Awesome Nasus Build - by Lee Hwaiting / Krald

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Pushing/tank Nasus is simply one of the best item/mastery builds for any character on this game. I have yet to lose with this, and in every given match, have the highest creep kills, lowest deaths, and most amount of assists in a game. In my honest opinion, (and I've tested multiple builds, multiple times, including this one) you shouldn't be running anything else but this.

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Defensive Mastery Tree


1 point into SS
Max SF
Max Wither

Doran's shield + hp pot at start


Ninja tabi or Mercury's treads

3x Heart of Gold

Sell Dorans, buy Sunfire Cape

Sell HoG, buy Aegis

Sell HoG, buy Sunfire Cape

Sell HoG, buy Bashee's Veil. 

You simply feel unstoppable. Forget that it doesn't add to siph strike damage blah blah blah, this build makes Nasus THE best pusher in the game, and one of the best initiators/tanks.

I don't even know how to lose with this build. So far the only soft counters have been morgana and Zilean, ONLY if they are both on the same team.

Basically if you like Nasus, and like winning, this build if for you.

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