Rammus - The Armordillo

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The dangerous magic that dominates the Plague Lands has an effect on all life within its confines. Rammus is a living example. No one is entirely certain how an armadillo from the Shurima Desert made his way through the Kumungu Jungle – much less unharmed – but he did just that. 

Caught in a burst of wild magic, Rammus began to evolve. In the matter of a week, he was man-sized, and a week after that he had achieved sentience. The question became, what now?

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There really wasn't a place in the world for a sentient armadillo – except in the League of Legends. His new form was certainly equipped to fight, and especially to defend. However, it was Rammus' newfound sense of humour that led him to craft an outrageous suit of armour to go over his natural protection – giving birth to the fearsome Armordillo!

Rammus is a tough nut to crack on the field of battle. His spiked shell not only protects him, it causes damage to those that attack him. His wicked sense of humour gives him the ability to taunt his foes into recklessly attacking him, putting them at a defensive disadvantage.

Rammus’ armadillo heritage also comes out to play as he curls into a ball and launches himself at his foes with tremendous force. He can also curl up to simply maximise his armour, making him very difficult to harm. Rammus also possesses the unusual mystical ability to cause the earth beneath him to rumble, harming nearby enemies – and structures.

Make fun of his name, make fun of his armour, and Rammus will laugh. But he will still lay you out!


Icon Ability Description
Image:Rammus Powerball.jpg Powerball(Active) Rammus curls into a ball which accelerates towards his foes, crashing and dealing damage to minions and champions around the impact. Powerball has many uses, including chasing down fleeing opponents, fleeing from combat, crossing the map quickly, and interrupting channeled spells. Some players use it as a deterrent by curling into powerball next to a tower they are defending. It is dangerous to get too close when Rammus is in this stance, so it often delays a push until help can arrive.
Image:Rammus DefensiveBallCurl.jpg Defensive Ball Curl(Active) Rammus goes into a defensive form, vastly increasing his armor and magic resistance, and returning damage to attackers. Some players build Armordillo for armor, which, when combined with this, makes his Spiked Shell cause a lot of damage.
Image:Rammus PuncturingTaunt.jpg Puncturing Taunt(Active) Rammus taunts a foe into recklessly attacking him, causing the foe to have lower armor for the duration of the taunt. This is an example of a soft synergy in our skills. Puncturing Taunt is strong by itself, but does have some synergies with Defensive Ball Curl (damage return) and with Powerball (if you knock someone into a tower, then taunt them, you can keep them on the tower).
Image:Rammus Tremors.jpg Tremors(Active) The earth rumbles beneath Rammus, dealing damage to nearby units and structures. This acts as a siege mechanic, forcing enemies to face you while you are pushing a tower.
Image:Rammus SpikedShell.jpg Spiked Shell(Passive) Converts 20% of Rammus' armor into damage. This inherently makes Armordillo a strong anti-physical tank. By stacking armor, Rammus not only gains toughness vs DPS carries like Ashe and Tristana, but sees a significant increase in damage.

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