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Curtis Pyke

Hey All! I am one of the Lead Editors of the League of Legends :)  I am prone to destroying noobs on the battlefield, binge drinking, and running away from the police. Read more »

George Vanous

George is a 13-year entrepreneur and founder of TGN, the next global MMO gamer's network! He travels to China, New York, and anywhere else in the world there is a game convention.

Trey Yeoman

My league of legends name is "Nekir". I play DPS Champions more than any other champion. I main as Shaco with 1167 kills, 728 Deaths, and 971 Assists. Second runner-up would be Teemo, with 428 kills, 340 deaths, and 400 Assists. And third runner-up would be Eve, with 405 kills, 234 Deaths, and 332 Assists. I plan to write up Shaco, Teemo, and Pantheon Guides as well as keep item values and other minute things around the wiki correct as the game is patched. If you think I can help you or if you have wiki suggestions email me at '[email protected]'

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