Blitzcrank Carry, because even 1500 DPS isn't enough - by Lemt

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Welcome to this guide! Here you will learn how to play Blitzcrank as a carry, dealing damage like mad, deciding teamfights, and bringing down towers with ease.


-He is one of the toughest heroes in the game. Combined with his passive you will have great survivability.
-His Rocket Grab is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. Use it for early ganks, to bring enemy champs to your tower, to turn a 5vs5 fight into a 5vs4 fight, to defend teammates, to interrupt channelings, to prevent escapes, etc.
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-He has one of the best damage outputs in the game. You'll see.
-His early game doesn't let the enemy know whether you'll play tank, carry, or a mix. This may lead to the enemy buying the wrong items.
-You will be FAST.
-He looks cool.
-I say so.


-You hate yourself.
-You don't like winning.
-You want to lower your ELO.
-He does a really ****ty Macarena, despite having the potential to be awesome at it.

Now, let's get serious.


A matter of taste and playstyle. I personally like the following:


Teleport and Flash. This gives you a lot of mobility. Flash lets you retreat, chase, get in a better position for your rocket grab, and pretty much surprise your enemy. Teleport lets you be where you want to be, when you want to be.
Another alternative to Teleport is Ghost. What you lose in long-range mobility you gain in short-range mobility. With Ghost you can get in and out of combats at will, and you cn always use it to move fast if you must. I'd still keep Flash, because it's simply the best way to run away there is in the game. Flash alone saves me from getting killed at least 2-3 times per game. It lets you play a much more aggressive game, because you have somethign to fall back on.


Since I use Teleport and Flash, I like maxing out Utility. 9-0-21 and 21-0-9 are probably the best options.


Personally, I used to go go Armor/Magicresist, as that page is useful in a lot of heroes. But critchance, CDR, lifesteal are all viable alternatives. Right now, I'm getting a T3 armor penetration page, that works too.


Start with Rocket Grab or Power Fist, the get the one you didn't. Then leave Rocket Grab at level 1. Always get your Ultimate when you can, and max out Power Fist and Overdrive. Power Fist is what I'd give the most priority to.


I like starting building towards a philosopher's stone. This is cheap, will give you the health regen/mana regen you need early on, and helps out with the cash. I start with getting health regeneration, but a point can be made for mana regen plus potions.
After the Stone, rush Trinity Force.
Lolwut, you say? The pieces are independently cheap, so you can max out any trip you make. The benefits from the pieces are all great, too. Sure, it's expensive for a second item, but since you don't have to save up for expensive items like BFGs, every trip, even if forced to go early, will have you return stronger. Start with Sheen, as it will help you max the damage from Power Fist. Then you can choose what you want, be it speed or the occassional slow. And now the fun starts.

You see, Trinity Force gives you 150% extra damage whenever you use an ability. Power Fist has a 4 second cooldown at max level, and doubles the damage you deal. Add those two together. Let it sink in. Cool, huh?

Here's a break-down of useful items not part of the build, but that you should remember.
-The Brutalizer, as a quick buff. For a little more than what boots cost, you get CDR, damage and armor penetration. Maybe not optimal, but surely an option to fight tanks.
-Mercury's Treads, because some teams are just too filled up with slows and stuns.
-Banshee's Veil. Same as above, really. Pick one, and get it. I'd get this over the boots anytime. You won't need the speed, and this gives you magic resist, health and mana. The mana wil be mostly for the passive.
-Heart of Gold. A cheap item that will increase survivability and can be sold back later on for something more important.
-Frozen Heart. If you need to be more tankish, or find yourself being targeted first always.
-The Black Cleaver. If the enemy team has LOTS of armor, you'll want this instead of The Brutalizer. But only in extreme scenarios.
-Last Whisper. I prefer the Black Cleaver. It's better for the team, and better against enemies with low armor. Also, the Cleaver helps build up your Power Fist's damage, something Last Whisper won't, so don't get it.


-Philosopher's Stone. This is a free item that will give you health and mana regeneration. Free because you aren't going to sell it, so by the time you finished the cost will have virtually been 0. Start with regrowth Pendant, and try not to return to base until you have the gold to get Philosopher's Stone.
-Sheen. This will start turning your Power Fist into a nuke. Still not too much damage, but we'll get there.
-Phage and Zeal. Pick the order you prefer. Zeal will make you a bit faster, good if your lane has fast enemies, and gives you better DPS. Phage will make you tougher, and make your Power Fist a bit better.
-Trinity Force. No matter what order you follow, don't buy any other item before you get Trinity Force completed.
-Now you want to build up your criticals. Triple Cloak of Agility is what we want. With this you'll have all the critical strike you need, and will make your fists awesome. Sometimes your fist won't crit, but that's OK. Nobody's perfect. Unless you have critchance runes, of course.
-Infinity Edge. Finish it in whatever order you want.
-Atma's Impaler. Cheaper than Phantom Dancer, so I'd get it first.
-Phantom Dancer.

You should try to avoid boots, unless you really need those Mercury's Treads. Obviously, sometimes you'll have to get a Banshee's Veil, so do so if you must. This takes up five slots, so use the last one however you wish. If at all possible, ask teammates to get Soul Shroud and Stark's Fervor. I'm sure they won't mind.

Now, If you find yourself having to get tech items, do it AFTER you build Triforce. And it's best if you get your cloaks too, but that will make it hard to get the pieces, and is sometimes not an option.

Once the build is finished, you'll deal raw 1500 DPS or so with Overdrive active, and your punches will be able to crit for 1k raw damage. Plus lightning will sometimes fall from the sky and stuff.


I don't like to go solo, since it makes kills much harder. Ealry on, you may lack a bit of damage to kill enemies, so help is welcome. That depends ou your playstyle however.

Pick a lane, help kill the Golem if your team asks you to, and concentrate on last hits. You can grab from afar, and the enemy knows this, so try to scare them off. Being very aggresive may push them pack, denying them their last hits.

Once you have the cash, go back for the Stone. However, if you kill the enemy, push until they return. This will grant you more XP and gold, because it's easier to Last Hit if there's no danger around. Don't waste Power Fists and Overdrives while doing this, however. Keep Overdrive mana ready in case you need to retreat fast.

After you get Philosopher's, go back to a lane. You may want to switch, however. The ones on your lane will already be wary of your grabs, so go somewhere else and scare people. Maybe assist in a gank.

Once you have triforce, you can start jungling while moving. Don't dedicate yourself to the jungle, but try to farm some more gold. Get Lizard if you can, and/or Golem. But ganks are more important.

Keep playing normally until you get your crit up, then you really want to dedicate yourself to ganks. Clear up a lane once and a while too. Go
up to the creeps, Overdrive, kill them all, and leave the lane. Make the enemy fear your presence, but not know where you are at a given time.

Don't chase too far. The enemy will want to gank you, so be wary of baits. If you Overdrive in, you won't be able to Overdrive out.
The best way to gank is to Grab from the bush someone squishy, fist him to death, then go in, and finish whatever's left standing. But in teamfights, you'll want to operate differently. in big fights, dance around looking for an opening. Grab someone into your team, and concentrate fire on him. You'll be really good at turning 4v4 and 5v5 fights into 4v3 and 5v4. You can then initiate, chasing someone. Overdrive, Punch the enemy champ nearest to your team, kill, then see if you are all good enough to keep doing it. Pull enemies to and from towers too.


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