Master Yi - Wuju Bladesman

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Master Yi himself has studied the arts of Wuju for more than a thousand years. He is the oldest known living human on Valoran, but to gaze upon him, you would guess him no more than thirty years old.

If asked, Yi will tell you he was born from wisps of the cosmos, and that is why he moves like the wind. Those who have faced him in combat know the bite of the Wuju Bladesman— he strikes twice, without warning, and is gone. Often, the only clue that you are about to be struck by Master Yi is the hiss of his blade as it parts the air.


Icon Ability Description
File:MasterYi_WujuStyle.jpg Wuju Style(Active) Master Yi swaps his stance. While on, master Yi's attack speed is reduced, but he ignores all of the target's armor. While off, Wuju style increases master Yi's attack speed.
File:MasterYi_Meditate.jpg Meditate (Active) Master Yi meditates, allowing him to regain health every second he remains in this state.
File:MasterYi_AlphaStrike.jpg Alpha Strike(Active) Master Yi teleports to the location of a single unit, strikes it with the fury of Wuju, and selects a new target. Can strike up to five targets. Can Double Strike.
File:MasterYi_Highlander.jpg Highlander(Active) Master Yi enters a trance, where he becomes immune to magic. Additionally, if he is alone, his movement speed is greatly increased.
File:MasterYi_DoubleStrike.jpg Double Strike(Passive) Master Yi has a chance to strike twice in a row with the swiftness of the Wuju Bladesman.

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