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Who is Riot Games?

Riot Games is an independent Los Angeles-based game developer and publisher,funded privately and through leading venture capital firms Benchmark Capital and Firstmark Capital. . The studio was established in 2006 to develop innovative online next-generation titles for PC and consoles. Comprised of world class industry veterans with a shared passion for online gaming, Riot is proud to announce League of Legends, a premium online title that combines the best elements of strategy and role playing games to create unique and dynamic gameplay.

In Development

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  League of Legends has many exciting features in development!

This page is a list of some of the features Riot has planned. We will reveal more information about each of these features as they are closer to being released. 

In-game Tournaments

The in-game tournament system is an upcoming feature that will assist users in setting up League of Legends tournaments. Eventually users will be able to easily create rich tournaments within the PVPnet client with their own teams and tournament rules. The system will also allow us to associate prestige awards, recognizing the winners and awarding prizes and achievements.

Clans / Teams

Teams: Teams in League of Legends will allow a player to form an official team with up nmembers. Players can belong to multiple teams and each team will have a persistent measure of rank beyond individual participation. Teams will be able to compare themselves with one another on ladders in order to view their rank.

ClansClans in League of Legends are a social device, much like a Guild function. Clans are suited for lightweight competition, but are more of a fun way to play with your friends – not the be-all-end-all competitive measure.

Ranked Play

Ranked play will be broken into two different types. There will be 2 separate matchmaking pools for these groups: solo/2-man, and 5-man.

Premade: In team-based ranked play, a player will have to set up a 5-man team with which to play. When this feature is released, you will be required to pre-make with 4 teammates, but once persistent teams are added, you will be required to be a member of a team to participate.

Non-Premade: In non-team ranked play, a player will be able to either play solo, or in a two-man team.


Competitive Seasons will be several months in duration with a 3-week week pre-season, allowing players to ramp into each new season. During the months of the primary season players will compete in teams and individually to climb to the top of the ladder. Each season will end with the top teams competing in tournament to determine which of the season’s best teams will be crowned the victors.

Replays & Observer Mode

As both are an extremely important part of competitive play, we’re putting a lot of work into making these features great. Our replay system will include a full game history archive, fast forward, rewind, and other features.

Additional Maps

In the near future, we’re adding a 2-lane map, which will be a bit faster paced, and more geared at 3 and 4-person teams. Later on, we’re looking to expand the genre to a bunch of different map types using the same Champions. We plan on enumerating as we get closer to the release of these maps.

Voice Chat

One of our long term goals is to add a fully integrated voice-chat solution to League of Legends, and the PVP.Net platform. Voice chat will be opt-in, and persistent throughout the experience, and you will be able to create custom chat rooms with your friends, teammates and clan-members.

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