Nunu - Yeti Rider

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Valoran’s easternmost pole is bitterly cold and covered in ice. During the long winter months the inhabitants play a strange game. They agitate a family of hibernating yeti, and then take turns jumping on their backs to see who can ride the longest.

The previous record was two minutes and seventeen seconds. That is, until Nunu tried.

Crouching down on the edge of the cave, Nunu waited for the biggest yeti she had ever seen to come slumbering out. With a leap and a howl, she came down on his back and held on tight. The yeti, for his part, took off at a gallop and disappeared into a swirling snow storm. Nunu and her yeti have never been seen separated since.


Icon Ability Description
File:Nunu_Consume.jpg Consume(Active) Nunu's Yeti swallows an enemy minion whole, killing it instantly and replenishing a portion of Nunu's health.
File:Nunu_BloodBoil.jpg Blood Boil(Active) Increases a friendly hero's attack speed and movement speed for a period of time.
File:Nunu_IceBlast.jpg Ice Blast(Active) Nunu fires a ball of glacial energy at a single enemy, dealing damage to it and slowing its movement speed.
File:Nunu_AbsoluteZero.jpg Absolute Zero(Active) Nunu channels an immense arctic storm in the area around him, reducing the movement and attack speeds of nearby enemies each second. When Nunu finishes channeling, all units within the Absolute Zero are shattered and take massive damage.
File:Nunu_Visionary.jpg Visionary(Passive) Nunu has a chance to cast his next spell for free (does not include Absolute Zero or any item spell).

669days since
Season One launched

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