The Most Aggressive Teemo at His Best - by Oddiz

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You all know Teemo--the short, cute, fuzzy little guy with a wicked penchant for toxins.

This is an AP guide for Teemo, which I have found to be not only the most fun, but the most effective.
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What Teemo is NOT
-A carry
-A huge dps fighter
-A pusher
-A farmer

What Teemo actually IS
-An anti-dps champion
-A superb ganker
-A carry crippler
-A support hero

I don't feel like giving a breakdown of all his skills and reviewing them one by one. You can look at another guide, or go play a game to find out. You should have a clue what's going on.

What is your goal as Teemo?

Teemo should be killing as many champions as possible, as soon as possible. He does not waste time in lane longer than he has to, nor does he spend inordinate amounts of time (until late game) laying shroom networks. You want to gank lots, and play AGGRESSIVELY! Late game you are not going to have the dps advantage, nor will you have the initiation-burst-disable damage advantage. So the goal is to kill them so many times early and mid game that your team's carries and casters are way better than the opposing ones.


You should have 6% of cooldown reduction from your runes. Exactly 6%, and I'll explain on why as we go along. The rest should ALL be mana regen. All of them. This allows constant spamming of all dart in lane and shrooms at all time, without having to waste money on mana items. We want AP, remember?

Mastery and Summoner Spells
FIll out the standard 9-0-21 spec, with points in Exhaust and Flash upgrades. These are the 2 summoner spells you want, so you can chase and chase and chase some more. Shrooms cover your retreat most of the time, and flash can be used to bait people.

Edit: If you don't know

It means 9 points in Offense, 0 points in Defense, 21 points in Utility.



1 rank of the better cripple
3 ranks of the increased AP per level
4 ranks of reduced cooldown
1 rank of magic penetration


3 ranks of increased hp/mp regen
1 rank of any other parallel ability, I usually go teleport
4 ranks of increased exp or increased mana (I prefer exp)
3 ranks of increased mana regen
2 ranks of increased neutral buff
1 rank of increased gold
3 ranks of increased speed
1 rank of better flash
3 ranks of reduced cooldowns
1 rank of the reduced summoner cooldowns

With this spec, you should have a total of 6% reduced cooldowns from utility, and 3% reduced from offense. With your runes, that puts your standard cooldowns at -15%

The other note is that in utility, make sure you get both points in the increased duration of neutral buffs (some people do not). This is very necessary, as level 9 and up you always want to have the golem buff on (shouldn't be hard with shrooms) for maximum spammage. The golem gives 25% reduced cooldowns, putting your total at the maximum of 40%, the most you can have on anyone.

If you are not as suicidally aggressive as me, you can exchange exhaust for teleport. Remember, you can teleport to your shrooms. This will allow you to spend less time walking back to lane early game (get your killer items sooner), as well as open up great ganking opportunities. You have to be more aware of the minimap, however. You can't just keep your eyes glued to your own lane. Keep a shroom at either golem location (put them off to the side in the brush, so you can see the golem, but not in the way, so that if an enemy fights the golem you will see it, but it won't pop, so you can tele in and kill them and golem). You can see the golems as they respawn and tele to your shroom to keep the buff on almost all the time. 


[note: my #) denotation is what item slot it should be filling when you buy it]

Teemo DOES NOT SIT IN LANE AND FARM. Yet you still want moneys for your super pew-pew items. And you want to max your pew-pew early on too. Best solution?

Show up to lane with 
1) Amplifying Tome
2) Health Potion

As soon as you can, upgrade to
1) Kage's Lucky Pick

And buy another
2) Kage's Lucky Pick

If you showed up to lane with the tome, you should wait until you have 1100 gold, then tele back and finish both picks at once, usually by 5-7 min.

3) boots (upgrade to Sorceror Shoes)
4) soulstealer
5) Lich Bane
6) zhonyas ring, the skull ring that gives +100 Ap and +25% AP
1)sell your pick and buy rylai's staff

Late game you should be packing about 500+ AP. This is not braggin, nor is it unreasonable. It is the standard for games I play as Teemo.

With lich bane and say, 400 ap mid to late game, you can pull off some serious damage. Blinding dart does 300+400, then your attack does 100+400, then your toxic shot does at least 50 dps so thats 250 damage. If they hit a shroom, that is another 1000 damage. All together, you can pull off 2500 damage quickly and have only gotten close to them for less than a second.

1-Blinding Dart (this is a must)
2-Toxic Shot
3-Blinding Dart

4 and beyond - it really doesn't matter, use your judgment. The only important thing is to max blinding dart first and get shrooms when you can. Usually never get toxic shot above rank 2 until late game. Your +AP bonus will outweigh leveling it up. You want to move faster anyways.


Pick a side lane, and ask for someone with a disable to come with you, who will be aggressive too. Hide in the brush all the way up. SPAM YOUR DART. If you maxed out your mana regen runes, it should literally be impossible to run out of mana. Last hit creeps whenever, but just KEEP SPAMMING DART. Hit the champ with a toxic shot every 5 seconds to keep it on them. Very few champs can stand this constant spem, even with hp regen. Keep them away from creeps, and don't worry about creep kills yourself. If you and your lane mate are any good, you should have a kill by level 3. Try to bait them into wasting a summoner spell, then use flash and exhaust, and end their life.

Hit level 6. See if ganks are needed. If not, start shrooming your lane like nobody's business. Again, if you maxed mana regen runes, you don't need any items to constantly spam your ult every time it is ready. It is easier than you think to bait people into them, and they HURT. Place them along retreat corridors. You should have your picks and soulstealer, so go get some kills. It is ok to go for a gank and wait for a while until the right opportunity arises. 

Gank season is prime before too many primary towers have fallen. People think they are safe there. You can lay shrooms behind them to cut off retreat, as allies push in for the kill. The key from now on is teamwork. Quit laning, unless you need to stop a push, in which case lay a shroom right in the middle of them and watch them melt. Keep shrooming 

By the time you hit level 11, you are pretty much late game. That is, your goal is shroom spammage along the pushing lanes. Let your team make some small pushes, you stay behind and keep shrooming. As they fall back, the enemy team should give chase into shrooms, allowing some easy kills and a possible devastating push.

Dying should not happen more than 5 times. You aren't in combat. Kills should be high, but assists should be higher. Only worry about the first 7 kills after soulstealer (you want that AP soon), after that, you better not be last shotting any champ. 

Remember that you are not a fighter. The strategy from level 1 is always to harass and bait. ALWAYS KEEP MOVE QUICK ON. It costs no mana to keep on, and it makes a huge difference in your movespeed for chasing champions. If you need to run away, wait til a strategic moment to turn it back on, like after you flash, or after they hit a shroom. However, don't be afraid of dps champions. Blinding dart essentially makes you immune for 4.5 seconds. Did jax just leap on your face? DON'T RUN! Blinding dart him, then lay a shroom on him. He will run, or he will die.

Have fun winning games for your team with the tremendous advantage you provide all game. If you need me to post screens of the consistent domination that is Teemo, let me know.

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