How to Deal with Ryze - by Sparrow (Draft guide)

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Champions that need to worry about Ryze the whole game:
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Master Yi
Twisted Fate

Champions that need to worry about Ryze early game, but then "out HP" his ult by about level 12.

Dr Mundo

Everyone other champion in the game has the ability to simply shut Ryze down, or can still use a movement ability while snared to either get away or attack him. - Remember, Ryze is helpless while his spells are on Cooldown.

NB*: If you have chosen the summoner spell Heal, then casting that while Ryze Ults you, will most likely mean you survive.

Alistar: Your ult has high magic resist anyway, and once you get to about level 12, you will have too much HP for him to kill you easily. Be aware that you can Headbutt him away when casts Prison on you. A Banshee's Veil will allow you to ignore him

Amumu: once you get to about level 12, you will have too much HP for him to kill you easily you need to be a little careful early game. A Banshee's Veil will allow you to ignore him.

Anivia: When Prisoned, stun him and then use your aoe ult underneath him. If you use heal at the same time, he will die and you wont.

Annie: stay back when you dont have a stun ready (3rd spell cast). Let him walk up to you and prison you (make sure there are some friendly creeps nearby) then stun him and release tibbles. Sometimes he will die before getting a chance to even cast his ult.

Ashe: Dont let Ryze get close to you - there's no need, volley rape him. If you do get prisoned, fire your ult at him and kill him, or walk away - depending on hp level, a banshee's veil will allow you to dominate him.

Blitzcrank: I dont think I need to say anything here, if you are Blitzcrank, and ryze is owning you, think L2P.

Cho'gath: you have a stun and a silence, both will cause his ulti to simply "disappear" - besides, once you get to level 12+, you have so much HP he shouldnt go near you.

Corki: you can use your ulti to simply fly away, besides, you outrange him. IF he does prison you, simply use the stun/silence spell you have.

Dr Mundo: Ryze should find you impossible to engage once you hit about level 7. (see blitzcrank comment)

Evelyn: You need to think about carrying cleanse, or getting some magic resist, if you attack ryze alone, once your stun expires, he will simply turn around, prison you and ult you to death.

Fiddlesticks: cast your silence on him (dark wind) if he prisons you, it will make all his spells disappear. [Note: I have also seen a bug where if you are draining him, his ult wont damage you at all].

Gangplank: Ryze finds is very hard to fight Gangplank, the eat fruit spell also acts as a debuff, so it is difficult to engage.

Heimerdinger: Cast silence if he comes near you, drop turret, walk off.

Janna: I think the "eye of the storm" spell will protect her from ryze ult, Ryze should find fighting you very difficult.

Jax: you can still jump Snared, depending on situation, you can jump towards ryze, stun him and kill him, or jump away to avoid the ult.

Karthus: You need to be wary of Ryze. Casting [Summoner Spell] heal while he ults at you is a good defense.

Kassadin: You have a silence and a natural flash. simply null sphere or riftwalk away/towards ryze to escape/kill him. A good kassadin is a nightmare for Ryze

Katarina: You have a natural flash, simply blink away if prisoned.

Kayle: your ult makes you LoL @ Ryze.

Malphite: Stacking a little hp will make it very difficult for Ryze, and getting a Banshee's Veil will allow you to ignore him late game.

Master Yi: Due to your low hp, Ryze can dominate you. That said, casting your heal gives you 40% magic resist. so simply cast that, you will survive a lot of the time. That and use cleanse and walk off.

Morgana: Black Shield = Ryze cant touch you.

Nasus: Ryze can hurt you if you dont have magic resist item(s)

Nunu: You will get a banshee's veil anyway, to help you with your ult. Once you hit midgame, Ryze is your bitch.

Rammus: Defensive Ball Curl will make it almost impossible for Ryze to hurt you.

Shaco: Decieve and/or Hallucinate will make it almost impossible for Ryze to hurt you.

Singe: you need to be careful early game, but once you hit about level 10, your hp is so high, Ryze will have big problems fighting you.

Sion: Your shield "Death Caress" will protect you - or stun him if he prisons you so he cant cast. Then kill him/walk away.

Sivir: Simply cast your shield if/when prisoned - or if you are pro - listen for the sound of his ult being cast, and then cast your shield (you might take 1 hit, but at the next bounce, your shield will simply absorb the rest of the ult)

Soraka: You have a silence, if you are laning against ryze - just keep him silenced, he cant do anything then.

Taric: Your stun outranges his snare. if he comes towards you. Stun him. then you should be able to run/walk away from his ult (if he is dumb enough to cast it)

Teemo: You are squishy for Ryze - dont let him catch you, getting a banshee's veil might ruin your AP/DPS build.

Tristiana: You can Rocket jump away if Ryze Snares you.

Tryndamere: if snared, you can still "spin away", or your ult will allow you to ignore his ult.

Twisted Fate: IF you are good at gold locking, then stun Ryze if you get prisoned. Otherwise you need to be careful against him.

Twitch: You outrange Oracle's Elixir and Ryze, if you are good, he should be dead by the time he gets close enough to Snare you. I've seen several Twitch players get a banshee veil, that will make it very difficult for him to kill you.

Veigar: You are the anti mage. Killing Ryze is your Job. IF you arent dominating him, you need to question your fitness to play this champ.

Wawrick: Most of the time, if you ult on Ryze, you will kill him, sometimes he can get lucky and fire off his ult before he dies and get you.

Zilean: Your ult will save you here. [If he can catch you]

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