Warwick - Jungler - by Skystriker

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As noted in the Jungle King guide, Smite becomes next to useless lategame. It's really just there for your 'firsts'. Your first creep camp (with the buff), your first dragon. It even helps a tiiiiny bit with the Baron.

However, assuming you are a high level, you -can get by without it-, and far more successfully.

That being said, this will be much tougher.
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Here are the changes needed:

Without smite, rally becomes required. I tend to use clairvoyance for my second ability because it's just so absofricktastic for your team. That said, if you're in a premade, feel free to take another ability. Just understand smite is =not= required.

A good rune setup will help a lot here. I focus a lot more on fortitude: all three of my quintessence are on it. This gives me roughly +150 hp with a couple ylw runes as well. Crit chance is also important.

Masteries. I prefer to invest heavily in the utility side of things.


3 Crit.
3 Resistance
3 Hardiness
1 Good Hands
3 Perseverance
4 Awareness
2 Expanded Mind
1 Greed
3 Quickness
3 Intelligence
1 Mystical Vision (Replace this with your summoner ability of choice assuming it doesn't require too much offense/defense).
1 Presence of the Master

Improved rally, unless you have absolutely perfect rune/mastery setup otherwise, is almost essential. Without it and with perfect runes/masteries, I find myself at about 50-100 hp when the golem dies (and that's with a crit or two). Improved Rally makes it a far less skin of your teeth fight.

Now, instead of the lizard, I feel it is more important (no matter which strategy you use), to go after the golem first. His buff allows you to spam your skills, keeping you alive far easier. You -must rally this camp-. Only way to survive. Here is my preferred creep camp list:

Golem camp/weak camp nearby. Then, head to your sides lizard elder. Weak creep camp/ghosts. You will now have 700 gold. Bpill for your razor.

Important items for you: A second razor, basic boots, eventually berserkers, a vampiric, eventually a bloodthirster. A third (or even fourth razor if you're that damn rich) can be added in situationally. Personally, if you want to take the Baron, I recommend taking along a dps friend rather than worrying about getting the required items. You can take him FAR earlier in this situation. You can take the baron a long, long time (especially with a rally), but without ridiculous amounts of razors you can't kill him quick enough. That's what your friend is for ^^

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