Ashe - The Killing Machine (DPS/Team build) - by Ennyn Messor

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This video shows me playing Ashe with the build on this guide (the best I've played so far) :

Another build I've been successful with :
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Ennyn Messor guide of how to play Ashe.

Why Ashe ?

Ok, the first thing you should know is that Ashe is a hero to deal damage, be it chasing, annoying, killing tanks, destroying towers and whatever.
Ashe is a mid-late game dps hero, but she can deal a bit of damage early on with her ult and slows, from mid to late game tough she can take tanks on easily. Ashe is my favorite hero, she can Slow, Farm really well, and god, she can deal damage .. HUGE amounts of damage..Ashe can not be killed easily just by anyone tough, since she has god a nice slow, and can get really fast, but the best thing she can do to get herself out of trouble is just turning around and slowing, when the enemies realize they won't catch you and try to run away, you can hit them and chase them until they die, causing huge amounts of damage with your critical strikes.

Summoner Spells:

Teleport and Ghost.


9 Mark of Penetration
9 Seal of Furor
9 Glyph of Furor
3 Quintessence of Furor

Last Hits

This is probably the most important part of the guide, so read it carefully.
With Ashe, you can't just push lanes and try hitting the tower (you are going to be solo mid most games), since it makes you vulnerable to ganks, and gives the enemy hero a chance to go after you and chase/kill you (since you are far away from your tower, it will be A LOT harder to get away)you should always aim to get money with Ashe,until you farm at least 1 B. F. Sword.

Use your volley to last hit, the priority is getting last hits, and not harassing, but do both when you can, you should use volley when there are 2 or more creeps on low health, or even to last hit the siege machines that come in some waves, since they give 30 gold or so.clear some neutral camps between ganks/pushes so you get a good amount of money.

First Items:

2x health potions
1x mana potion

Item order (what to buy next):

(OBS: read 
Banshee's Veil, it can change the item order.)

1. boots, 2x health potions, 1x mana potions

one mana potion for when you hit level 6 and want to use your ult 2 or 3 times before having to go back,2 life potions to keep you alive until you have 1850 gold, and don't forget, you have teleport, so you can teleport back to base if both your life and mana are low, I'd not buy potions there before getting the B. F. Sword tough.

2. B. F. Sword

this item will surprise your enemies, and you will see how powerful that is.
they will think you are still the weak ashe that have boots only, and will come after you without any fear, and by the time they get hit 2 or 3 times, it will be too late.. you can use your ult to get them if they teleport (tryn, kassidin, Katarina, etc.).

Berserker's Greaves/Mercury's Treads (if there are too many slows on the other team)/

you should get this before finishing Infinity Edge. 

Infinity Edge

you will get pickaxe first, you will boost your attack even more, you went from +50 to +75 attack, and get the cloak as soon as possible so you will crit a little more.infinity edge is perfect for ashe, it will make you crit a lot more, give you a great boost in damage, and still make your crits even more the time you finish Infinity Edge, you should help more on team fights and you can even try ganking solo if you have your ult (you don't need it always tough), AND YOU ARE SURE THE ENEMIES ARE NOT AROUND !! (be careful with baiting)

Recurve Bow

Now you already have a lot of damage, and it's important to make your dps grow bigger, with the attack speed this item provides, you will get a lot more kills, last hits, crits, you will destroy towers a lot faster too.

6. Last Whisper

after you got this, it's time to kill some tanks, you will probably crush them even more after you get this item, and by the time you get it you should be having a hard time killing tanks or maybe even anyone, because they all went armor to counter you, and they are going to be so surprised ...
when i first got this i could hit for 400-600 with my crits, you probably will be able to do this too..
-> when you get this item, you will probably get lots of kills, because your enemies thought they had countered you with armor and stuff, and will not be waiting for the huge dmg you are going to deal.

Banshee's Veil
You can change the order of this item, you should get it earlier if there are too many disables on the other team, or get it later on if you are not having trouble dodging the enemy, so it's a special item, but not less important !

8. Phage (upgrade to Frozen Mallet if you get too close to death too many times).

10.The Black Cleaver
this item is crazy .. you will destroy with it .. it's just for long games that need to be finished.
(anyway wtf are you doing ?? you should have won already ... and i mean a lot of time ago)

Skills to master:

First skill, you should get is level 1 Frost Shot and maximize it when you are not getting volley. then maximize Volley, when it's possible (get your ult when you can, ofc.)

Using Ashe's Ult (
Enchanted Crystal Arrow)

There is one thing you must not forget: your ult is long-ranged, it can go trought all the map and kill someone, the stun your ult deals increases with range, so don't be afraid of missing, just use it every time on top and bottom lanes (that is one of the reasons you have to solo mid, so you can hit your ult on both lanes), if it's not on cooldown. (OBS: aim for weak heroes, so your allies can kill them, if they are half hp and you hit them, they are as good as dead, and there is one more reason to solo mid: since you are solo mid, the other lanes have 2 allied heroes each, so when you stun someone, there are 2 allies of yours there to get him.
you can use your ult on your own lane too, if you think you can kill the enemy.

Once you get the B. F. Sword, it will be a lot easier to get last hits, by the time you get this item, you can start ganking, you will probably be the hero that deals most damage, because it will be early on the game yet (don't forget you went straight for an item that adds 50 damage !!)
obs: aim for heroes with less than 50% hp, be careful with HEALS ! and use your ult

you can use your ult and teleport near the target to kill it, the target dies 80% of the time if you do that, you can aim for heroes that are trying to take out towers, so it will be harder to miss

Final Item Build: 

1. Infinity Edge

2. Berserker's Greaves/Mercury's Treads (if there are too many slows on the other team)

3. Last Whisper

4. Banshee's Veil 


3. Frozen Mallet


4. The Black Cleaver

Why not Madred's Bloodrazor ?
Mardred's costs too much gold, it is not worth it, you can get a last whisper for half the cost and deal twice the damage you would deal with madred's..
you should get this if there is a very fed cho'gath on the other team, and even so i wouldn't go with it ... unless cho'gath has no armor .. then i'd probably try mardred's.

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