Ashe - The Glass Cannon - by Procylon

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Seen alot of Ashe guides out there, but none that have built Ashe the way I do. You all know the skill order, so I will just go over the items. 

My Ashe build has a very fragile start compared to most people's concepts. I forgo boots, health regen, +health, and everything else that people like to scream for. As a result, my Ashe dies quite a lot more often low to mid game than most Ashes. 

It is in the mid to late game where my Ashe shines. Here are the items:
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Pickaxe(+25 Atk) 
B. F. Sword(+50 Atk) 
Cloak of Agility(+18% Crit chance)
Turn those into:

Inifinity Edge(+80 Atk, +20% Crit, 250% Crit damage unique)

Followed up immediately by:
Brawler's Gloves(+8% Crit Chance)
Zeal(+20% Atk Speed, +10% Crit, +8% Move)
Cloak of Agility(+18% Crit chance)

Phantom Dancer(+45% Atk Speed, +30% Crit strike, +20% Dodge, +12% Move)

And then there came:
B. F. Sword(+50 Atk)

Bloodthirster(+60 Atk, +15% Lifesteal) (+100 Atk, +25% Lifesteal total after 40 kills)

And Finally:

Last Whisper(+20 Atk, +40% Atk Speed, +40% Armor Penetration)

Note: There are more prerequisites than listed, I just mentioned the items worth going back to town for.

After you get your 4th Item you shouldn't even need to go back to town, the game is over. It really is the Last Whisper.(follow up with another bloodthirster, phantom dancer, or black cleaver if you want to play around)

Ashe is hitting for 700-750 crits at lvl 18, 1.5-1.7 times a second. Everytime Ashe lands a crit, she is healed for 25% of 750, or 187 damage almost twice a second. 

This leads to one of two things. You watch an enemy pound on you and not move your bar in the least(or your bar actually fills up), or the enemy's life bar drops so quickly they run very slowly away(and die) or they just die before they know what happened to them. 

This Ashe is weak to stunlock. Strong vs everything else.

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