Warwick on the Twisted Treeline by HattoriDunzo

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Table of Contents
I. Intro
II. Warwick Summary
III. Summoner Setup
IV. Skill Build
V. Item Build
VI. Early Game
VII. Mid game
VIII. Late game
IX. Update List

I. Intro

Hello all. I'm relatively new to League of Legends (only level 23), but for the 50+ games playing as Warwick, I have managed a 75% win percentage, with wins far more likely the more games I play. I might not always have a positive KDR (.7739 with .8938 assists per death) but I usually win. This is because both my teammates on Twisted Treeline are given solo lanes, a huge advantage when all your heroes have the same/greater level than their highest level. Also, you will be getting the dragon multiple times throughout the game, giving your team an edge in gold, experience and performance. Before I go into how you should play the meanest werewolf in the League, lets look at what he does.

II. Warwick Summary

Once a man, Warwick was trained by the Alchemists of Zaun and later hired as a mercenary by the Noxian Army for their war against Ionia. An alchemical genius, he became known to the Ionians as ''the Deathmaker'' for the terror and destruction his creations sowed. Sequestered in his labs, he felt no responsibility for the death tolls these creations wrought. Eventually Soraka, an Ionian with the power of gods in her blood, had seen enough of the alchemist's predations. Something in her snapped, and she sacrificed her divinity to curse Warwick. She wanted him to feel revulsion at what he was, for him to dip his fingers in the blood he so often shed. Soraka cursed him to be a werewolf, a wild murderous beast.

''Though Warwick has been physically transformed, his nature has not; he is still a predator.''

Eternal Thirst [Passive]

Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 5/10/15 health. Each successive attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.

This is Warwick's claim to fame as a jungler. He can wade into battle with creeps at level 1 without a vampiric scepter relying solely on this ability. Don't expect if to save your life if you're horribly outclassed against a hero or an aura creep.

Hungering Strike

Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+1 per ability power) and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.

Cooldown: 12 seconds
Cost: 100 Mana
Range: 400

This is key to good jungling. Takes a chunk out of the creep and heals you for the same amount. Don't leave home without it. And when you come out of the jungle ready to slaughter, taking out 20% of the opponents max hp with a single click aint too shabby. Can clear out low hp heroes before they can lock you down, and using it after an infinite duress is just even more damage you can throw at the foe.

Hunters Call

Increases Warwick's attack speed by 50/55/60/65/70% and all friendly champions' attack speed by half that for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 32 seconds
Cost : 35 Mana
Range: 20

This is one of Warwick's most potent skills. Early game it makes your passive a bomb at keeping your life total up, and mid-late game it speeds you and your allies up to the point where you obliterate towers. Also incredibly useful to pop in team fights.

Blood Scent

Warwick passively senses weakened enemy champions around him. The scent of blood sends him into a fury causing him to move at incredible speeds. Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1,500 / 2,300 / 3,100 / 3,900 / 4,700 distance of him;

Upon sensing an enemy at low life he will gain 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% Movement Speed.

Cooldown: 45 seconds
Cost: Passive
Range: 20

Very potent ability, however, I don't get it until all the other skills are leveled. If you find yourself embroiled in numerous team battles where you are almost killing them but they are getting away, you could pick up a level to run them down, but for the most part you need to be focusing on how hard you hit rather than how fast you chase.

Infinite Duress

Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them for 1.7 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 40 / 60 / 80.

Cooldown: 100 seconds
Cost: 150 Mana
Range: 700

Hello beautiful. This is why we all play Warwick. A devastatingly powerful physical attack with wonderful range, a good stun, and best of all, it applies all the effects of any items you have on. That means that if you're rolling a black cleaver, you just gave them -60 armor. My personal favorite is Madred's Bloodrazor, which will do an additional 20% of their maximum health in magic damage. Basically this is a beaut of a skill.

III. Summoner Setup

While I cannot complete it as of now, I have a very clear idea of how i want to be setup once i hit level 30.

Summoner Spells
The two that I consider Must Have are Smite and Rally. You can substitute one of those for another skill, but you need one of them to be an effective jungler.

  Clairvoyance- This skill isn't really worth your time. Its not especially effective on Twisted Treeline considering the size of the map. Also, as Warwick, you need your Summoner Spells for other effects so if you really have a dire need for peeking on the map, have someone else get it.

Clarity - You don't need extra mana except for maybe one point in early game, and that's easily rectified with a return to base or just chilling while taking out a weak creep camp. Under no circumstances should you take this.

Cleanse - This is one of the spells I would considering dropping either smite or rally for. When you go into your ult, you're basically committed for 1.7 seconds. A second opponent throwing a silence or a stun or some other disable can just basically mean you die. Also in the early-early mid game where you don't have boots yet, it can clear those lethal exhausts they hit you with.

Exhaust - An interesting choice. It makes you deadly early/early-mid game as a chaser before you have boots. But once you have blood scent this becomes nigh on useless.

Flash - Not really useful. There are better escape spells you could pick and if you're using it to initiate, your ultimate has better range, cooldown, and has some pretty devastating offensive effects.

Fortify - Ive always been really tempted to use this skill, but it just doesn't fit on Warwick. you should be geared to jungling, then assassinating and pushing lanes hard. The closest you have to defending a tower is showing up and threatening to open a can of whoop ass so big that the enemy heroes are scared off and you can clear the creeps.

Ghost - You don't pick this for the same reason you don't pick exhaust. Good spell in general, but Warwick has other tastes in mind.

Heal - I used to use this until i realized Rally is basically superior in almost every way barring nasty spike damage killing you before Rally can be effective (and even then will you be fast enough to throw up a heal?)

Ignite - While yes, you're the meanest hero killer as the game progresses, you need to use your summoner spells to turn you into a jungling machine. Pass on Ignite in favor of Smite.

Smite - This skill is just perfect. It lets you take down aura creeps levels before you should be able to normally. With the mastery skill improving it, it will also net you a nice little bit of extra gold which can lead to earlier razor/bloodrazor, or even boots. I never leave home without it. Even when you go out into the normal lanes to go after opponents, you can snipe at a wave of troops and push with it. It also can blast a Rally Banner, a Heimer turret, or even take a good chunk out of a Tibbers.

Rally - This skill is great. Creeps dont touch it as long as you're around; it can be a real life saver on your first dragon run. Also in team fights, the opposing team will for the most part ignore it, essentially giving your entire team increased AP (with the mastery skill Improved Rally), Damage and HP regeneration. Can lead to total blowouts in Twisted Treeline level 1 ganks.

Revive - I've never seen a decent player advocate the use of revive. You shouldn't be planning on dying, and you definitely shouldn't waste a spell slot on this.

Teleport - You're supposed to be in the jungle for the most part, not the lanes, so this wont be particularly useful.


For the masteries, I am building 21/0/9. Here's how I do it:

3/3 Deadliness
1/1 Plentiful Bounty (Change if you aren't running smite)
4/4 Alacrity
3/3 Sunder
2/2 Offensive Mastery
3/3 Brute Force
3/3 Lethality
1/1 Improved Rally (Change if you aren't running rally)
1/1 Havoc

3/3 Perseverance
1/3 Good Hands
4/4 Awareness
1/2 Utility Mastery (You can change to Greed if you feel the need for nicer items, but utility mastery will give your auras that you pick up extra mileage)

You could also potentially do a 21/9/0 build with the same in mastery and the following in defensive:

3/3 Resistance
1/3 Hardiness
4/4 Evasion
1/2 Defensive Mastery

Personally I prefer utility, but the relatively low magic resistance is sometimes annoying, and can be rectified with a switch over to a lightly tougher build.


Marks -
All Armor Penetration. 9 Tier 3 Armor Pen runes stacked with 3 tier 3 Armor Pen quints and 3/3 Sunder is 35 armor penetration. You'll be ignoring virtually all the armor of level one characters without +armor items and will be doing more than your base damage against most creeps.

Glyphs -
Unfortunately, Glyphs and Seals don't have Armor Penetration like Marks. Which means you have to find something else to do with the 18 slots. I've been very happy with Cooldown Reduction runes in the glyphs section so far (the ones that scale per level). They make you able to pop your ult more often and your early skills get used more often which can really be a life saver. I'm slowly building a collection of crit percentage + runes though - Warwick attacks very fast, and a higher crit percentage could be devastating.

Seals -
Like Glyphs, no armor pen. Right now I'm running Armor Seals to help me against creeps and have no complaints so far. May change them to Magic Resist to shore up defenses versus opposing heroes in the future, though.
Quintessences -
Armor Penetration. Explained already under Marks.

IV. Skill Build
Here's how I usually run my skills:

1. Hunters Call
2. Hungering Strike
3. Hunters Call
4. Hungering Strike
5. Hunters call
6. Infinite Duress

Infinite Duress > Hunters Call > Hungering Strike > Blood Scent

I pick up blood scent last because it isn't useful in jungling phase. Though this is the game plan, i find myself occasionally picking up a single blood scent level 7-9 to chase down foes (though picking up the wraith's 40% +movement speed aura is usually better). There is an argument for switching Hungering Strike and Hunters Call. I'm happy with the way I have it right now. I'm toying with level 1 Hunters Call, level 2-3 Hungering Strike and im liking it, not sure if i want to make it permanent though.

Item Build
Out of the gate, I pick up Cloth Armor and 2x Health pots. The 2x health pots are a life saver if you need to dive into a wraith aura den level 2 and just ensure you're jungling until you hit the 700 to finish up your Madred's Razor.

At about level 4-5, you should teleport hope for the Razor. Then you keep going, and play through late early game/ early mid game building up gold for your Bloodrazor. Absolutely essential for knocking down the creeps

Once you have that, Boots of Swiftness are next on your priority list, though if your foes are particularly slow or hit hard, you can go basic boots into phage.

Once you have the Boots of Swiftness, you have a few of options. However, its very likely you will have won before you can complete them.

-If you're not dealing enough, go for the black cleaver. As mentioned early, it utterly devastates with your ult, and can get your armor penetration up to 95.

- If you're feeling particularly squishy or your foes are good at retreating (or both), a frozen mallet is a good pick. Toughens you up, and Blood Scent + Mallet slow will make it all but impossible to run from.

- If you're feeling both not strong enough and squishy, then the bloodthirster is your pick. Life-steal items + Warwick's ult can lead to him being almost not kill-able, and the damage that can rack up from a bloodthirster will most definitely make you a lot meaner to face.

- If you're having trouble with enemies throwing disables at you, the Banshee's Veil is a must. It increases your hp and magic resistance which is also nice, but the main attraction is blocking a spell every 30 seconds. Ensuring that you land that ult is crucial, and a veil makes it that much easier.

VI. Early Game
At level 1, before creeps have even spawned, you and your team need to haul your sorry arses to bot to get that level 1 gank. I tend to play aggressive here, my death is easily worth my team getting 2-3 of theirs. Rally is a huge boon here and will most definitely be a huge boon in the team fight.

Once that is done, you need to move all the way to your sides top normal creeps, which spawn at 1:40. Chances are you'll have to down your first pot here. You want to be at 80+% health to take on the aura creeps. If its a Wraith Aura, do not engage unless you have smite up. Even with smite, it will be an uphill battle that will cost you your second pot and be a bit of a nail biter. If its a Wolf Aura, you'll probably still have to use your pot, but you can survive it without a smite, and you'll breeze through with one. Sometimes its best to check both aura champs to find a Wolf Aura - with the Wolf Aura, its much, much easier to get the Wraith Aura.

After 4-5 camps cleared, you should have 700 gold. you might hit it earlier with a kill or two early. Regardless of when you hit 700 gold, immediately teleport back to base and finish your razors. If you aren't level 4-5 yet, go back and run through the creeps until you are.

Once you are level 4-5, go immediately to the lizard camp in the middle of bot. The razors will make quick work of it, and you'll pick up the Lizard Aura pretty quick. If you're low on health, tp back to base - you want to have all you health to fight the dragon. (I forget the dragon's special name on TT)

Its time to dragon. With the lizard buff and a smite on full hp with Razors, it will be close. If the top lane ally can spare fifteen seconds, its a huge help. Throwing a rally if its back up is also enough to get you through it. You're basically relying on hitting enough Razor crits, so bad luck can really slaughter you here.

Once you've killed the dragon, you'll be a bit richer and have a chunk more of experience in your pocket. Keep jungling until you hit level 6. You need your ult to enter the mid game.

VII. Mid game
Ahh, the mid game. This awkward phase where your ult is powerful, but not nearly as obscenely powerful as its going to get. This phase is all about getting the gold to turn your Razor into a Bloodrazor. A bloodrazor will easily take out half their hp, which means combined with a Hungering Strike and Hunters Call, you should sweep up a few kills.

From level 6 on, you slowly stop jungling. In the beginning, you jungle from point to point, but you're really positioning yourself to throw your ult into the ring. Right off the bat from killing the dragon, you can cast your ult through the wall separating the dragon and the top lane, which can lead to a nasty and lethal surprise.

While you can dish, you aren't supremely lethal yet. You really need a second hero around to help you brutally murder a foe. Sometimes you get the kill, sometimes just the assist (that's mainly why i have less kills than deaths from playing Warwick). Doesn't really matter, as long as the lane is cleared of opposition. From here you push with your ally to the tower then go to town with hunters call. It should fall pretty quickly. Once you've taken out one lane's tower, switch over to the bottom, jungling until your ult is back up and pick up the lizard aura if you can, then jump back into the fray.

If you feel like your ult just isn't dishing, you should go back to base early and pick up a Pickaxe. Honestly, if your ult is down, you don't need to defend either lane and you have some gold in your pocket, its always a good idea to pick up your Pickaxe and/or Recurve bow for Bloodrazor.

Once you get your Bloodrazor, you suddenly become a much more serious threat. You can severely threaten heroes with less than 70% health. Heroes below 50% should not be out by themselves/without cleanse and a stun. From here, it should quickly evolve into the late game.

VIII. Late Game

Late game sees a bit of a return to the early game. You'll be spending more time in the jungle. The second Lizard or Dragon is up, you go there and get them. At a slightly lower priority are Wraith and Wolf auras up top. All of these just turn you into a death machine that nobody knows where you are. The element of surprise is huge. Let your allies initiate, then hop into the fray instantly. Turning a 2v3 into a 3v2 leads to a lot of aces and lets you push past the inhibitor and into the nexus. Pick up whatever late game items you can as the game progresses, and you should be able to win pretty quickly from the late game position.

IX. Updates

This lists any updates I make to the guide. None so far.

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