Shen tank build

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Yo, im here for a shen build for you. With this build and a bit skills you should be an amazing tanker.


Ki strike
 Every 8 seconds, Shen's next attack deals bonus damage.
Every time a champion attacks you, Ki strike gets activated 2 seconds faster.
This is really usefull in combination with vorpal blade to minions for health regen, or melee harassing an enemy

Vorpal blade
 Damages target unit and life taps him, healing allies that attack the target. 

Spell Summary
Deals 50-230 (+0.65 per ability power) magic damage to target unit. That unit becomes life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it for 10-50 (+0.067 per ability power) health over 3 seconds.

You can use this aswell as farming, as support and harassing skill.

Spell Summary
Shen enters a defensive stance, shielding the next 50-250 (+0.6 per ability power) damage. Lasts up to 2.5 seconds.
Shen takes reduced damage for a few seconds. 

Feint can be used either way as a gank abillity or escape abillity. Using feint while taunting multiple enemies can be usefull. Using feint while running away from your chaser on low HP can save your life.

Shadow dash.
Shen dashes rapidly toward a target location, taunting enemy champions he encounters. 

Spell Summary
Shen rapidly dashes to a target location, taunting enemies he collides with for 0.8-2 second(s).
Shen restores 50 Energy if Shadow Dash collides with a champion.

Again, this can be used as an perfect escape, due to the range of shadow dash. You can dash through small walls.
Also, this is very usefull when your chasing an enemy. Shadow dash makes him attack you, so he stays within your range for 2 seconds longer.

Stand United
Shen shields himself and a target ally from incoming damage, and soon after teleports to their location. 

Spell Summary
Places a shield on target allied champion, absorbing 300-750 (+1 per ability power) damage for 7.5 seconds. After channeling for 2.5 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location.

A perfect ultimate for tanker. this will grant your ally an advantage of survival, and will make you able to harras the enemy champion when he is low hp aswell. Note: do not use this skill at an ally champion which is ganked by 4 or 5 enemy's. To do that will give you an certain death, and your team can better afford 1 death instead of 2.

Shen tank build

At first, you should get a
Ruby Crystal. This gives you an amazing advantage in HP, but it DOES gives a disadvantage in speed.

Therefore, i recommend you get
shadow dash as soon as you reach lvl 2.

I think the most important thing is to get a
warmog armor as soon as possible.

Best thing to do is to combine it with
Mercury threads. Depending on the amount of your gold, you can devide it (Ruby crystal, Giantbelt, Shoes, Warmog armor, Mercurythread.)
If your playing against 3 or more fighters/assassins(Xin zhao, Warwick, Etc.) i prefer to get  
Ninja Tabi due to the armor and dodging.

The third item to get depends on the way of your advantage in game. If ur making kills or assists and low death ratio, you should get a
Levathian armor.

This stack is enormously usefull when 10+.

If you dont get that much of kills you should already get
frozen mallet.
4th item you should get an Frozen mallet. Around this time i guess you'll be between lvl 14 and 18.

Frozen mallet gives your team an nice advantage when you use Shadowdash to taunt, so you have an immediat strike on enemy, preferebaly with Ki strike ready.

As for fith and sixth item, i usually own really hard or suck really bad with this build, and dont always have the time/money to build fully.

If you do have the time/gold, you should be overwaging to get
2 rylai's staffs. This will provide you aswell HP as AP, which increases your Stand united shield, Vorpal blade, and feint.

Masteries/Runes/Spells/Skill learn.

This is the way i like the skills to learn. Remember to always learn your ulti when available.

 Vorpal Blade  Feint  Shadow  Dash  Stand   United

    x             1
        x         2
    x             3
      x           4
    x             5
          x       6
        x         7
    x             8
        x         9
      x          10
          x      11
    x            12
        x        13
      x          14
        x        15
          x      16
      x          17
      x             18

Runes is very simple, but expensive. You should get:

9x Greater glyph of fortitude (Costs 410 IP, grants 2.67 health)
9x Greater Seal of Fortitude (Costs 820 IP, grants 5,35 health)
9x Greater Mark of Fortitude (Costs 410 IP, grants  3.47 health)
3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (Costs 2025 IP, Grants 32.4 health)

Simple mathematic measure:

18 x 410 + 9 x 820 + 3 x 2025 = 7380 + 7380 + 6075 = 20835 IP

Grants: 9 x 2.67 + 9 x 5.35 + 9x 3.47 + 3 x 32.4 = 224.64 Health AT START

For main spells i prefer Heal/Ghost. Heal will help you survive in the beginning of the game, while ghost gives you an advantage of escape in early game.
My masteries will be set with 9/21/0.

Archaic knowledge is actually really usefull to shen, as you build some AP with vorpal blade.

For champion skills i prefer to do Vorpal-Shadowdash-Feint-Vorpal-Vorpal-Stand united and further gank shadowdash to 5.

But remember to get Stand united as high as possible when availible, because it can grant your teammates life, and yourself kills.


In the beginning you should be very alert. Your weak for ranged at start, so you should gank with your lane partner asap.

If you aren't able to kill any champ at the start, try to get as much minions as possible.

Further in game, i think about 10-15 min in, you should have a decent hp to tank first turret when it is below 1000hp.

You should coorperate with your team to get as much enemy turrets when possible.

Notifications with Shen.

-If you are laning against 2 ranged and your mate is ranged aswell, you won't get a lot of minion kills. Shen can be a jungeler, although you should watch out as Shen isn't that strong.

-Mana buff is very underestimated for Shen. It DOES gives an amazing advandage for Energy restoring, so in case of missing shadow dash to an enemy champion you can still use your Vorpal Blade due to the energy regeneration.

-When you have your Warmogs armor you should gank as much minions as possible. these give you a 0.5 health regen per 5 sec and 4 HP permanently. This bonus can cap to an Astonishing 430 health. and 50 health regen per 5 sec. As best of all, bonus will NOT be lost upon death.

-Shens ultimate isnt only usefull to save your teammate's lives, it can also be used to chase another person your mate was busy with, but is escaping. In that case, an order if skills will be needed depending on your enemy's running speed. If it is just slightly more than you both have you should do: Stand united ==> Shadow dash to cope with him. If he does run a lot faster you should do Stand United ==> Ghost ==> Shadowdash. Notify now, that chases dont always work depending on enemy champion. Miss fortune has a really OP running speed. Ezreal has an nice escape. Tryndamere and Garen can do their skills to run. Rammus is no option. Same as for tristana. Gragas is optional. If you are chasing Gragas, mind his ultimate. If he just used it he wont be faster. If he uses it on your chase you have wasted your Ultimate/Ghost.

-Shen's easiest enemy's verify, but i have done my best to give you a small list from some own experience.

-Easy: Veiger(if he cages you, use shadow dash to escape, stun will not affect) Sivir(Her ultimate also increases runningspeed, so make sure she doenst have it ready) Fiddlesticks(as for his life drain& ulti: Use shadow dash to taunt and interrupting his spell. Watch out for his silence) Soraka (her heal sucks so dont worrie)

-Intermediate: Ashe(Volley and Ultimate can make your prey into your predator, and can change an kill into a death.) Garen(he can escape with that overpowerd rotation skill. Make sure you gank him when you are on full HP. As lower as his HP drops, the more stronger his ultimate becomes.
Gangplank (Ulti, again, and he can crit you easely with that gunshot) Singed (watchout for the trade places skill. He can push you into a turret or even worse, more enemy champions. his slow will not affect when dash) Ezreal (blink is an perfect escape and counter attack. never gank ezreal with less than 40% hp UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE OF YOUR KILL!) Annie (Same story as ashe, watchout for stun, and the stupid bear ultimate. It turnes the tables around in a negative way.) Nidalee (Her tigerform is an ultimate escape way, while here spear is devastating when she gets an bit AP) Teemo (Mushrooms are really ignorant, and he can blind you. If he blinds you, you can always use vorpal blade.)

-Hard/Impossible. Karthus. (Dont even try. Simpley puts on wall of pain, toggle defile, and you are dead. even if you kill him, he has 8 seconds to kill you. karthus is no chasing option if you do it solo.) Kogmaw (Possible, but hard. He has slowing skill next to his ulti which has an redicilous cooldown. not even metioning his passive ''suicide'' skill.) Rammus (hard. really hard. he will outrun you anyway.) Sona (She heals, increases her movement speed, and may that not work, she makes you dance for 2 seconds. Almost impossible.) Taric (Quick heal, and easy stun. this one is just impossible if you do it solo) Sion (His exploding shield is immense strong, so you should watch out for that before ganking.) Mundo (Impossible solo. Slow, Damage per second, and a really overpowerd Ultimate) Swain(Able, but hard. The crow just pisses me off usually) Ryze/Morgana(Almost the same these too, they just snare and run, or snare and make you their prey instead of predator.) Xin Zhao/Warwick (Xin zhao is able, just watch out, because this champion is quite OP and you shouldn't chase him when he has more than 20% HP and you require to have atleast 80%. Warwick uses supression, Lifesteal skill, and escapes.) Poppy.(Body checks, and runs away. almost impossible.) Pantheon (Stuns, runs. Stuns, Runs, etc.) Anivia. (Viva la Ultimata! besides. if you kill her, it needs to be out of range from any turrets, as 9 out of 10 times her eggtimer is ready x.x)

Pro's & Cons.


-When your start works out as the build says, you will be able to gank 3 enemy's at once with shadow dash and let your mate's kill them.

-An combination between ghost/feint/shadow dash is an almost 100% escape, expect when you are chased by 5 champions.

-Using vorpal blade followed by some melee strikes to minions is very usefully at start. Because of the life tap you dont have to return quick when being ganked.


-Shen is a slow walking champion. At start he is easy to gank when you got slow, or stun.

-When Shen uses his ultimate on an enemy, you should gank shen because he doesn't get the help from his shield.

-Watchout when you are harrassing turrets at start. Shen can taunt you which makes the turret automaticly hit you, which you are very vulnerable for at start.

Hope you like it
Special thanks for Ömerta for helping on Pro's & Cons and the editing of a few items, and to TyphOon for some designs.

- Build by Tasticus

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