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Key Rebinding - by Karnij

You can rebind everything, there just isn't a nice gui for it yet.

Find your League of Legends config defaults folder (probably c:\Riot Games\League of Legends\game\data\cfg\defaults) **DO NOT EDIT ANY OF THE FILES IN THIS FOLDER** If you edit any of these you might break something and have to reinstall.

Find Input.ini and copy it. Go back up 1 level so that you are in the CFG folder and paste it here.

Open it (using notepad or wordpad if it asks you to pick a program)

At the top you will see a bunch of 

;"[Esc]",                //DIK_ESCAPE          0x01                                          
;"[1]",                  //DIK_1               0x02
;"[2]",                  //DIK_2               0x03
;"[3]",                  //DIK_3               0x04
This is the list of input names which you might need to know such as [button 3] means middle mouse button, but for now ignore it all and scroll down until you see:

disableCapsLock = 0
disablNumLock = 0
disableLinkedModifers = 0

PointerSpeed = 2
RollerButtonSpeed = 1
This is the start of stuff you can change. The most common things to change are the spells and maybe items, so find 

evtCastSpell4 = [r]
evtCastSpell3 = [e]
evtCastSpell2 = [w]
evtCastSpell1 = [q]
evtCastAvatarSpell1 = [a]
evtCastAvatarSpell2 = [s]
The evtCastSpell are your champions spells and they are listed backwards (4 is the ultimate). To change the binding just put whatever you want in the brackets. You can put more than 1 key for each spell by using commas (evtCastAvatarSpell1 = [a], [s] would use both a and s for a spell).

The items are under evtUseItem7, which is the bluepill, followed by the inventory in reverse order.

The hold command for your character is listed as evtPlayerHoldPosition = [h].

The momentary way to center the camera on your champion is evtCameraSnap = [Space].

When you are done, save and restart LoL and enjoy =D.

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