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Evelynn is a melee ranged ap based suppressor/pusher that needs a good supporting lineup in order to shine. Evelynn's job from about level 4-16 is to suppress the levels of opposing lane heroes (through ganks or just sending them back to their towers/bases). This gives your side a chance to farm and level up over the opposing team giving your side the eventual advantage it needs to press a victory.

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Early Game
Evelynn should not solo a lane EVER. It won't work. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, tell them to go to hell and stay in top or bot lane til they get it through their thick heads. You're too squishy to farm center against anyone who is likely to carry from there.

Evelynn is extremely dependent on getting ahead early game. Don't lane with anyone who is not a DPS or a disabler. 

It's easy to overlook farming in favor of trying to get out to your team. If the enemy aren't noobs, they'll immediately head under their towers as soon as they notice you mia. It's best to try this out on your own by stealthing and observing the reactions of the other lanes. If they head under the tower, stick to your lane til you're ready to gank.

Late Game
In group play late game, someone with a pot can keep you out of action because Eve will get focus fired the second someone sees her. You will need the support of your team to push to the person with the pot if you want to be able to stay in the fight. Alternately, you can push a different lane, but you have to keep an eye on the mini map and fade out when necessary.

It's important to know who your good lane partners are and who are not good lane partners. A lot of guides ignore this idea. So we're gonna touch on it really quick.

In General, Good lane partners are partners that have good initial DPS, and can keep the opponents in range long enough to kill. Bad lane partners are those with only some of these qualities or they're too short range.

Great Lane Partners (First kill can occur after level 3)

Rammus, Blitzcrank, Tristana, Alistar, Amumu, Nunu, Ryze, Singed, Taric, Twitch, Gangplank

Okay (Meh) Lane Partners (First kill can occur near level 6)

Yi (too much competition for farming, no disable)
Katarina (too much time to get ready)
Cho'gath (This should be workable, but Cho is better in mid tbh).
Mundo (recent changes have made Mundo less palatable)
Fiddlesticks (damage doesn't come out fast enough)
Teemo (Shrooms are what make it worthwhile, but he's still better than most)
Annie (you'll get focused over ani)
Morgana (most don't use their snare's right)
Zilean (if he knows how to harrass)

Bad Lane Partners

Veigar, Tryndamere, Malphite, Kayle, Anvia, Ashe, Jax, Corki, Soraka, Nasus, Warwick, Kassadin, Sion, Janna, Twisted Fate, Karthas


In my opinion, the best spells for Eve are Flash/Ignite. The only real alternative is to trade Teleport for Flash. I personally like Flash, it's good for catching up on an opponents Flash and good for a quick getaway/restealth

You might think Rally as an alternative, but Eve almost always immediately forces a withdraw from the enemy. You'll be out of range too fast.

Mastery Builds:
The abilities in Mastery are too bleh to worry too much about. Going 21/X/X is fine, but I prefer a mix that picks up masteries for both Ignite and Flash and gets the 10% cooldown, so 10/0/20. Three damage midway down the tree isn't my idea of game swinging. Do what works for you.

Get Flash and Ignite as your summoner spells.
Flash will get you out of a jam allowing you to restealth, and ignite helps for those almost dead moments, worst case you'll make em burn their heal to stay alive and (if they're smart) push them out of lane to recover.

Ability Build:

Pain Spike
Shadow Walk
Shadow Walk
Malice And Spite
Shadow Walk
Shadow Walk
Malice And Spite
Shadow Walk
Pain Spike
Pain Spike
Malice And Spite
Pain Spike
Pain Spike

Item Build:
Amplifying Tome-> Sheen
Boots of Speed -> Boots of Mobility
Mejai's Soul Stealer
Fiendish Codex/Kage's Lucky Pick
Kage's Lucky Pick/Fiendish Codex (whichever one you didn't pick up)
[Your Choice, Rylai's/Archangel]


Early Game

Start off farming your lane using pain spike to push down damage. Let your partner do the harassing on opponents. Do try to conserve mana. Don't try and gank anytime before level 4. However, once you're at level 5 you can do an initial gank on a soft target (non-tank). Hide in the grass and stealth. Position yourself near your target. Let your partner initiate and then attack, nuke and be willing stay between the target and the tower and spam hate spike. Ignite when you get near tower range and the target *should* go down. 

If your partner isn't an idgit, the first opponent will go down, if both targets didn't focus you immediately you have a decent chance of picking up the second target as well. If your opponent is attempting to kill you off try and just walk around the opponent to his back, you'll have a good chance of stalling the attack out a little bit while your partner takes him low or down. Best of all, you can flash away when low and be ready with another stealth/open take down if he doesn't get out of the lane. 

If you get both kills even as assists, you should have enough farmed with it to grab your sheen. An early sheen clinches the game for you. Head back to your lane with your partner and get ready to farm the opponents again. One or two waves of minions at this point in addition to wiping out the lane again should give you enough for your boots and set up the mid-game. 

Mid Game
The boots of mobility are like a slightly slower teleport. They'll get you where you want to be faster than opponents really expect, and if you stealth up about 5 seconds before reaching visibility, your opponents won't know what hit them. If they're smart, they'll go and hug their towers in which case you want to farm the current minions in the area stealth and see if you should go back to your tower or stay in the lane for the gank. Worst case, you'll end up losing some xp for wasting the trip down. 

Around level 9 or 10 you should be able to get the golem buff on your own. 20% reduced cooldowns results in an almost palpable damage increase and the mana is nice too. Keep mobile whenever you have a level advantage and farm your level up if you slip a little bit. You can still get kills against soft targets up til about 2 levels below them if you get help from your team.

The big concern here is not to let your level slip down traveling between lanes. Jungle and minion swat when/if you can.

Late Game 
If all 5 are together, make sure they don't have a pot. If they do, push a lane while your team takes down the potter. Make sure to keep your stealth ready for a getaway. Let your tank and support initiate team battles. Focus the greatest threat target first, usually someone like Morgana, Twitch, Ashe, or Sivir. Do your best to avoid aoe spells like Gankplanks barrage, Amumu's stun, Nunu's ultimate, and the like. At this point you should be able to one/two shot the squishier heroes. Tanks can be taken down with Ultimate->Stealth Stun->Deathfire->Ravage and pepper in some spikes when you can. Remember that deathfire currently works off the current hp of the target, so should be used first.

There are two problems for Eve at this point, the first is team play will get you focus fired. The second is that you're good for two, maybe three targets before you need to recover mana. That's okay, your boots keep you in game far more than you realize. Fully charged and with an int pot you can pull over 700AP (752 was my highest), but games usually end just after you can kill a squishy dps within a stun. It's completely demoralizing.


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