Gangplank - The Scourge of the Seven Seas - by SmecssRaege

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Gangplank, The Scourge of The Seven Seas

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Disclaimer: Masteries, runes and summoner skills are personal choice, what is labeled in the
following sections of this guide are just my personal suggestions.

Base Stats:

Health 495 (+81 / per level)

Mana 205 (+34 / per level)

Move Speed 315

Armor 17 (+2.8 / per level)

Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)

Critical Strike 2.5 (+0.5 / per level)

Health Regen 0.85 (+0.15 / per level)

Mana Regen 0.8 (+0.1 / per level)

Range 100


Parrrley [Q]
Damage: 30/60/90/120/150 (+65% of your total attack damage)
Duration: n/a
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70
Gangplank fires his pistol, dealing physical damage and gaining an extra 3/5/7/9/11 gold
if his pistol shot strikes a killing blow on any unit, can proc any item effect (ie: Frozen Mallet's Slow)

Remove Scurvy [W]
Health Restored: 70/125/195/280/380 (+1:1 AP ratio)
Duration: n/a
Cooldown: 30/27/24/21/18
Mana Cost: 65
Details: Gangplank devours some citrusy fruits, removing all current forms of crowd control (including:
stun, slow, rooted) and healing himself

Raise Morale [E]
Attack Speed Increase: 12/18/24/30/36%
Move Speed Increase: 2/4/6/8/10%
Duration: 10 seconds when activated
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Mana Cost:
Details: Passively applies the bonus to gangplank, Activate raise morale by sacrificing an allied minion,
also granting nearby champions the bonus as well (giving yourself the bonus twice upon activation)

Cannon Barrage [R]
Damage: 160/220/280
Duration: 8 seconds
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Mana Cost: 100
Details: Rains cannonballs upon the selected area (can be targeted globally) dealing damage and slowing
any unit struck by 40/55/70% for 1.25 seconds

Grog Soaked Blade [Passive]
Details: Inflicts 5 (+1 per level) damage to the target for 7 seconds, reducing incoming heals 40% as well.

Note: The effect of grog soaked blade DOES NOT stack with the same proc from "Executioner's blade"

Runes: Crit Damage, Crit Chance, HP, Mana Regen, Dodge(if you have 9 defense)

Summoner Skills
: Flash and Teleport

Ideal Mastery Build: 21/9/0 or 21/0/9


Meki's Pendant, 2 health potions

Meki's Pendant > Philosopher's Stone (If you so choose, can just get pendant if you so desire)
Avarice Blade
Avarice Blade
Boots 1
B.F. Sword > Cloak of Agility > Infinity's Edge
Berserker's Greaves (Or Boots of Swiftness, although I recommend the attack speed)
Frozen Mallet
(Sell Philospoher's Stone/Meki Pendant)
Atma's Impaler

For the last 2 items, a bit of choice opens up to you based on the circumstances at hand:

Banshee's Veil - If casters/crowd control are rampant and a problem to you (This would give you about 3.3-3.4k hp, 120ish armor, 90ish MR)
Stark's Fervor - Aura lifesteal, attack speed and health regen for the team and an armor debuff for enemies, always a nice item (especially if you have 1 or 2 more physical dpsers)
Phantom Dancer - Keeps your crit high, gives you some much appreciated attack speed, and movespeed/dodge are very nice too
Last Whisper - Use this if they have some armor stackers, as your auto attack can still put out a punch when mitigating a lot of their armor (no help to parley however, so this item is extremely situational, but it can have it's great effects)
Black Cleaver - Decent damage to parley, but i rarely find the need for the armor debuff, usually in preference of a last whisper here, but against low armor characters, Black Cleaver + Stark's Fervor can have High HP / Low Armor characters hurting pretty fast sometimes.
Bloodthirster - Good damage, good lifesteal... but i don't personally like the "on death" loss of like 33% of the item's total effectiveness


1: Q (use for last shots to gain extra gold, and to stay out of harassing range while still making money)
2: W (use this as a survival mechanism only, DO NOT use it just for the heal unless its life or death, use it as a low cooldown cleanse)
3: Q
4: E (use whenever you get into a team battle near a creep or feel you might need a bit of extra move speed/attack speed to finish the job)
5: Q
6: R (Very good to use in team fights, on a low hp fleeing opponent, for tower defense, or in some dire cases... running away)
7: Q
(about this point parrrley is strong enough and your crit should be up enough to consider harassing shots as well as last hits)
8: E
9: Q (maxed out here)
10: E
11: R
12: E
13: E (maxed out here)
14: W
15: W
16: R (maxed out here)
17: W
18: W (maxed out here)

Early Game(1-5): You should just simply be trying to gain money via the uses of last hitting and ESPECIALLY parrrley (whilst always trying to conserve just enough mana to use remove scurvy to get out of a bad situation early on)

Mid Game
(5-11): Once you have picked up your philospher's stone and 2 avarice blades, you can start to consider harassing heros, and hitting them HARD! At this point you should be sitting in the 40-45% crit area, and a crit parrrley should put about 350-500 hitpoints of hurt onto an unsuspecting target (and at these levels, that can literally be upwards of HALF of someone health in one shot, which i guarantee will cause them to think twice about approaching you softly, and easily set up for kills with the ulti+parrrley combo) 

Mid-Late Game(11-16): At this point people should really be noticing your presence in the game if you've gotten your Infinity's Edge + Mallet, you should pretty much be able to take out just about any squishy caster out of fight in a team battle relatively quickly if the opportunity arises, save your parley for enemy carry heros to put a huge dent in their hp bars to deter them from attacking your team, and then just move in for the kills(but be very cautious about this as your only escape mechanism is remove scurvy...don't move in unless you feel a little bit like dieing or that you have at least an 80%+ chance to get out alive), use parrrley as a ranged slow if needed if you have your mallet

Late Game
(16+): Basically the exact same as Mid-Late Game...except now you should just hit harder and harder =)

*Note: Clicking on a link will simply open a window to that hero*

People You Want: Somebody who can snare, continual slows (something gangplank HEAVILY lacks until he gets frozen hammer at 30-40 minutes in) stunners...basically people that can give time to do some work and go to town (as well as massively increasing the effectiveness of your ulti) You also could prefer a good harasser. **Ranged is a big plus**

Such As: Ashe, Viegar, Ryze, Karthus, Anivia, Morgana, Blitzcrank, Evelynn, Twitch, Sivir etc.

People You Don't Want
: Other meleer's who are bad at lane control and push preventing, as early game gangplank SUCKS at stopping pushes 

Such As: Warwick, Dr. Mundo, Kayle ... those are the only three i can think of that are just truly bad with gangplank

People that you synergize EXTREMELY WELL WITH IN TEAM BATTLES, but not necessarily laning
Amumu: Curse of Sad Mummy + Cannon Barrage = this is pretty good, not the best, but really not bad either if you time it right
Nunu: Absolute Zero + Cannon Barrage = SO MUCH SLOW, they cant move away from cannonballs so you have the power of cannons then the explosion
Singed: Knocking People back for you to pick off can keep you a bit safer in team battle situations
Alistar: Same story as singed, but with a nice stun and the ability to soak A LOT of damage
Tryndamere: Mocking shout is a huge benefit to your suvivablity and killability + he soaks a lot of damage in pub games when he's low hp with ulti on

How to approach battles:

Early-Mid Late Game: Stay on the outskirts or "mid-range" and pop as many people with parrrleys as you can, PRIORITIZING YOUR TARGETS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AT THIS TIME.... Carrys / Supports are high priority, protecting your supports is also high priority. At this point you should sit near any supports you might have and parley/melee anyone trying to advance and put another parley into him when its back up. At this point you staying alive as long as possible to pound as many parleys into their squishies is extremely important here.

Late Game: If you catch a hero 1v1... you can pretty much make work of a lot of heroes(but not all, every hero has it's counters) in this situation, in team battles, it becomes tricky... same deal as before but with more intensity, and way more defined target priorities. Anyone thats carrying and has lower HP...lay into them, the faster you can spook and intimidate them and get them out of the fight is extremely important to your teams overall team battle success, Also at this point you do so much spike damage with your high cdamage high % crits that you can think about just gunning for unguaraded support heros and putting them down in 2-3 shots from full HP.

Final Note: I love gangplank always have since the beginning of his release, ever since his "OP" stages however, i have been playing him less and less =.=
Also: I'm not sure if the "Scurvy" debuff you get on your bar actually does something or not >.<;;
Also: Picking up Lizard Elder buffs is a great help pre-frozen mallet for slows, and the golem buff helps your DPS out by dropping parrrley/ulti's cooldown

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