Super Sayan Shaco Build - by Max Pita

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This build is the greatest for me, and remember a lot of Goku. So to become a super sayan go Shaco with this build.
Its hard in beginning but with practice no one can stop u.

First thing u have to do, get your first blood, but how? Follow the early game sequence

Before Game
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Pick all attack masteries possible, less the summoner spells that u don t use and the first AP
Get all crit damage runes possible
Your summoner spells are ignite and exhaust

1)Pay attention in your enemies summoner spells in load screen
2) Analyze it How?
2-1) look the possible solo champs
2-2) If the possible solo have heal or flash or both the first blood is harder, so u have to care more
2-3) If the opposing team is all tankers, ll be a hard game but not that much, just use the mid late game tips

Early game sequence.

Lv 1 to 6 ( Avarage kills 2 to 6)

1) buy a red elixir, 2 red pots and 2 blue pots
2) Pick deceive skill
3) Go mid, probably opposing team ll solo mid, and hide in the brushes near enemy tower, and not in side brushes
4) if your opposing solo don t have heal or flash is almost a sure kill, unless it have dodge runes and dodge your deceive
5) Your enemy start kill a creep, use your red elixir walk few steps and use deceive, near him use your exhaust ( -armor ) and sure more dmg, so back stab it, its already around 250 or more dmg, more than half his life, just hit him again and use ignite or kill with mele.
6) If your enemy dodge or heal make then think they are winning and run a little so they ll follow u, deceive back and back stab 200 dmg= kill
7) Stay in the lane until lv 3, go in other lane where a enemy champ is below 50%heath or near your turrets, call for team and gank it, kill one and run, only if u have sure about double kill stay for the second, generally the second scape.
8) use your health and mana pots or go back base
8-1) if u used pot go back mid and try to kill or at least take half of the enemie health,stay between enemies creeps and him, so he ll not gain exp and ll be totally bad late game, and of course your source of kills
8-2) if u returned base buy a mobility boots and go back mid and follow the steps of 8-1
9) after u get your mobility boots, u are all lanes killer. Just point a champ and gank it with your team

Now u get how to play, just kill and run all the game until late game

Skill build:

1- Pots ( red elixir, 2 red and 2 blues )
2- Mobility boots
3- 2 or 3 long swords, or 1 occult sword and 1 long sword
4- Occult Sword
5- Brutalizer
6- Leviathan

X-Now the build splits

Anti tanker / Survival build

1- Last Whisper
2- Atma's Impaler
3- Frozen Mallet

Obs 1: I like too much this build, and u can put a divinity edge if u have money or maybe a Stark's Fervor, if u think your brutalizer is wast of slot sell it.
obs 2: Take this build if u are the only pro of the team

Super Damage build

1- Divinity edge ( u can sell your brutalizer )
2- Bloodthirster
3- Last Whisper or Stark's Fervor

Obs: greatest dmg i did with it in lv 18, 1702 against a soraka with armor items, of course exhausted

Skill Build:

deceive, dagger, dagger, deceive, dagger, ult, dagger, deceive ...

just get jack in the box in the end, and use it to extend your vision over the map

Now You have to train to become a super sayan like me

Build written by Max Pita

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