Look Ma, I can do SCIENCE! by CrimsonRipper

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I. Introduction to Science
II. Rune Theory
III. Laws of Mastery
IV. Item Engineering
V. Practicing Abilities
VI. The Scientific Methood... of MURDERING
VII. Friends of Science!


Welcome one and all to this year's Science Fair... oh wait. That's not until later? Well then I guess I will just talk about the wonders of Science. Have you ever wondered what is so wonderful about science. How about the fact that your enemies will just line up to die for you? Not good enough? Well how about the ability to establish a level of lane control as though you could legitimately proclaim "I'm the ALPHA MALE" in your lane? Still not good enough for you? Well... then science is not for you lowly troglodyte, go back to your silly little pirates and cliched magicians. This is for scientists, like our pride and glory Dr. Heimerdinger, who shall promptly prescribe you a daily prescription of pain and death.

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Welcome to Rune theory 101. Runes are a substantial boost to a champion's overall performance during these rigorous trials. As the good doctor demonstrates the following runes are optimal:

Optimal Runes:

Red: Spell Penetration, Ability Power
Yellow: Armor, Magic Resistance, Mana
Blue: Mp5
Quintessence: Ability Power/Spell Penetration

Suboptimal Runes:

Red: anything else that does not have to do with Science, such as ones that would either not suit the Red category or any red rune that just helps you bash things in with a rock better.
Yellow: Anything that does not support your overall protection.
Blue: Cooldowns are a common choice in Blue rune, however, Dr Heimerdinger's expertise in Science already nets him shorter cooldowns that can be reduced through items more efficiently. Anything else.
Quintessence: Nearly anything else.


There are two, well defined paths in Mastery of the Sciences, you may either support yourself with easy recoveries and utility purposes. Or you might opt for the more destructive path of mad sciences.

Either a 21/0/9 Build
OR a 9/0/21 Build 

This is just to start you out. I shall return with more in-depth lectures on Dr. Heimerdinger's masteries over Science.


First and Foremost: The items you will generally be getting will be grouped into 3 Categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Experimental. Offensive is what you shall desire to generate killing blows upon foolish enemies. Defensive items will ensure your safety as well as the safety of your creations, and Experimental items are just that: ones that have yet to be tested, and are only discussed in theory.

Second: A list of items you shall avoid at all costs:


My reasoning behind Doran's anything is because they don't focus much on one thing, its just general stuff. I've never felt very successful with getting a doran's anything. I've had better experience with other items.

Third: A general list of item combinations that you should try starting out with:

1. Boots+ consumables
2. Meeki Pendant

Lastly: The list of items for mid and late game procedures (In no particular order):


Rylais Crystal Scepter: This provides the magical damage needed for defeating dirty apes, and provides yourself with a hearty health bonus.
Rod of Ages: Also another item worthy of your arsenal: more health and mana will make you less so squishy.
Archangel's Staff: Mana Regeneration helps, and the Ability Power is a nice boost.
Fiendish Codex/Nashor's Tooth: These two help Dr. Heimerdinger's cooldowns quite well enough, just one is enough. I highly suggest it.
Kage's Lucky Pick: There will be times where you must generate resources quickly without delay. However if things are going smoothly in your favor you might not have to rely on it as much.
Abbysal Scepter: This is an item that will assist you in breaking down pesky magical defenses enemy champions will employ against you.
Void Staff: See Abbysal Scepter, though you may opt for the scepter in the end, this does provide you with a mana boost.
Zhonya's Ring: This ring is the pinnacle of magic users everywhere. It will greatly enhance your powers, if you have this item, then likely the round is over.

Mercury's Treads: Dr. Heimerdinger Highly reccomends a pair of these boots, for any enemy foolish enough to waste all such spells on you will have... wasted them.
Banshee's Veil: Another layer of protection against others who would have you dead, but not as necessary.
Philosipher's Stone: This is an option to the Lucky Pick if you're considering gold generation.
Chalice of Harmony: Another highly recomended choice from Dr Heimerdinger. He has a tendency to use his science at maximum output, so you should make good to get this.

Guardian Angel: This unique armor provides yourself with a beautiful second chance. However does it mean that for your turrets?
Spirit Visage: Another defensive item, it provides ability cooldowns, but do you need more of it after Nashor's?
Force of Nature: Sure it helps with your movement speed, and provides magic resistance that your creations may benefit from, but is it really necessary?
Thorn Mail: This is an item that I would find to be situational to those of us scientists who get beat up a lot.
Doran's Shield/Ring: These two are recommended to me by other players, I'm not fully convinced but I shall try. In the meantime here they go on the experimental list.

Finally: An overall build I shoot for:

1. Boots/Meeki Pendant
2. Book-> Kage's Lucky Pick/Chalice (really would prefer the chalice)
3. Mercury Treads/Chalice (if you don't have it yet)
4. Offensive Item (prefered to start small: fiendish codex)
5. Offensive Item (Something with more punch, a rylais? Rod of Ages? Zhonyas?)
6. Any suggested

If you find room after all of this, look at your situation and adapt to it. Unfortunately if you're facing tanks then I cannot suggest Deathfire Grasp to you, I could never find the blasted thing.


Alright, this is how things get more complex than they already are. 

Summoner Abilities:

The rundown goes as this:

Heal > All Else

You need to have a little something to survive in this strange world full of dirty apes, and not to mention you have your creations to think of!


Now, you might be thinking. But Heimerdinger? Why would I want Promote? I'm not pushing? We'll get to that later, because you should be pushing. You are not a turtle, Rammus is a turtle, but more on him later. If you built up Offensive Masteries you might want to look into Demolisher: a mastery that increases damage done to towers when promote is off cooldown, if it doesn't suit you, then promptly select Teleport.

Now, onto your actual Champion Abilities!

1. Turret
2. Grenade
3. Turret
4. Grenade
5. Turret
7. Grenade
8. Rocket
8. Grenade
9. Rocket
10. Grenade
12. Rocket
13. Turret
14. Rocket
15. Turret
17. Rocket
18. Rocket

Something like that: The reason behind this is simply put: your turrets are not who you are. You do not need to have 6 of them in the beginning right off the bat. You can work with 4 easily, especially if they're supercharged, fully upgraded turrets that will shear opponents for hundreds of damage a second each!

Why do you switch focus? Because eventually your opponents may end up set on killing your turrets with extreme prejudice, and having the grenades and rockets handy to shoo them away or keep them pressured is ideal.

Building your grenade offensive first is important, because it can actually damage towers yes, those towers cluttering the lanes like that, blown to bits by your ever growing grenades!

More on the application of your abilities now.


The overall strategy is this: in the beginning, even before the minions have spawned, you must pick a lane: top or bottom. Avoid mid because it is quite wide and there are more areas of attack to cover. Here is where you will start the process of murdering.

First you must build a nest, before the minions have spawned. Granted it will be small, but you can make do with 2 right at the start. It is nice to have a partner for the record, but you can make do with a little solo work if you're up for the challenge!

Second, establish dominance. Your turrets are here to stay, you will wrench anyone who wants to kill them. You will throw grenades, you will shoot rockets, but most importantly. Right before your precious turret dies, UPGRADE! Upgrading a turret will not only make it much stronger, it will also restore its health to full. This makes the monkeys cry. This is also why you grabbed Heal like a good scientist.

Thirdly, expand your dominance. Do not build your turrets all in one tiny cluster, that will make them exceedingly easy to kill. Think of their attack range as a deadly Area of Effect, and stack them all so they intertwine and overlap, whilst being slightly more apart. 

As for the brush, simple placements can be made in the brush, but they are predictable. If you place them in the middle of the lane and consistently near a "battle line": that is the spot where most of the minions meet to kill eachother, then you should gain a copisous ammount of gold.

In response to enemy raids on your nest. If you played things well, you should have plenty of gold and items to fend off many attackers. I can give you two instances on how well building Heimerdinger offensively has been successful:

1. Turrets v. Idiot Fiddlesticks (who admits he doesn't have a brain)

He attempted to be smarter, but failed. In attempt to destroy all of my lvl 3 turrets in one sweep, he used his ultimate and attempted to eradicate away. 3 seconds later after he started casting, he was exploded into burning straw bits.

2. Heimerdinger Nest v. 4 Champions 

This was a late game attempt to gank me when I was pushing Top down to Blue Base: I had about 4 turrets set up, at least one was LVL 3, 2 were level 2. I had witnessed 4 heroes travel up from the side and rushed me. You see: two of these folks were melee type characters, or needed to get closer to do their stuff. This is where the fun began. Since it was a veritable cluster****. One stray grenade stunned them all. Second: another turret. Then Rockets. After grenade was off cooldown, I did it again.

Ultimately, I died. But not after taking 2 champions with me. 4v1, and I killed half of their forces. Dr. Heimerdinger. Prescribes to you. Pain.

The overall use of abilities goes as such:

1. Your nest needs defense: Use your rockets later on, build the three abilities up rather evenly so you can do decent damage with all abilities, but largely start out by making your turrets viable, so you can about 3-4 mid game.

2. Grenades are able to stun as well as blind enemy champions. However, the stun has a catch: They either have to be A) Not moving, or B) SMACK... dab in the middle of it. So it is a double skillshot: one for the hit, and two for the stun. 

3. Grenades: again are able to be thrown anywhere. If melee want to mess with you, nade right on top of them, they'll be stunned.

4. Grenades once more, can do siege damage. In other words: they break towers quite nicely, though I think at reduced damage. It is better than your wrench hits though, so mix it up.

5. Rockets are for harrassing enemy champions/ getting them off of your turrets. If you can see one lone enemy champion, you can rocket them for a near 500+ damage late game. It has a short cooldown made even shorter through items. Hilarious for late game.

6. UPGRADE. Is different, you have to use it sparingly, but at the same time, never leave it off cooldown. Use it to save turrets unless its just one turret, or use it to build a lvl 2 turret up quickly.


1. Allistair: Our friendly neigborhood minotaur is simply your best friend. Your turrets benefit from his primal screams of healing you.

2. Rammus: Also someone else who can hold someone's attention, coupled with his own deadly abilities, you'll make quick work of many foes.

3. Blitzcrank: A scientist and his robot. A good helper for reeling in fleeing enemies. Or keeping dirty apes in place while you and your turrets annihilate them.

4. Taric: He's not as adept at healing as Allistair is, but his heals help you out quite well. Really he's anyone's friend.

5. Zilean: Yet another "anyone's" friend, his bombs and his uitility might not match up with your playstyle, but he can help all the same, such as saving your life.

6. Fiddlesticks/Shaco: Not as much as I'd think, but fears might be more useful than expected.

7. Viegar: His lovely stun is a great compliment to those fools leaving your nest. Try it sometime, but placement has to be effective for this to work as always.

8. Singed: Who doesn't this proud soul of a scientist help? Your enemies I suppose. But you could argue that he helps them: to their deaths! Throwing+Gooing up enemies at your turrets will be wondrous.

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