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10-17-2009 LoL Pre-Release tournament - $800 in prizes

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Tournament and Game Format    see: https://www.couchathletics.com

Tournament Format

The tournament will be 5v5 single elimination, brackets will be posted on Thursday, October 22nd once sign ups are closed. All rounds will be a best of three games. See the match times segment below for how long you will have to play the games for each round. 
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In the event a team wishes to resign after the first game, or time is running short, a match may be called after game one. In the event of resignation after the first game, please make not of it in your screenshot postings in your team's topic.

Game Format

Teams will play a single 5v5 match per-round with exception of the finals. In the event a team has only 4 players available, they may still play with 4, however, the number may not go below 4 for any reason during a match (disconnect, leave, etc.). In the event a team drops below 4 players for any reason, the opponent team may call for a forfeit victory. In the event of a forfeit victory, screenshots(taken with the Print Screen key) should be taken of the scoreboard and of the disconnect(s)/leave(s) in the chat log.


Pre-Match it is up to each team to get into contact with a member of the other. All teams will have their full roster and players' League of Legends names available. Teams must contact one another via the LoL chat client or our Forums (or another 3rd party solution) to set up match time, room name, and Thumbs Downed Champions. Teams should post the thumbs-downed champions in their team's forum topic, otherwise we cannot take any administrative action should the champions be used.

Champion Selection

Each team may select up to two(2) champions to 'Thumbs Down' or ban for the match. A 'Thumbs Down' or banned champion may not be used by the opposing team, but may be used by your own team. This means that both teams may 'Thumbs Down' the same champions to completely ban them from the match. As described in the Pre-Match segment, each team is responsible for their own contact with their opposing team to ensure that champions are selected appropriately. Teams may not change Thumbs Down selections after the first game has started.

Starting a Match

Once Champion banning and time has been set, players should all log on to League of Legends at the time of the match, where one of the team's leaders(or barring leader presence, a team member) should host a practice game with name and password as setup by your teams in the Pre-Match stage. All players should join their appropriate team in the lobby and then launch once both sides have given a "Ready" message in chat.

Post Match

Upon game completion, both sides should take screenshots(using the Print Screen key) of the end-game scoreboard of each round and post them in their team's topic on our forums. The images may be attached to the post, so having your own upload site or location(i.e. photobucket) is not necessary.

No Shows and Forfeits

In the event a team does not have at least 4 players available, the opposing team may call for a forfeit, players should take a screenshot with their players in the game lobby, as well as however many the opposing team could field. The screenshot should then be posted in each team's topic. In the event that no record has been posted of the games by the end of the match window and no request for a time extension posted, the match will be considered a double-forfeit, and no one will advance, inserting a bye in place of a team for the next round.

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