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This is a guide to an AP-based, offensive Janna. Janna is potentially the fastest character in the game. She has little defenses, but with proper use of her speed and skills, she doesn't need much. As a fragile speedster, you need to avoid direct conflict at all costs, and engage in combat by strafing and zig zagging to avoid damage.

Janna is a great chaser. She can't kill enemies by herself (this is important to remember), but if they're weakened and you have Boots of Mobility + Level 5 Zephyr + the items I mentioned there's little chance they'll get away. With Archangel's Staff and Rod of Ages, she can nuke really well with Zephyr and farm fantastically. Just keep moving and you'll have great survivability.

For Team Fortress 2 fans, think of Janna as the League of Legends version of the Scout. She fits that role much better than Teemo. TF2 Scout-players will know what I mean. Just think of her Zephyr as the Sandman and her Howling Gale as the Force of Nature.
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The best trick with this build is to push a lane and attack a tower by yourself while your team is fighting the other 5 enemies somewhere else. They don't think to stop you because they're across the map and they're like "OH, it's Janna, we don't need to worry about her." But with Nashor's tooth you can take down their tower be on the other side of the map in a couple of seconds Zephyring the crap out of everyone in the team fight AND healing your team while killing anyone trying to flee. It's fantastic.

Zephyr + Boots of Mobility early game negates her mana costs early game since she can go back and forth from the fountain without anyone really noticing.

Remember something: auto attack is NOT your friend. If you're standing still, you're dead. Use it only when you're winning a 1 vs 1 or taking down a tower.

Skill order:
Start with Zephyr and alternate between it and Howling Gale. Mid-game, get one point in Eye of the Storm and Monsoon so that you can use them. Max out Howling Gale and Zephyr first, though.

1) Amplifying Tome
2) Kage's Lucky Pick
3) Boots of Speed
4) Boots of Mobility

These are your first three purchases. Boots of Mobility are vital to Janna's performance later in the game and midgame. Amplifying Tome and Kage's Lucky Pick allow easier farming early game. 

Early Game:

Play defensively early game, and last hit just enough to get the gold needed for KLP. Avoid damage and use your abilities sparringly, you're going to be low on mana early game. If you're good and use the Howling Gales wisely, you can actually solo middle lane against most characters effectively. You can also do this partnered with nearly any other hero, but if you're bottom or top avoid going too near the brush as you're extremely supsceptible to being ganked by burst damage.

With Boots of Mobility and Zephyr, you probably notice the best thing about Janna - her low mana pool is almost negated by the sheer speed you can get. She can bluepill back to the base and out again faster than most tanks can move.

Now the fun begins. You are no longer limited to a single lane. Janna should keep an eye on the map and push any lanes that start to look weak. Remember to keep moving. Continue to harass enemies with Howling Gale. Using Howling Gale, you should be able to save up enough for your next important purchase:

5) Faerie Charm
6) Sapphire Crystal
7) Tear of the Goddess

That mana problem you were dealing with somewhat effectively before by relying on frequent trips now becomes a lot less important.

Your next purchase depends on the team you're fighting against. If they're heavily magic based, and especially if they have Damage over Time (Teemo and/or Twitch) in particular, you want Spirit Visage. Janna can rely on her speed for most conflicts, but will die really quickly to a blind shot without spirit visage.

If the enemy team relies mostly on physical attacks or skillshots, you can skip this defensive step and get Catalyst the Protector.

By now, it's mid-game, and your strategy is to keep going from lane to lane, pushing back enemies. If you see allies in trouble, rush to their aid and use Monsoon or Eye of the Storm. If you see enemies fleeing, rush to them and pop them with Zephyr. With BoM and Zephyr maxed out, you can actually outrun, flank, and harry most enemies without even running in a straight line. If you're up against Teemo and his accursed mushrooms, you'll have to play more conservatively and stick to the lanes instead of taking shortcuts through the forest. Shutdown five-man pushes with monsoon, if possible. If your team is there, you'll heal them. By yourself, you'll break up the formation long enough for your team to get there. Place Eye of the Storm on turrets or friendly melee DPS or tanks, especially while attacking towers.

The next purchase is up to you. If your team is doing well, offensively, buy two Blasting Rods to build Rod of Ages and Archangel's staff to really give your Zephyr and Howling Gale some oomf. If your team is on the defensive, get Stinger to reduce your cooldowns. Either way, get both.


By now, it's probably late game. Keep up your strategy of constantly switching lanes. Pick out trouble spots and get there before anyone else or to save allies and keep up the pace.

With Kage's Lucky Pick and some Tornadoes, you should now have the cash to complete your build:

Boots of Mobility, Rod of Ages, Archangel's Staff, Nashor's Tooth, Zhonya's Ring, Spirit Visage

You should have pretty much no mana or cooldown problems by now, and your team is all grouped together, giving you ample opportunities to use Monsoon to heal, and Howling Gale and Zephyr to harry fleeing or attacking enemies. If the enemy team is bunched up enough, you can actually push another lane enough to destroy one or two towers by yourself and get away before they can respond.

I've consistently won games with high kill and assist kill scores with this build, with my record being 11-0-17 and two towers.

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