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Well, there are a lot of Heimdinger Builds, and most of them are pretty defensive, too defensive for an aggressive supporter as Heimer should be. 
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Turtle around your tower ****s, makes your team flame you and Heimerdinger.
Although Heimis Ult is related to Turrets, his rockets and grenades in combination with cd reduction are the key to aggressive pressure gaming.

I've played a lot of games trying to find a way to make him 
- useful in teamfights
- keep his role as a pusher
- making him hold a line with ease, not spending important time for placing pwnable turrets...
-well, just a champ whos more than a poke in the eye when pushing

First of all, if you want to know about his basics, skills and stuff, read some of the other guides.
This one concentrates on advanced performance and is not recommended for those who don't know his mechanics because pretty much skill is needed to perform well.



There are few Ways i'd recommend. I personally go for the first, but the second seems viable, too, on the first look

9/0/21 - 5% CD reduction, 15%magic penetration, better manaregen, reduced summonerabilites, pimped clarity, more movementspeed...pretty nice


17/0/13 - Head forward to improved Rally, well thats all about it, more Damageoutput

In my opinion its just a huge waste of 7 Points for 20%more dmg witha big big cd
loosing mana healt regen, 4%mana, 6% CD and 15% CD for summoner spells...well...


Magic Penetration as much as possible. Rest AP or HP/lvl into Seals.

Summoner Abilities:

this build picks 
clarity & Anyhting allowing agressive gaming.

Recommended are:
Ignite, Exhaust, Flash, Ghost or even Heal or Rally.

Do never ever choose Teleport, you'll get another way to travel.


So how to build up the AP heimer? Most people start with Dorans somewhat and healpots.

We stay save in our Lane, we play carefully and Mana wisely.
Head baq to shop with at least 800g in your pocket, but normally you can stay longer. 
1150g would be much better for buying boots, because you#re a slow dude.

Startoff: Brilliance pot +Heal / Manapots as much as needed

1. Boots + Amplyfing Tome 775g 
2. Mobility Boots + Mejas Soulstealer 1200g

In between Manapots if needed, because he sucks mana like beer@oktoberfest.

-> Indeed, a wise choice! Travel like a Transrapid, heimi is always lacking in movement, mobility boots and mastery helps us to move this big brain faster.
Got the Soulstealer, you need to fed him well, because his the source of your midgame pwnage. Go in for Killsteals or set up early ganks if possible.

3. Blast Wand 880g or Catalyst 1325g

-> Now try to get kills, rocket those who retreat. You be able to set up ganks.
Man, who the heck ever saw a heimer running out of the brush like a Yii on drugs.
You'll scare them, believe me.
If you facing very very agressive enemys, pick catalyst first, it'll help you survive

4.Catalyst 1325g or Blast Wand 880g
4. Rod of Ages 850g 

-> Boost in Life and Mana, Bunch Ap...All a well fed rocketheimi could need. 
You'll get more mana and life every minute, a nich punsh of ap
The survivability makes sure that you brain wont become killed that fast, your soulstealer should feel much saver now 

5. Void Staff 2250g 

-> Ap and the all-owning 40% mr ignore, we like!

6. Zhonyas 

-> Finish your massacre rockets to ultimate doom.

Rockets and Grenades will kick asses until you see a lot of champs running around with
Magic Penetration is the key to a "Wow! I got to take a look at the Death Recap to find out what kicked my ass that hard"


Start with Nade, then: Rocket>Grenade>Upgrade>Turret

Reason is simple, Burst, Burst and dont forget about the Burst, once you Soulstealer gets near 20th stack, put Points into Upgrade, but you need the +damage first.

Early Game

You start with Grenade, toss it to the ranged minions, if you hit enemy champs as well, good job, if not, don't mind, they get their shooting early enough. 
Leave the turrets to lvl 1 but dont build them up the whole time until you have upgrade to unleash their power.
Rockets to lvl 3, they hit 2 champs, do already significant damage, so you can annoy your lane counterparty pretty much with ease.
At this point you should have bought Tear and Boots.
Your running out of Mana if you spam Grenades and Rockets, thats why you have to be patient, if champs engage you, drop turret upgrade it & run, toss grenade, pop rockets, if they're standing in turret range they get a real problem.
Remember your squishy as hell, early ganks are your death lategame, you have to do well,
staying as long as you can in lane.

Mid Game

You gank. What? Yes you gank, you got soulstealer, a blast wind, decent mana reg and your fast now. Don't gank on your own, set up ganks, initiate with nades out of the brushes or elsewhat, be nasty! Building for your Health Lategame you need money, you give a **** about Turrets (well drop'n'grade or sometimes as a ward)
Get ur Soulstealer fed, be very aware of Ganks, you dont want to loose your stats and guess what, you really need the 
15%CD on 20stacks!
Once you get your Rod of Ages your pretty save on your ways if not running into enemy squad. Keep ganking, pushing the ganked lane, leaving a turret behind like a mark
"Heimerdinger pwnd here"...

Late Game

Time to rock! You nuke enemies from far away and you set up turrets that make the enemy teams' moral colapse.
You run with the gank, because your the gank supporter.
Grenades for the masses, rockets for everyone and upgraded turrets for the jackass.
You spam all skills until your keyboard is coverd in blood, as bloody as the lane you are passing trough.
The only thing you have to fear is to get focused hard, but a nade, your team and your fear to loose stacks on soulstealer will let you get the **** out of there if theres nothing to nuke.
Zhonyas and Voidstaff will make + fed Soulstealer the honestly most feared Rockets your enemys ever saw. 
When you face a Turret Heimer, 1shot him. Perhaps he will get what hes doing wrong.
Congratulations, you won the game.

PS: Think about what a turretcluster in enemybase will do...he'll hold the pressure alone 
creepwaves dissapear in seconds.


You will see that Heimer isn't as stationairy as all those people think and will never be "the" nuker around there.
But you will also see that Heimi can change teamfights to dramatically advantage of your team with rampaging turrets, aoe blind and damage, single stun, 3x nuking rockets ..You won't get all the kills, although there are times you will, but just image what damage output you give to teamfights!
I don't know if there are other Champs around dealing about 1,5k Damage in a second, well to multiple targets, but damage is damage, isn't it?
You place savepoints to retreat to, even if there are just 2 upgraded turrets standing,
enemys hate running through them, so...

Enjoy playing the offensive supporter =)

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