Ashe - Frost Archer

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As a direct descendant of Avarosa, one of the three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in icy tundra known as Freljord, Ashe mirrors her ancestor’s unparalleled mastery with the bow.

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Ashe has come to the Institute of War in service to the Institute’s summoners, seeking enough influence and favor to finally bring peace to her realm – a realm that has endured civil strife since the Time of the Three Sisters. With enough victories under her belt, she hopes to have the means to finally claim the throne that had long eluded Avarosa.

Ashe is one of but a few hearty souls from Freljord who can claim the title of Frost Archer. Along with mastery of the bow, Ashe is renowned for her resourcefulness even in the most dire of environments. She has mastered the ability to channel the frigid climate of the tundra into her arrows, slowing her foes with but a single flick of her wrist. She can even deliver a vicious shot from hundreds of yards away that freezes even the strongest of foes in their tracks. As tenacious as she is beautiful, she has earned the respect of ally and foe alike in the Fields of Justice.

X Health 359 (+79 / per level)
X Mana 173 (+27 / per level)
X Move Speed 300
X Armor 9.3 (+3.4 / per level)
X Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
X Critical Strike 3.45 (+0.55 / per level)
X Health Regen 0.9 (+0.11 / per level)
X Mana Regen 0.76 (+0.04 / per level)


Icon Ability Description
Frost Shot (Active) While active, each of Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed. This drains mana with each attack.
Toggle: Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed by 10/17/24/31/38% for 2 seconds.
8 Mana per Attack
Volley (Active) Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone for increased damage. Volley also applies Ashe's current level of Frost Shot.
Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone dealing attack damage +40/50/60/70/80. Volley also applies Frost Shot.
20/16/12/8/4 seconds
60/60/60/60/60 Mana
Archers Mark (Passive) Each time Ashe kills a unit, she gains some extra gold.
Ashe gains 1/2/3/4/5 extra gold whenever she kills any unit.
20 seconds
Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Active) Ashe fires a missile of ice in a straight line. If the arrow collides with an enemy Champion, it deals damage and stuns the Champion for up to 3.5 seconds, based on how far the arrow has traveled. In addition, surrounding enemy units take damage and are slowed.
Fires a large arrow in a straight line. If it hits an enemy champion, it will stun that champion for up to 3.5 seconds, based on the distance the arrow traveled, and deal 250/425/600 (+1) magic damage. Additionally, surrounding units take half the damage and are slowed.
75/75/75 seconds
150/150/150 Mana
Focus (Passive) While out of combat, Ashe's critical strike chance increases by 3/6/9/12/15/18% every 3 seconds, removed after next attack.

667days since
Season One launched

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