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How do you think this wiki should be organized?

First question: Champion abilities.

Should this wiki be exhaustive on the abilities?  Should it list the AP ratios, damage increases per level, etc.

Please e-mail one of us (I'm available at [email protected]) with your opinion, plus any other stylistic changes you would like.  More questions will be added here as I think of them.


Trey Yeoman - Mar 26, 2010 1:18 AM

Brian Adam - Apr 22, 2010 6:47 PM

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I think we need to establish a common formatting style because a lot of the champion pages seem to follow different formatting which makes them look odd in comparison. I think we should include the information because it's always helpful to have those stats lying around.

Another thing is that some of the champions haven't been updated since they were announced or released and now that they've been nerfed and edited, I'd recommend a total overhaul of the heroes. I've been trying to fix up the older champion pages but I've been skipping some since I'm mostly working on those that lack information entirely but... Meh.

I also wanted to know if the format I'm using is fine. If it is, I'll apply it to all the champions.

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