Zilean - The Chronokeeper

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Rising from the cracked, dried lakebeds of Urizan is a tower, shaped like a huge grandfather clock. Impenetrable and unassailable, there are no doors into it, nor any openings to climb or fly into. 

There is no water or vegetation within a hundred miles of this structure, only the desiccated remains of what was once a beautiful flourishing lake, now destroyed by the ravages of war and the hands of time. This is the way he wants it, the man who constructed this tower out here in the middle of nowhere. He has no need of supplies. Has no desire for visitors.

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Inside, Zilean tinkers with his clocks. They cover his workshop. Hundreds of them, maybe thousands. Some work; most do not. 

He is obsessed with time. For he is both blessed and cursed by it. Blessed because he has discovered the way to manipulate time, making it move forward and back at his whims. Cursed because each time he does, he leaves a little piece of himself behind, doomed to see the world how it was, is, and eventually will be—all at the same time. 

That is why he lives here, in the middle of a drained, dead lake. When he looks out the window he can see it as it was, hundreds of years ago, beautiful and alive. But at some point he must look away, for watching it be destroyed over and over again for all eternity could drive even the most solid mind insane.


Icon Ability Description
Time Warp(Active) Zilean manipulates the flow of time to assist his allies or cripple his enemies. Time Warp will either incrementally increase an ally’s running speed or incrementally decrease an enemy’s movement
Recall(Active) Zilean channels temporal energy to refresh an ally’s abilities.
Time Bomb(Active) Zilean places a timed detonation debuff on an enemy unit. When the timer runs out, the Time Bomb explodes, dealing an area of effect damage around the target. If a second application of Time Bomb is placed on a target (via recall), then it explodes immediately.
Time Twister(Active) Zilean unleashes an area of effect debuff on enemy units in a single location. Every 2.5 seconds, Time Twister stuns targets for 1 second while dealing damage..
Slow Aura(Passive) Zilean slows time and movement for enemy champions in his immediate vicinity.

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Season One launched

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