SION - Knows How to Party!! - by Stalkeer

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Sion is your meatwall and the partys hotspot!
If your weak-minded and dont enjoy having low kills, dont even considering this build.

[ This is a guide made by Stalkeer's brother ]
Having him sending the beta-invitation to an broken inbox (wrong mail)
Forces me to steal (borrow?) his account and play!
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Sion's voice-acting is damn awesome.

-Get to da choppa!
-Whos your summoner and what does he do?

This ALONE is a reason enough to play him.

This build is starting out as a slow but high output.
To end up as a fast-phased durability fighter, everlasting.
(preferd Champ vs Champ)
Sad thing is your mana-bar, its your worst enemy, always use it wisely.
But running early-game on a low/empty mana-bar is not a stopsign.

This way you wont get the perfect killer, but one of the more steady teamplayers.
Aura giver/champ-tanking to draw attention, towerkiller, creep-holder.
Your a huge important key to the tactical game thats being played.

Play it slow, hold your lane, you wont be pushing too much.
But you certain wont fall back.

Your burst-capability is not good whatsoever, you cant handle big creep-waves in a instant.
But you shure do a difference for the team.

Summoner Skills


Since hes fat ugly and damn slow you want to have Flash.
Getting in to finnish a runner with the axe towards some faces is a good thing.
Also one of the best escape-skills, over a cliff, 
towards a tower or away from any bad AOE or creep-zerg.


This one shure helps alot on health AND boost damage.
Invite your friends, they get it aswell!
Try to place it behind you and your creeps.
Making it impossible to kick it down with a melee without risking alot.
A smart/alert ranged can sadly shoot it down, but if you place it good, they will get damaged.

Use this when you need HP or when your about to attack a enemy champ.
It makes you hit harder and be shit-harder to kill.
He must either out-dps you and your hp-regen, or kill the totem, giving him alot of lost damage on you.
Its a winwin situation if played nice against a melee.
In worst case he runs away thou..


Try reach utilitys mp/hp recovery of all kinds.
Same as Runes, you want to get every bit of hp/mp per 5 up.
Prefer mp5 over hp5 anytime thou, since you will be lacking this a bit.

Third prio is attackspeed/runspeed.

-->Perservence<-- (max this first)

Next up is Meditation (tier 3) as a goal on your list.

Awareness/Expanded mind.

I'd go with awareness, since it does the biggest difference, 5% exp is shure neat.
But when you can afford the points, push it in Expanded mind. (AFTER MEDITATION
Every mana is good mana.

Skills to use

A bit of reading, sorry for that.

First skill to get is Enrage.
Easy, you will get a huge difference in damage compared to your fellow champs, and enemies aswell.
Try learn to aim the hits, seeing your damage, will you be able to hit the creep twice and get the kill?
If not, wait and get the last kill, dont stand in there mashing them.
Run in, hit and back out.
If you can, always priory a hit on enemy champions over creepkills, since it will move their HP-bar noticeable.
Try forcing them to play super defensive with low hp.
(if they dont dare, they will run back healing, giving you alot of time alone)

Enrage also gives you more max-hp on last hits, you want to get as much as you can.
If you die, dont forget to re-activate the skill.

Now second point, into Death Caress right away. 
(Death Caress will now be referd to as shield)
- WAI...what? putting in shield? oh why? the other guides dont use it!
Well, you want a meatwall and a durability fighter.
The longer your at your lane killing creeps and harrashing Champs, the more exp you will get.
Also not to mention gold/max HP from enrage.

See it as a heal, on first rank its a 100 heal pretty much, and if its not used, it will burst out in damage.

THIS is your life-saver, try keep it up aslong as its a champion in sight.
Having a ranged on your ass they will do everything they can to get your hp down.
Moving in, hitting running back, throwing skills.
With this baby up, you dont even notice them hitting you, also it DAMAGE CREEPS!
Always always keep a notice on the sound or the buff-duration.
When your shield is about to end, try to stand as close as you can to enemies.

This one also saves you from the enrage-hp loss.

Third point, enrage! MOAR FACKING DAMAGE!
More damage, more max-hp per kill, BUT also doing more damage to _YOU_ per hit, keep that in mind.
Dont go juggernaught standing inside the mobs, doing this champs will attack you and also the mobs.

Point #4
Another shield, 50 more "healing", and more damage upon explode.
And you shure will learn to like the sound of the shield getting ready to burst.

Fifht point into your Cryptic Gaze
At this time you have probably noticed the new flashy spells the enemy champs are using on you.
Stun them and hit them twice, showing them whos the boss.
You will do alot of damage, preferd on weak casters to get max effect.
This will make them be more carefull.

Dont use Cryptic Gaze as a damage giver, NEVER EVER, only use it in case of run-aways.
OR to bash your enemy champ to force him to retreat to heal, or to kill him.

If your planing to kill the enemy champ, dont use this one until you see him running from you.
Or if you get beaten ugly too fast.

6! We love it! It's Cannibalism!
20 seconds of life-stealing, fast-hitting fun!

Perfect to use within a 1vs1 without tons of creeps interfearing.
Pop this early in the fight even if your at max hp.

Combine this with a rush into the enemy, if he runs, use Cryptic Gaze (stun) and Cannibalism
to smash that monkey, if he outruns you, go hunt those creeps in range.

Also good at using when you start to loose more hp then your gaining.
Just because its ready, dont waste your mana on it, save it for needed times.

What about the rest of the points?
Id say, always prio enrage, then shield, if you can. add another ultimate level.
Cryptic Gaze shure shorten the cooldown, but also raise mana-cost of it.
You want to have it as cheap as possible since its a stunner, not a damage-giver.
Only pick it IF you dont got anything else.

Items! Shiny! SHINY items!
-: Im still experimenting with items, changes might come :-

First item, no doubt 

:: Doran's Shield ::
+130 Health +9 Armor +10 Health Regeneration per 5

Extra hp, HP5, armor, greate one to last longer at the early times.


Second item takes a bit of saving, but if you can handle Sion good, it wont be a problem.
Id say you could wait until you can afford the items directly, but if you really need to go back to base.
Wich is the worst thing you can do, grab the Vampiric scepter.

::Emblem of Valour::
+17% Lifesteal
UNIQUE Aura: Nearby allied Champions gain 10 Health Regen per 5 sec.
Reagents: Vampiric Scepter, Rejuvenation Bead

Friendly champs gets HP from this, neat!
YOU get some life-stealing, making you even slower to get down.
And also nullify the hp-budge from enrage totaly.


::Berserker's Greaves::
+25% Attack Speed
UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2

Running faster, hitting faster, all you need in one... two boots! (One pair.. but yah its 2 boots!)

Next up!

::Stark's Fervor::
+20% Attack Speed
UNIQUE Aura: Gives nearby allied Champions 20% Lifesteal, 25% Attack Speed, and 30 Health per 5 seconds regenerated. Reduces nearby enemies' Armor by 25.
Reagents: Emblem of Valour, Recurve Bow

So, now your starting to be a party-boy!
They want you in the front, taking hits, but on the same time they want to hug you.
Now your hitting fast, hard and leeching hp, also you have a good natural recovery.
Combinding this with a shield and Cannibalism your shure hated.
Your a time-buyer, also a damage-giver that shouldnt be taken lightly.
Well you cant burst too good, but you shure do damage anyway.

:: Zeal ::
+20% Attack Speed +10% Critical Strike +8% Movement Speed
Reagents: Brawler's Gloves, Dagger

You just need that extra tiny movementspeed, also comes with some crit and attackspeed!


::Recurve Bow::
+40% Attack Speed

Oh baby, now you hit hard AND fast.
Starting to get some damage here, and also you need this for the next recipy.
But buy this as soon as you can, combined with cannibalism your a evil meatface now.


::Last Whisper::

+20 Attack Damage +40% Attack Speed 
UNIQUE Passive: Attacks penetrate 40% of the defender's armor.


Rest of the items should prio Recurve bow or magic resistance, since those mages.
They are your true enemy.
If you can afford it upgrade it to Last whisper.
If your confident, grab an attackspeed potion!

(If your hunting people alot, grab the slowing mallet)

.Last words.

Doing this your a durability fighter to the max.
You wont getting alot of kills, probably not too many assists aswell.
You might die right before every enemy does. (seeing your friends finnishing of all the enemy champs)
You would probably be outrunned evertime you can rofl-stomp people.

The most times I played so far im getting the last hit stolen almost everytime, when I found someone
trying to be heroic and "1 vs 1" me.
It aint about the kills, maybe I end up with low kills, low assists, and hopefully low deaths.
I do know I did alot tactical wise instead.

BUT HEY, this way your the partys favorite!

(if they aint a bunch of fruitcakes taking dibs on whos soloing the most, 
getting the most kills and not giving a fack about teamwork/pushing)

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