Shaco - The Kick Ass Assassin - by Darkstar


Ignite and Exhaust

Reasons: Ignite is helpful threw out the game. Good for killing someone when they run…or as Your fighting them, People underestimate it often but it gives a major upper hand

Reasons: Exhaust is great and same as ignite is always helpful. U can use it to get away or to make it where they cant hit you OR so they cant get away


Skill order:







(level hallucinate whenever u can)


8. Decieve


10.Jack In The Box


(u can decide from there)



For begging items, Boots of Speed and 3 health pots

Item 2. Boots of Swiftness

Item 3. Beserkerk’s Greavs

Item 4. Cloak of agility

Item 5. Zeal – Phantom dancer

So that takes us back to item 4

Item 4. Stinger

Item 5. The Bloodthirster

Item 6. Infinity edge


If u don’t like that then u want crit strike, movment speed and attack speed


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