Olaf the Technoviking

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One hour after update i throw my 3k IP into the Volcano to buy him. I must say that he is the most awesome Champion in this game. His attack speed turns enemy into salad in no time. This is my build (second time playing - 15/5/XX stats). I'm sorry for my bad english ^^


Berserker Rage (Innate) - Great Passive. Less HP = More attack speed. Combo with Kayle and Sivir Ulti = SPEED MADNESS!!

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Undertow - Great harraser. Axe will hurt everyone on throw line, low cooldown (9 second - 6 if you pick axe after throwing), low mana cost = total piss off.

Vicious Strikes - Good for turret pushing and when you have to drop enemy hp to low levels. It boost you DMG for 36 + 1.6% of max hp for 6 seconds. It hurts a lot.

Reckless Swing - Your main killing skill. Strike for 340 TRUE DMG and damage himself for 136. I start battle with this skill and end it. Why? Because it really often scare enemy. They will start to run instead of fight with you if they are 1v1.

Ragnarok - Great ulti. 65 flat DMG absorption, 35 armor penetration and IMMUNE TO DISABLES for 8 seconds. Enemy will curse on you for this thing, because you cannot be slowed, blinded, poisoned and other crap and you're harder to kill. Free cleave.

Summoner masteries - Hmmm... i don't have lvl 30 to write something pro. I just upgraded haste and exhaust for me and pick some skills for DMG and attack rate.

Summoner spells - Haste and exhaust. They run slower, we run faster - that's all.

Runes - I don't have any and i pwn with him, so you can take whatever you want.


1. Malady - Attack speed, Lifesteal and little DMG boost
2. Berserker Greaves - Attack speed. If you want, you can take ninja tabi (dodge against auto-attacks) or other things
3. Frozen Mallet - Slow, HP, DMG - MUST HAVE!!
4. Phantom Dancer - Attack Speed, dodge, movement speed, critical
5. Madred Bloodrazor - DMG, Attack Speed - good against tanks
6. Infinity Edge - DMG, Critical

You get a lot of attack speed and some nice DMG. NO AP!!

Ability Guide

1. Undertow
2. Reckless Swing
3. Undertow
4. Reckless Swing
5. Vicious Strikes
6. Ragnarok
7. Reckless Swing
8. Reckless Swing
9. Undertow
10. Reckless Swing
11. Ragnarok
12. Undertow
13. Undertow
14. Vicious Strikes
15. Vicious Strikes
16. Ragnarok
17. Vicious Strikes
18. Vicious Strikes


Vicious Strikes gives good boost, but i better want to harras my enemy with Undertow and finish him with Reckless Swing. With this skills you can go mid lane and stand there for long time harassing other champ.

How to play

Early game - the most fun is on the mid - one champ, quick exp. Try to use undertow to harras their champ and hit as many minions, as possible. When their HP is low, use magic trick - hit with undertow, Ghost, Exhaust them, Reckless swing and finish with normal attack or pick the axe and throw again.

Mid and late game - get exp on minions/jungle (easy spam on ancient golem/lizard elder when you stand near and use Undertow - Olaf will autopick the axe and you will have 2s cooldown) and search for some easy (squishy and low hp) targets. Don't afraid and perform few tower dives. Ulti will absorb some DMG from turret, and you can easily run, because of no slows. When ganged, ulti + ghost and run the f**k away. Before jumping into the battle try to hit target with Undertow - slowed enemy is easier enemy. Reckless Swing on the lowest HP target and finish him quick. At this rate, you can even jump 1v3.

With this build and game style some people said, that I'm the "first good Olaf they saw".

Have fun and remember - Technoviking don't dance to the music. Music play to the Technoviking.

- Guide written by Ramroyd Deloro

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