A Brief Introduction to AP Soraka - by Burninator

AP Soraka: Doin' it for the lulz

With the more-than-modest approaching buff to Soraka's damage and scaling, I thought I'd go over a few quick ways to rape more face with AP MoonChick. 

Masteries: 10/1/19 

Magic Pen and Ignite mastery in Offense, up to cd reduction in Utility, and a point of magic resistance (can be put anywhere, really).

Runes: AP/lvl in blues, Magic pen in reds (!!! yay for patchnotes!!!), HP/lvl in yellows. Quints are up to you (I use AP/lvl).

Summoner Spells:

Ignite/Teleport. This is just my personal favorite. Teleport lets you run around everywhere, farming/pushing/supporting/ganking. A must-have in my opinion. Ignite. . . is fun. The mastery gives +10 AP while it's on cd, which can be pretty big at lvl 1. You can easily hit 20-35 AP at level 1, giving you a decent punch in addition to your DoT. 

Item Build:

1. Doran's Ring for survivability and AP. The regen also helps keep your mana up (so you can use some of your infuses on allies or as nooks!). + HP pot (mostly for lvl 1-2, before you grab your heal).
2. Sorc Bewts
3. Catalyst (Gives you the HP you need and the occasional clutch regen)
4. Now, there are two builds to go to from here. There's the solid game build, and there's the batshit crazy build.
4a. Finish Rod
5a. Abyssal Scepter
6a. Soul Shroud (interchangeable with 5a)
7a. Survivability/cd reduction/ AP item here.

Batshit crazy build (the one I go :3)

4b. Soul stealer (yes, that's right, fuck survivability)
5b. Tear of the goddess
6b. Finish Rod
7b. Abyssal or another Rod
8b. Finish Archangel's
9b. Zhonya's Ring

Skill leveling:

1. Starcall
2. Infuse
3. Infuse or heal (depending on how badly you're getting whomped in lane)

From there on, max infuse first, then starcall, then heal.

How to win at AP Soraka:

1. Lane partner. Have one. Have a good one, preferably one that deals good magic damage and has a snare (ie Cho'Gath???). Cho'Gath also has an in-lane heal and is less likely to force you to blow heals on him. There are other good ones, but he's by far the best IMO. 

2. Be aggressive. Use ur ignite. Seriously, it'll either get you a kill or get you +10 AP. If it's off cooldown for more than 2 minutes at a time, then you're doing something wrong. Sure, it becomes less useful later in the game, but as soon as their initiator pops in, cast it on him! It can deal (iirc) up to 500 PURE damage. Not the most impressive feat for a spell on a 75 second cd, but people seem to love the 6 minute spell that moves you a few feet in a certain direction. 

3. Lane as long as possible. You're a great laner. Resist the urge to gank (especially since you lack a snare) and pummel your lane into submission. 

4. Don't forget that you are a support hero. Don't get carried away. AP Soraka is NOT a carry. She is a support hero that is great at dealing and amplifying damage as well as healing like a BOSS. 

5. You know the drill, mindgames, etc. GG

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