds.

Cooldown 75 seconds. (With Mastery, 70 seconds) (With Presence, 63.75) (With both, 59.5)

About: While fairly limited in its use in lane (enemy tanks, promoted minions, tibbers) this spell shines when used in conjunction with jungling. Can also be used against Annie’s Tibbers. The early damage allows you to farm much faster to obtain early auras and kills. This mastery can increase your effectiveness slightly but is fairly weak and not recommended (2 additional kills in 30 minutes, approx 125 extra gold if used continuously)

After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to a target friendly minion / turret / mushroom / tower / etc.

With mastery Spatial Accuracy (Utility) – After 3.5 seconds, teleports your champion to a target friendly minion/turret/mushroom/tower and reduces cooldown by 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 240 seconds. (With Mastery, 235 seconds) (With Presence, 204 seconds) (With both, 199.75 seconds)

About: This spell is great for improving your ability to be in the right place. Allows you to teleport in to pretty much anything allied (minions, Heim turrets, Teemo mushrooms, etc.) to set up an ambush, assist an ally or stop a push against one of your towers. Can also be used to reduce your time out of lane when going to buy or heal. When teleporting on a minion this spell temporarily grants the minion invulnerability. You can now interrupt this spell. The mastery for this spell is basically worthless.

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Level 2
Removes all debuffs from your champion and makes them immune to debuffs for 2 seconds.

With Mastery Willpower (Defense) – Reduces cooldown by 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 120 seconds. (With Mastery, 90 seconds) (With Presence, 102 seconds) (Cannot have mastery and Presence)

About: There are different schools of thought about cleanse. Some people feel that it’s worthless compared to other abilities like Flash and Ghost, others feel that it’s more effective as a survival tool. This spell does have a fairly short cooldown and in defensive situations can be more useful than Ghost or Flash since many times enemy champions tend to blow their disables early leaving them with no follow up. However, if you’re being attacked by multiple enemies often they can just reapply a disable. This spell also lacks the offensive capability that Ghost and Flash possess, so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference. The mastery in conjunction with Presence of the Master make the cooldown on this spell the lowest of any Summoner Spells allowing it to be used roughly every minute, which can make it fairly effective.

Level 4
Grants invulnerability to all allied turrets and causes them to attack 100% faster for 6 seconds. While on cooldown, you deal 9 bonus damage to minions.

With mastery Reinforce (Defense) – Turrets deal 50% splash damage when fortify is used.

Cooldown: 300 seconds. (With Presence, 255 seconds)

About: With the recent nerf, fortify is no longer a wave stopping spell, however it can still be used to save a tower temporarily or hold an enemy wave until a champion arrives. In general for an average pub, at least one person on a team should probably consider this spell. Additionally, this spell can be used for added dps from enemies fighting too close to your towers or trying to run past for a finishing blow. The mastery restores the usefulness of the tower’s wave stopping ability, but requires a significant investment in defensive mastery.

Level 6
Restores (100+25*Level, 550 at level 18) mana to your champion and 50% to nearby allies.

With mastery Insight (Utility) – Clarity grants 100% of spell’s mana instead of 50%.

Cooldown: 270 seconds, (With Presence, 229.5 seconds)

About: Clarity can be useful for caster heroes who need that extra burst of mana to make a kill, or on a team after a push or team battle has expended most champions’ mana. However, overall this spell gives such a negligible amount of mana back that its usefulness is fairy low. The mastery is nearly worthless.

Upgrades an allied minion into a Siegerider, a powerful unit with a +armor/damage aura and turret damage reduction. This unit grows more powerful with your level.

With mastery Demolisher (Offense) – Increases your promoted unit’s armor by 20 and reduces the spell cooldown by 15 seconds. While this spell is on cooldown, you also deal 15 bonus damage to towers.

Cooldown: 270 seconds. (With Mastery, 255 seconds) (With Presence, 229.5 seconds) (Cannot have mastery and Presence)

About: Used alone, in a regular lane this spell is fairly worthless. Enemy champions can kill the promoted unit almost as easily as one of your minion tanks. However, if used properly with support, on a push or in conjunction with your minion tanks, a rally, super minions or additional promotes, this spell can really help push a lane. The upgrade actually gives a fairly decent bonus that allows you to push towers and gives your minion added survivability, but is a bit far down on the mastery tree to go for unless you’re focusing on offense.

Level 7
A damage over time spell that targets a single champion dealing (50+25*Level, 500dmg at level 18) damage over 5 seconds (100 dmg per second for 5 secs at level 18). This damage is not affected by armor or magic resist.

With mastery Burning Embers (Offense) – While your ignite spell is on cooldown, you gain an additional 10 Ability Power.

Cooldown: 120 seconds, (With Presence, 102 seconds)

About: This spell can be very useful for getting a last hit on a fleeing champion. While the amount of damage the spell does is not amazingly significant, the ability to mitigate armor and magic resist and cause 500 damage at level 18 can be enough to net a kill. This spell is used primarily by carries and other gank heroes to increase dps and ensure the kill. The low cooldown also means that this spell is available fairly often. The mastery for this spell is worthless.

Level 8
Summons a beacon with (200 + 25 x level, 650 at level 18) hp, which increases allied base physical damage by 30% and health regen by (15 + 1.5 x level, 42 at level 18) per second for 15 seconds (heals for 630 total, or 840 with mastery).

With mastery Improved Rally (Offense) – Rally also increases base magic damage by 20% and duration by 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 360 seconds. (With Presence, 306 seconds)

About: This skill is either completely useless or extremely powerful. Depends on placement – rally is very fragile (2-3 hits). This spell is used to help push waves of creeps as well as for assisting with jungling as a heal / buff. Surprisingly good mastery upgrade that also assists casters. 

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Level 10
Reveals any area of the map for 6 seconds.

With mastery Mystical Vision (Utility) – Vision lasts additional 4 seconds and has cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.
Cooldown 60 seconds. (With Mastery, 55 seconds) (With Presence, 51 seconds) (With both, 46.75 seconds)

About: This spell used to be extremely overpowered (6 minutes vision ward O_o). However, used correctly this is still and extremely powerful spell. With it’s low cooldown, you should be casting this all the time whenever enemy champions are missing (to protect from ganks) or to check on baron/dragon/auras or other possible ambushes. If used improperly, this spell is nearly worthless. When used an eye appears above the location alerting enemy heroes to the reveal, if they notice. The mastery on this isn’t the worst, but it’s not significantly useful for the correct use of this spell.

Level 12
Teleports your champion to target nearby location within 450 range.

With mastery Blink of an Eye (Utility) – Reduces cooldown by 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 360 seconds. (With Mastery, 345 seconds) (With Presence, 306 seconds) (With both, 293.25 seconds)

About: This spell recently received a nerf reducing the usable range from 1000 to 450. As a result, this spell is significantly less useful than it was before. Jumps must be made much earlier to ensure a survivable distance between your retreating hero and an enemy. For offensive capabilities, this spell does still allow you to ambush over short distances. Mastery is fairly useless given the minor impact to the cooldown duration.

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